• Nickname: Deekra

    Name: Deekra Lark

    Species: Fox

    Deekra is a bit smaller than the average fox. She wears a black cloak with a hood. Underneath the cloak she wears a dark green tunic with a sling belt. Deekra has midnight black fur and black eyes that can be friendly, or bore a hole into you.

    Possessions: Bow and quiver (her desired weapon, hidden under cloak slung across back), Sling (used as belt) with stones (in pouch on belt on left side), rapier (fancy, but  sharp and straight in black sheath on right side of belt), spear (slim and good for throwing kept hidden under bed), small pouch (no one know what`s in it, kept on left side of belt) and random cleaning odds and ends such as: cloth, small bucket, scrubbing brush etc (stuffed into belt).

    Strengths: Good at: hiding, fighting with bow and okay at rapier an spear, cleaning, cooking and being responsible and trustworthy. Small and fast. Can fit into small spaces, and disguises herself easily. Good at taking care of herself, has reading and writing abilities.

    Weaknesses: Gives other beasts the benefit of doubt, small, not so strong, trusts too easily. Can't fight very well with other weapons, hates, hates, HATES killing.

    Personality: Deekra is friendly and helpful, if somebeast was hurt, she would do all she could to help them. She is also efficient and does her jobs quickly. Others have described her as responsible, kind and sensible.

    Background: Deekra never speaks of the past, but when asked about it she says The past is in the past. I look to the future now. But at the most, her closest friends would find she was a very curious vixen in her youth, as well as a songwriter.
    Recent Events:

    • She found temporary employment on a ship, but after a chilling battle, resigned and moved on.
    • She was saved from drowning by the ship she just resigned from.
    • She left the ship again quite quickly, after fending off painted ones, and wandered away to find more adventure, or employment.

    Current  Events:

    Age: 16

    Alignment: a good beast, even if she is a fox.

    Job: Deekra is a good cleaner, and also looks for a few jobs at sea.

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