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all ready left a mark on it

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well, Arrila is another content across an ocean. Its definitely not china. I based it off Europe circa WW1. Badgers have gotten to the notion that because they have achieved so much and were general stronger and better adapted to other beasts that they were superior, and have gotten about killing all other animals. Rats, mice, hares, and otters have gone extinct. The survivors have been fighting the war for over one hundred years. Arrila its self has become almost completely uninhabitable, scared with trenches and holes. The sky has been turned red with iron-oxide, and most of the population lives underground.

It has worked on other sites I have been on. I fallow a basic rule about it that helps make it easer to understand, and deal with.

1No Arrilan technology in mossflower. That’s just so people who join up can post with out having to cope with say a gun, or explosive charge.

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well, thats because he is from a land that surpasses Redwall in tecknology. Its called Arrila.

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yes it was, well what do you think of my char?

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I mean I was there as it died, I was online when it went off line.

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no, but i was the last member active when the site finely came to an end. 😞

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OOC: I'm sooo glad some onedid this! I miss the old site so much!

Name: Signasul

Species:  Weasel

Age: 32

Sex: male

Physical description: 5’6” 178lbs. eyes, mix of green, blue, and red. orange fur from nose to tail. Whitish yellow fur under parts, brown tip on tail. Though he appears weak, he is very strong. He weirs a brown trench coat from his home land, a red short sleeve shirt, blue pants, and black leather boots.

Mental description: witty, sarcastic, lazy, but intelligent, and a good bluff. Sometimes intermittently explosive, but tries to do the right thing. Signasul has many painful memories, and suffers from a mild from of shell shock.

Bio: Signasul has no memory of his early life, having been conscripted into the war as the age of 13 sessions. after nearly 20 more sessions of watching his fellow weasels, and other good beasts die in bloody horrible ways, and after seeing combat in some of the worse conflicts of what was to become known as "The dead paradise war" (In reference that Arrila was once splendid in natural buity before the conflict) he was given the assignment to find new solders and supplies among the uncharted regions of the "Dark Waters". This however turned into another step in his life when his ship was destroyed by a fascist suicide bomber.

Signasul barley survived the blast