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“Ho aye!” Rumble said proudly to the strange mouse that had come out of nowhere. He was already on a good start, since he just met a singing beast. “Oi’m goin’ on an hadventurr, oi am!”

A terrible thought struck Rumble that this mouse might drag him back to the Abbey, but he banished it to the back of his mind. Such things ought not to be thought about!

He looked at the mouse curiously. ”Was that you singen afore?” he asked a bit shyly. “Oi allerways loiked a gudd songer.”

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‘Eveningtime’, thought Rumble as he trundled through Mossflower Wood with his walking stick, ‘Tis the best time for moles. There’s no light to see where we dig, but we have to use all our senses. Tis the best time indeed.’

The little mole was far away from where he was supposed to be. Which was in bed, inside of Redwall Abbey’s walls. Unfortunately for the good Brothers and Sisters of the Abbey, Rumble had been planning this little adventure for a little while now, even digging a secret hole so he could slip out unnoticed. Ever since he’d heard the stories of Dandin and Mariel, Rumble fancied himself an adventurer too, and wanted to have fun escapades just like them!

Currently, he’d made his way a fair distance from the Abbey, but now it was time to stop for the night. He sat down and rummaged through the little pack that he’d brought with him, and pulled out a bright red apple.

“If et wurr noice and cookered, oi wudd have a gudd meal,” Rumble mumbled aloud, and bit into the juicy fruit. In the distance, amid the fading twitters of birds and the increase in cricket chirping, he heard the lilting voice of a singing creature. He listened, and clapped when it was finished.

“That wuz a foin songer, maister voice,” he called out into the darkness. The mole finished the apple, then pulled out a blanket from the rucksack, and draped it over himself as he lay against a nearby tree.

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(I have yet to decide to what extent Liam’s backstory will be changed in this rp, will let you know in the next post)

Everything was so different, Liam thought to himself as he disembarked at the New Mossflower train station. From the sight of the soaring ceiling above the platform, to the smells of food and coal and unidentifiable substances, it was like something had stirred his spirit. His master had been adamant on him being exposed to the wider world, rather than spending his years taking care of a ‘dusty old squirrel’, as she put it. Now he saw the wisdom of her words, and wished he’d only done this sooner.

Loud whistles could be heard all over the station, as trains were constantly coming and going, picking up and disgorging passengers of all stripes. Shrugging, he adjusted his rucksack slightly and made his to the exit. No sense in dawdling here when he had a whole city to see.

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Sorry,  I've been meaning to post there X3

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'Tis simple. He snuck out when no one was looking 😉

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Something like that, yeah. Rumble would definitely meet him/her outside the abbey.

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Bard mouse sounds interesting! Let's go with that!

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Rumble. I haven't had enough opportunity to use him yet. A little mole getting into trouble is the perfect Redwall adventure!

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Arrr, matey! Ye've found yerself w illing companion to sail the seven sea-I mean, RP with you

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I'm not sure yet, but I'll let you know if any ideas come to me 🙂

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Hmmm, if we get another participant or two, I'm in.

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The young stoat easily dodged the thrown rock. "Oh, like ya really did anythin’ special", he sneered in return at Pask. "It was nothin’ that some time woulda cured. Ya think that yer herbs are so special, and tha’ you can cure anybeast wid yer fancy woo woo. Face it, you old bag, we’re all tired o’you pandering to those goodbeasts! An’ I’m not th’only one who’ll say wot’s on everybeasts’ mind!”

He nudged one of his weasel buddies. “Ey there now, don’ just stand there, say somethin' too!”

Startled, the weasel nearly dropped his rock, but then caught it at the last second. “Er, yeah, wot Bregin said!” he shouted, voice straightening out. “We ain’t gonna stand for them goodbeasts hangin’ round here no longer! We’re gonna run them outta here, along with any vermin who support them!”

“There, ya see?” Bregin turned back to the vixen, gripping his rock tightly and crushing a tomato beneath his paw for good measure. “Plenty of vermin agree with me.”

