Dane bowed low before Tokal, as if thanking an audience for applauding an elaborate magic trick. "Begging your pardons, my Lord. But I do believe you are underestimating yourself. The power is within all of us, living or dead, to do extraordinary things. We must simply find that power within our individual selves, correct?" Turning to Fernleaf, he added in counsel, "However, in all seriousness, I must ask, Fernleaf, that you not attempt to destroy those dummies again. You wouldn't believe the time and effort these boys spent in building them. I can't be around forever to keep repairing the dummies if you keep blowing them up. Understand? Thank you." "So! Moving on, then?" Jared clapped his paws together and returned the book to Fernleaf. "Do yourself a favor. Take some to really read and study that book in the fullest possible detail. Don't be afraid to ask questions when they come to your mind. You'll find incredible insight into both the act of reading and the act of questioning. Your mind must always be open. Remember that." "Jared is right," Divan added, twirling his sword between his fingers and paws. "Vaapad isn't learned overnight, neither should you expect it to be! Look at me, I've stuck with Shii-Cho all my life! I'd never want any other Form than that most basic of them all! Is any judgement worth that?" Edoran telekinetically pulled any stray straw and grass lingering in Fernleaf's mouth and teeth. "Hold still, let me just... open wide, stick your tongue out...now clench your fangs, there you go! You're clean again!" Edoran laughed and lowered his paws, and the grasses fell lifelessly to the ground. "So what do you say, Champion? Is Vaapad still for you? Are you truly feeling up to the challenge?"