Ooc: Thanks Creigon. Now, Walkin I think somehow Gonff needs to meet up with Seth's slaves.  What do you think? Bic:  Gonff felt that he was running in circles.  Even though he thought he had returned along the passage the same way he had come, he knew that somehow he had turned wrong. Suddenly he turned a corner to find himself running down the same passage he had gone down earlier when he was following the fox.  Even in his precarious situation, the irony almost caused him to laugh out loud.  He decided the only way to escape would be to hide in the chamber before the locked door or perhaps in the previously locked room.       Heart beating, breath rasping, and feet pounding, he raced down the steps to try to hide and escape from the fox.  Reaching the end of the corridor, he darted into the room and hid in the only spot he could see, behind the dead rat.