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Mortimer listened as she spoke and even still as she let her frustration out and he knew the feeling well once before that one couldn't forget easily. The frustration, fear, sorrow….emotions the old mouse knew very well and understood in their line of work. Its never easy, knowing a life of a fellow can die from your hesitation in a moments notice under such circumstances. Such lessons you learn the hard way when coming into the field for the first time.

Once she finished speaking he put a paw on her shoulder and gave a weary smile, "I understand." Then he sat next to her as he looked back up at the stars with a sigh. A few moments of silence passed, then his paw soon lightly touched Fabi's paw and looked at her with a warm smile, "Your not alone, we're here to help support you Fabi. Even if one of them is a old timer like me and a grumpy hare." A lighthearted chuckle came from the last part, but did not last long when Louis ordered to RTB.

A sigh escaped from the mouse as he put his glasses back on and wearily got back on his feet, "No rest for the weary it seems." He turned and headed back to his humvee where Lennard waited for him in the driver seat. As he got close a slight limp could be barely seen as Mortimer got into the back with a grunt, a paw moved from his side to show a hole in his vest and slightly bloody bandage beneath.

"You sure bloody love to keep a straight face don't you Morti? Even with a hole like that in ya."

The greying mouse wearily chuckled, "Even with 20 years of sitting around, I can still keep a good poker face." Soon he was fast asleep as the meds he took a bit ago kicked in finally.

"Yeah." The hare started the vehicle, "Bloody feel those 20 years still, wot." Turning to follow the rest as they headed back to base, Lennard driving the whole way as Mortimer slept in the back with a peaceful look.

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(Im so sorry! I meant to post, but RL caught up and then  the worst case of writers block…ugh.)

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The entire day the two older beasts had been busy, Mortimer tending to the wounded when he could and giving a few rites to those who couldn't hold on. Lennard meanwhile had been doing a quiet patrol of the area on his own, trying to figure out who the attackers were as well and had a few ideas, none of which sounded good.

The greying mouse had moved around the Humvee IT to take a break and found Fabi leaning back, watching the stars above. A tired smile on his face as he got a towel to wet and clean himself up of dirt and blood. "The stars sure do look beautiful here don't they?" He asked before taking off his glasses and wiping his face.

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((I apologize deeply for disappearing for so long, a mixture of things rose up. Good to find out I hadn't disappeared for too long.))

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The exchanging of return fire from soon began to dwindle from the ambushers and one began to to ready a grenade to toss. Only for Lennard to pop out out of cover to land shots on the rat through his chest. The few nearby barely registered their comrade falling until exploding from the dropped grenade after a few seconds.

Gunfire ceased after the explosion and once the dust settled none of the attackers seemed to be left standing, or alive as Lennard peeked over. "Bloody hell." The hare moved over to the side where the attackers came from and all he heard were a few low groans of the soldiers passing on. He waved over to the rest, "Clear! Just a few that aren't gonna last long." Which he shouldered his rifle and Mortimer began tending to those wounded nearby, the older mouse helping those he could.

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Both older beasts, Mortimer and Lennard, had gotten out of their vehicle quickly and took positions to fire back. With clear experience they started picking off the ambushers, taking out the few who had AT weapons and stragglers. Hiding behind cover and repositioning when the heat was on them.

"Bloody hell! Seems some blokes aren't too happy with us being here!" The hare said before picking off an enemy trying to pick up a weapon off of the ground. Mortimer meanwhile picked off those closer by with his SMG, "Not that many either, 20 or so from what I can make out."


Meanwhile, a fair distance away from the ambush a sniper scope was surveying the scene and hovered over where the two older beasts were. "Poydem, ser?"

"Net." A rugged looking ferret said while looking through his binoculars. "Nasha rol' - prosto pereosmyslit', uchastvovat' tol'ko v tom sluchaye, yesli ona vynuzhdena." Already he could tell the ambush was turning in favor of the defenders as more fell from the return fire and grunted. "Ironclaw, otpustite, chtoby ukazat' bravo. Ochevidno, chto nashi posledniye novobrantsy ne mogli spravit'sya s prostoy zasadoy." With precision the 20 beast team with bulky gear left their spotting position and moved off into the underbrush away from the fighting.

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Depends really. Mostly my xbox at this point and PC sometimes.

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As Lennard walked he heard Louis yell out at him and the hare rolled his eyes, "Bloody hell, one of those types?" He mumbled to himself grumpily and soon stood in front of the mouse.

"What is your name and more importantly, What the hell was that? That bird was the same size as you if that damn thing decided to be hostile you would had been dead before anyone can react!"

"Lennard, 'assisting' an Op, and I do bloody know what I'm doing 'sah'." He then gave Louis the damaged drone then walked off as Mortimer had came over from the vehicle. In the paws of the older mouse he had had a strange looking rifle that had a small air pressure canister on it and had shouldered it as the hare met him, "You certainly got along well with him Wesly."

The hare notices the rifle, "Finally decided to upgrade the Syringer eh?" Which the mouse merely shrugged, "Well, a bit of range didn't seem to be a bad idea and a good call to. Didn't think you'd notice, but your you after all."

He nodded, "Yah, figured you had a tranq or two on the ready and a decent shot at least."

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The Shas'Ui Damos had a look of just horror and looked as if about to voice a very verbal objection, until the elder stayed him back with a paw. A calm look as if to stay his words for now, which the vulpin reluctantly followed his superiors non-verbal order and backing up a bit. The Por'El looked back though with a solemn look and shook his head, "I am very sorry Commander, while it is a very sound and effective plan of attack I must dutifully inform you such action is not possible."