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"Shouldn't we grind a bit first?" Liam asked nervously. "I mean, we don't get any d-do overs, and we've barely had time to get to know the game. At least with the lower level stuff, we can get some experience and improve our skills."

It wasn't as if he was against the idea of doing higher-level quests for higher-level rewards. They'd probably get some real neat loot, probably even get a nice amount of gold too. Still, it was a bit too early for him to start risking his life. He was still processing the day's events; it probably would take him a while to get over it.

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Liam watched the exchange with mixed feelings. It was more than a bit uncomfortable watching Armello be forced to remove the mask that he obviously wanted to leave on. Still, it wasn't as if Pask had no excuse for requesting such a thing as payment for her services. He had seen plenty of odd and strange requests in exchange for goods and services, like that time where-

Without warning, the window near the door shattered; a stone tumbled through the tinkling glass and rolled onto the floor. The sound of hooting and jeering was clearly audible, and a voice rose from amidst it: "You old crone! Yer gonna get what's comin' t'you!"

Quick as a flash, Liam grabbed his spear and risked a glance out the window. Three weasels and a stoat (young ones from the looks of it) were laughing among themselves, hefting stones and ripping up the garden.

"It seems we have…unwanted guests," he announced to Pask and Armello. "What should we do about them?"

(I'm assuming that Pask's windows have glass. I can amend the post if necessary to make the rock hit something fragile instead)

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"O-Okay m-marm,"  Rumble answered, a little frightened by Tessa's description of the eagly-bird. He waddled to the hole, glancing back nervously at the captain. Entering it, he began the tedious process of filling up the tunnel he had made; later, he'd have to fill the hole properly.

As Rumble worked, he thought about what Tessa had said about eagly-birds. They sounded really scary, and suddenly, he wasn't sure anymore if he wanted to be searching for them. Even if the eagly-bird that he'd seen hadn't attacked him in front of the adults. Nevertheless, a little part of him insisted that he should still leave Redwall and search for the bird.

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"It depends who you ask," Liam replied as he closed the door and faced the hooded figure. "I met an aging squirrel a season or two ago who spoke of the black-masked plague doctor, who worked tirelessly to help those suffering of the Ague. He kept admiring and praising you until he ran out of breath."

Looking Armello straight in the eye-hole of his mask (and maybe shuddering a bit at the sight), he continued: "However, more than one goodbeast in the various inns I've visited have cursed you for taking the lives of their loved ones, or being the bearer of plague itself. Some vermin tell unsettling tales of the way you deal with threats to your life, how your dispassionate manner scares them as much as your appearance does."

Liam folded his arms. "As for my own opinion, that will wait until I've gotten a measure of the creature Armello, not the legend of the Raven."

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Rumble squirmed in Tessa's grip, but couldn't break free. "Picken strawbserries is borren" he complained, hanging his head. "Oi wants t'do funn thengs, loik diggen, or finden eagly-burds."

Actually, now that he thought about it, maybe he would try to find that eagly-bird. He'd been disappointed when it flew away, but maybe he would be able to find it on his own if he looked really hard. All he needed to do would be to sneak out of Redwall when nobeast was watching. Digging would be out of the question (despite how much he really wanted to), as it would take forever for him to have to fill it up if he got caught.

But first, looking at the group of adults with a sense of trepidation, he would have to get through what looked like would be another round of scolding.

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"Sure thing." Liam got up and approached the door, pulling it open to reveal their visitor. A large, hooded figure stood in the doorway, wearing a tricorn hat and bearing a black mask that resembled a bird. He carried two bags in his left paw, and a cane topped by a pair of wings in his right paw.

The mouse took in all this, and paused for a moment. There was something familiar about this creature, something that he was sure he could remember if given a little time.

And then it came to him. "You're the Raven, aren't you?" Liam addressed the creature standing before him. "I've heard the tales that surround you, though I'm not sure what you're doing here." He turned towards Pask. "Shall I let him in?"

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This is really thought out. I mostly agree with the board changes, but I do think that there should be a subforum for rps in places other than Redwall and Mossflower