Walkin Stummik: Walkin Stummik (Hare)

  • Name: Walkin Stummik
    Frequently called: Walkin
    What not to call: Late for any meal
    Species: Hare
    Specialties: The Javeline and Quarter Staff
    Weapons: Dirk, Epee (look it up), and Javelins and Quaterstaff
    Positions: Sergeant @ Salamandastron, Official Test Taster @ Redwall (Friar Drunnem disagrees)
    Likes: Food!
    Dislikes: Being told he can't or shouldn't do something

    Walkin is slightly small for a hare. He is brown with small patches of white on his feet. Tip of left ear is missing. Was bitten off by a rat in a war a long time ago.
    Extremely shy when around a female hare that he likes. Otherwise he's gregarious to the extreme.
    His nose twitches a lot and it drives some people crazy.
    Comes up with wild and out of this world ideas that sometimes are a success but they usually fail because he doesn't think far enough ahead.

  • dies laughing

    Man, I know a guy just like that…

  • Could you make it a bit longer? Maybe add a bit of her history.

  • I think it's a guy…. 😉

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