"This information would've been shared soon, but it seems it must be shared sooner." He cleared his throat and then gestured for his Shas'Ui to begin, which the vulpin stepped forward now.

"Well the plan you suggested commander is…vastly different from ours and yet certainly effective, but as the Por'El states we cannot agree to such a plan. Our scouts had made a report before we came and it said the Verja had attacked three outlying villages near the Northern mountains simultaneously. All three were razed to the ground and all the citizens within each have been taken…hostage, the Verja sending word that if any attack comes to their port." He seemed to struggle with the last part as if difficult to say, which the Por'El finished for him.

"They will execute 100 for each navy ship that is spotted near their domain with ill-intentions."

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(Bump, so you can see Rodo.)

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=2nd Age 701, Winter=
=North Oballathin=

As the snows of Winter fell in the harsh north of Oballathin, in a white covered port of Winter Hold…the drums were sounded. These drums signified not an incoming enemy, but a call to all Norscan ships that winter has come and the time honored tradition of the Skaeling tribe has begun. Those who sailed under the tribal colors, dark blue, of the Wild Eagle that the hunt has begun and began to raid travelling ships, or coastal settlements. The closest being unfortunately that of the Isurmo Isles and its ships being considered fair game even though they sailed in Sarl waters.

This has caused a dispute of an old grudge to begin again with Dawnstar Hold, ruled by the Sarl tribe and followers of the Wild Tiger, over territorial waters. While the Sarls enjoyed the small trade with Isurmo the Jarl, Elisif Stuhn, had not looked forward to this day once word of the drums were sounded. No doubt the response from Isurmo would be swift and harsh for the raids committed, but what can one do in the face of tradition most of her fellow Norscans followed? Raiding was in their blood and conflict of steel in their bones, while her tribe were the minority that were more…open minded.

So she waited, knowing that while she could technically enforce her territory, as interfering with such an age old tradition would bring dire repercussions throughout the Holds and even hers. The once famed Huntress of the Wastes waited for replies from contacts established with Isurmo, knowing most likely to demand why Norscan ships were raiding them, and why she has done nothing to stop this.

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Both Lennard and Mortimer had watched the group discuss plans on how to get the bird away from the drone. The hare clearly looking at this with a disapproving look, "Bloody really? All the chitchat and for wha? To get a bloody bird to bugger off?" He muttered grumpily as Mortimer looked on with his own interest.

"We are trying to set a good image after all and trying not to shoot the natives or birds. If we can that is and its preferred which I do find very…" He turns to the side to side and sees Lennard already out of the vehicle heading towards the treeline with good pace. "Noble." The mouse sighed as he turned his attention back to the groups conversing on what to do about the small bird.

After a bit he could a new beast join and recognized them as the 'infamous' Usean sniper 'The Red Ghost", then set up his bipod on the hood of the truck. "Well, this got interesting." Mortimer then turned his binoculars back to where the bird was and barely managed to catch a glimpse of Lennard near where the bird is. "Oh....this may not end good."

The hare meanwhile had stealthily made his approach to the birds nest and could clearly hear the bird getting louder as he got near. With practiced ease he navigated the brush and with the magpies squawks made it a bit easier to get near it. Then noticed the smaller drone on the ground, making a sour face as he then picked up a rock and tossed it a fair distance away as it clattered through the underbrush. This made the bird go quiet instantly as it turned towards where the source of the new sound was and still livid, squawked angrily in that direction. Another clatter made the bird go ballistic as it flew that direction to find the new possible intruder thinking to sneak up on it.

The hare waited a few moments before moving up and picking up the small drone, a semi-curious look before waving to the most likely onlookers of his stunt. With a grunt he began to walk over to the group with the small drone in tow and soon made the distance without the bird coming back yet. "Ya wanted this thing then?" He held up the small drone clearly not of Usean make as it crackled.

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"Can't be bloody hard to be spot a smoking pile of junk." Lennard said as he kept a passive eye out while Mortimer looked as well. A glint is glimpsed for a second, "1-5 reporting, possible crash site." He looked through the binos at a specific direction, "Confirmed drop point. East of us in the trees, along with a small bird not happy about it destroying its nest." A very angry black bird squawking like crazy as he watched.


The magpie, clearly ruffled, was absolutely livid about a big, metal thing falling and breaking half of his nest. It pecked and clawed the thing in frustration as it rummaged through the random shiny things it had collected. Including some other small metal thing near mountain on the beach and brought it back as a good haul. Now it lay on the ground almost broke in half with weird cracking sounds to which the bird barely noticed the coming convoy.

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Surprise cold I take it?

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Its fine, hope you get better TJ.

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Mortimer and Lennard meanwhile rode in the last humvee with the hare driving while the mouse rode shotgun. "Whiskey 1-5 reporting, were set here." The mouse replied over the radio as he returned to looking skyward with a pair of binos.

"Hoping to eye one of them flying buggers?"

"Not hoping, more like tracking. Second pair so far."

A slight shocked expression showed on the hare before disappearing, "Same thing?"

"Indeed. That makes about 7-wait, 6 now. One of them dropped a drone, not far from us surprisingly." He said before returning to the radio. "Whiskey 1-5 reporting, two flyers spotted due north. Confirmed to be likely cause of drones disappearing, one being dropped about near
along our route." Mortimer left out the drones being carried out for now, he was curious himself about that certain behavior and would continue watching.

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Its fine and I'm sorry for my slight absence.

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Same here TJ, its all fine.

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Yeah, its good to know your alright considering how hard the East coast is getting pounded.

I'm fine with anything really.