ooc: eh, I'm going to do a skip anyway. Feel free to make up characters and stories along the way, also NEW PEOPLE can join! This is kinda like CLUE. ic: The party was slowly dying down as it reached later in the night. Dominique telling her crew to keep a look out for the rest of the evening for anything suspicious, it was hard to keep the party goers from leaving the party. They needed to figure this out and fast. She came back to the small group tasked to figure out this attempted murder, if one could say so. Before mingling she pulled Starlight aside, "Sorry I freaked out eailer.." she said playing with the folders of her dress, "Just...really superstitious. Didn't mean to hurt you in anyway." she gave Starlight a hug, "Now shall we figure this out?" before heading back to the group. Tessa sighed and leaned against the wall, "So in conclusion we got nothing. Unless someone around here isn't telling the truth." She looked up at Azroel, "Stay any longer up there and you will be a gargoyle." a slight grin as she said it. "Everyone here has alibi's." Jessie pipped in, "Alright, lets split up and ask the party goers, Azroel and Azem, you guys take the dance floor, me and Jessie will take the food area, Starlight and Fabi, you guys take the gardens, and Hinata and Etain take the entrance and back way and I"ll check the house. Any questions?"