"You are doing well, Dominic," said Skarlath. "Better than I had hoped. But now, think. How is two one? Or what can make it one? One can defeat the lone one, But what about two? Can they resist? And a threefold cord, Cannot break apart, Can you take this to heart? Skarlath looked like he was laughing, but maybe he was. Setting riddles were fun. –------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fernleaf lay on his back looking up at the sky. "No, never again, never again," he mumbled. Tokal came up and looked down at him. "Are you all right, my son?" he said. Fernleaf sat up and spat out some straw.  "It would take something horrible, a choice between...that...and the destruction of Redwall and those precious Dibbuns. I'm glad I didn't know that when I was Zagreb." He was gasping for breath, his eyes wide with horror. "I'm glad you didn't know it then either," said Tokal. Fernleaf got up and shook himself off. "It's just the Sword or nothing." He saw the dummies were back as they were as if nothing had happened. "I didn't know you could do that, Dane. It appears that those of us in Dark Forest can do similar things. I've never tried." said Tokal.