Nickname: Sadge and Orian
Full Name: Sagitarian and Orianolin Swiftsong

Species: Mice

Description: Twin siblings, Sadge is male and Orian female. Sadge is completely grey, normal mouse height, black-eyed, and wears a black tunic. Orian is brown, slightly shorter than her brother, and green-eyed. She is slightly more elaborate with her clothes, wearing a self-embroidered red frock.

Possessions: Sadge carries a whalebone lute that he purchased from a traveling family of otters. Orian carries a full sewing kit and a pair of whalebone knitting needles procured from the same family of otters. They wear multiple matching braided wristbands.

Playing instruments

Handicrafts (sewing, knitting, etc.)

Fighting (They are practically helpless in fights. Thing is, their luck is rather extraordinary when throwing needles and swinging lutes around in self-defense.)
Horrible Stamina (Orian has slightly better stamina than her brother, but not much.)

Personalities: Both are very shy, gentle individuals with big hearts. Sadge is jumpy and nervous, Orian is seemingly composed.

Background: They had a fairly normal background, actually. Born to a family of peaceable mice, they lived there for most of their lives, only recently starting to travel.

Age: 16

Alignment: Good

Job: Entertainers