Eolin stepped backwards in surprise and fright as Etain advanced towards him, electric fury and sadistic rage burning in her eyes brighter than fire. Instinctively, his paw flew to his dagger, but Etain knocked it out of its sheath and threw it into a tree before he could properly draw it. The young Easterner gritted his teeth to keep himself from lashing out. No time to think! he told himself forcefully. Got to analyze the situation! But too slow! Etain has already assumed a martial arts fighting stance, and Eolin knew it without mistake. Budo! No doubt about it. While Eolin did not specialize in the style himself, he knew more or less how to defend himself from it. Before he could stop himself, he was already drawing his back foot in a wide arc in the snow, collecting it in a scoop to throw in the vixen’s face. He was already gritting his teeth and raising his foot at an angle, prepared to use the element of surprise... “Eolin!” The voice of his cousin shook him out of his combat mindset. The dark haze lifted from his mind, and he saw Sariah jumping through the trees towards him. “Sari!” Eolin ordered. “Go back inside, this is not your fight!” “Yes, it is, Eol!” Sariah landed on her feet beside her cousin and restrained him by the shoulders. “Anyone who threatens one of us threatens all of us!” She stared over her shoulder at Etain, noting the metal in her paws, her clothes, and the budo fighting stance. “Eol, look at her. She’s Kanneki.” “Kanneki!” Eol whispered, realizing. “I thought her attire looked familiar.” “We can’t fight against her,” Sariah counseled him. “She’d beat us both. Please, Eolin. Let’s try to resolve this peacefully.” “She’s accusing us of killing her brother, Sari.” Eolin informed her of what Etain had said to him. “We can discuss that later.” Sariah released Eolin and turned around to face Etain. “My name is Sariah Starheart, and this is my cousin, Eolin Sandeye.” She indicated Eolin, who waved bashfully from behind her. “May I ask what is going on here and why you are threatening us? Is there a way we can resolve this peacefully? I’d hate to have to resort to rash means to prevent anything violent from happening.” Davbank and Charlie gathered Timmy and the other Dibbuns together. “We don’t need at be part o’ this ‘ere debacle, mateys.” Davbank consoled them. “C’mon, let’s go rebuild our snow fort, huh?” He and Charlie took them safely away from Hinata and Etain, and they began to build a brand-new snow fort near the Abbey’s western lawns. Glimbo felt a prompting to go hide inside the Abbey, lest things get out of paw and he be caught in the crossfire. He started awkwardly from the tense scene. “Er...,” He politely tapped Jurou on the shoulder. “I’m gonna be just in th’ common room, th’ same one we were sittin’ in’ before if’n ya need me, ‘kay? I’ll save sandwiches for all o’ ya; maybe get some dandelion juice, too.” The mouse sprinted back into Redwall faster than a hare in a cross-country competition.