Tammo Greytail

  • Name: Tammo Greytail (Tammo)

    Species: Grey Hare


    Personality: Will always be a look out on his friends. Is bold and intellgent. Loves to play around with food. Very kind to other beasts but mean to vermin. Doesn't like to get dirty but stays clean. Hates it when others steal his food. If he runs out of food he doesn't beg but looks for more food. Is a veggie. and is very obedient.

    Looks: Is grey with a white under belly from chest to tail. Has two long ears on the tips are white. Black eyes with a back nose. Wheres a tunic of dark red. His belt is a braided rope.

    Weapons: Has a dagger in his belt. A sword on his back. Doesn't carry much to him because he is a runner.

    Strength: Eating tons of food. Is a super runner for Salamadastron. Works as a scout. He fights very good. Excellent at sling throwing for far distances. Fights good with his feet.

    Weakness:  Doesn't like to be away from food or he will complain. Shooting with a bow and arrow. Can't preserve food that well.

    Bio: Was born at Salamadastron and work as a scout. He was always in trouble but was a very fast runner.He always helps his parents usually. Hopes to become a Long Patrol Hare scout like his dad. Goes scouting around Salamandastron usually with some of his friends. Loves to joke around. He can change his mood anytime in a flash.

    Danke to Tessa/Jessie the Warriors fur helping me with this

  • I know I have to still work und make it longer….by english is not so good now. I learn in school..
    I come from germany...

  • Danke to you too! I notice that you have made a very good start on our site so far. I came in here today and expected to see the right sreen with six or seven new pots like it usually is, but instead I found that two members had joined and the new posts box was full!
        Anyway, I think that your English is great. Is better'n sum peeplles 'round 'ere. (hehe :D )

  • Ooh, German, huh? Well, no better way to learn English, and all its frustrating nuances, then in a place where all you do is write. Welcome! ^_^

  • No problem with the profile, I guess. Don't worry about the English. Just learn from other's posts, 'cept for some whose English are horrendous.

  • I won't mention names, but there are some people here substitute "their" for "there" and "way" for "whey" and such. giggles I think that we should all be more careful in the future.

  • Bt fo cuores.

  • Nvre mke ufn fo me! (j/k)

  • It's just the fact that it is hard to read it sometimes. We aren't trying to make fun of you TJ.


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