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Zemmerug Zitspike - weasel - captain of midnight fury
Walt "Whitepaw" Gutslitter - albino stoat - first mate of midnight fury
Ru "Gnarlspike" Dreadclaw - fox - enemy of zitspike

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Zemmerug sighed. He was going to have a word with Deekra about who the Captain was. He grabbed a torch and swung it at a Painted One, who shrieked and fell back.

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Zemmerug grabbed a torch and threw it at the fleeing Painted Ones.

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Zemmerug knew a lot less about these painted ones than Deekra knew. He wildly swung his cutlass like a maniac.

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A colorfully painted rat fell from a tree. His body had red and green markings all over it. Soon a bunch of others jumped from the trees onto the ship, and melee soon started.

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Zemmerug nodded.

"Aye, 'tis a good idea. Glad ah thought o' et."

Said the weasel. He turned to his crew, who were running around like panicked mice, and began yelling.

"Pull out d'bows n' arrers! Give dose trees a good showerin'!"

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Zemmerug shrugged. Arrows flew out of the trees and bushes.

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Zemmerug's head darted around. He couldn't see anybody. Where were the enemies coming from?

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(OOC: It's an enemy)

Zemmerug ducked. They were being attacked! But by who?

"Baddle stations! Prepare fer attack!"

Yelled the weasel.

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(OOC: Actually, they're headed away from the sea deeper into the river. They are exploring the river area.)

Zemmerug stood at the helm and watched as his crew bustled about. An arrow whizzed past his head and stuck into a grog barrel.

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Zemmerug turned to her. He nodded. He knew Deekra would've remembered the rules on this ship. He turned from Deekra and watched as the rest of the crew started coming out from below decks. Zemmerug nodded at them. He began shouting orders, so that everybeast could hear.

"Full sail! Make haste down d'river!"