Dallas coughed a bit before slowly standing back up. He held tight onto his sword, but he felt sore all over. That last blow really took it out of him. Blood was trickling down his lip and forehead; all he could do was smile through it. Something zipped by him at an alarming speed, he didn't notice it until he realized, with stunned look on his face. "Oliver?!" The large squirrel closed in on his opponent, running low, as he used his quick reflexes to side step a second tail strike. He threw a hard haymaker as he used his full momentum from his sprint. A direct hit! Kinos eyes turned white momentarily as the hard punch connected, rocking his jaw. He regained his composure quickly, spitting out a tooth, and smiling evily yet again. No words were exchanged, and Kino wasn't as slow as he looked. He swiped with his claw, knowing it would be dodged, then flicked his tail into the warriors chest. Oliver felt the full force of the strike and was sent flying similarly as Dallas. He got up slowly, gasping hard for air. Stars exploded in his vision from the strike, and he immediately felt all the pain. Luckily nothing was broken, but he was scratched up and a bit bloodly. "Yew creaturesss ken not beat me!! Accept yer fatesss an' I'll eat ye both quickly. Both o' yew 'ave been painsss in my sssides fer way too many ssseasonss. I will kill yew an' I will finally sssucceed into gettin' into that Abbey. I'll sssend yew all t' th' hellgatesss!" Dallas growled low, looking over to his friend, trying to formulate an escape route at the same time. He spoke low enough so that the ugly lizard couldn't hear. "Ollie, mate, I'm glad t' see ye, but we need t' escape. We don't 'ave time fer this, we need t' git back t' th' Abbey." Oliver got up, seething with rage; he listened to his friend loud and clear, but something took over him. "No.. I'll kill 'im!!" Before Dallas could realize what happened, the squirrel took off like a rocket toward the hulking Kino. Dallas' eyes widened. Oliver slipped into the lizard's guard before he could even react and started to throw a flurry of punches. He looked like a complete blur with each precise strike, landing harder strikes on the foes body and face. "Ugnnnn" Kino felt a hard kick at the end of the flurry, causing himself to slide a few feet backwards. Oliver stood there, breathing hard, with firey red eyes and angry scowl to match.