Dusk listened to his brother’s question with a small smile, his fingers still linked before him. Upon the conclusion of Torix’s question, Dusk gave him a full smile and then took his hat from his head, placing it on the table before him. “I’m afraid that a bridge or tower would be rather difficult to have this technology applied to them, dear brother,” Dusk began to explain. “You see, this hat can utilize the mechanism due to its extremely light weight, allowing me to use very small, clockwork gears and very light metals and woods. However, if applied to a tower or to a river spanning bridge, it would simply be too much. The sheer increase in size required would, in itself, cause problems, not to include the fact that bridges and towers are often made of stone and oak. The end result is that I would need to greatly redesign the original blueprints to make it in any way effective, and it would cost a great deal more resources and simply overcomplicate the structure on a whole, resulting in a great loss in efficiency in either of the structures,” Dusk stated, taking on an almost lecturing tone, one that was fairly ruined due to the comical, double tall top hat before him, the bathrobes that he was wearing, and the fact that he was noisily sipping hot chocolate. “As to your crown, I’m afraid it wouldn’t work as well, since it’s made of metal, adding more complications than necessary to the machinery once more,” he pointed out. “Could I do it? Of course, with time and effort. Will I? I feel it would just be far simpler for you to switch to a jewel encrusted top hat, making the work far easier on me,” He finished, taking up his top hat again and placing it upon his head at a jaunty angle. This angle of jauntiness, coupled with the uncommon height and weight of his hat, resulted in it falling off his head backwards, crashing to the ground. Dusk simply smiled all the way through the hat-tastrophe, eventually getting up so he could reach down and grab his hat once more. (OOC) sorry I've been gone so long.