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I never knew how awesome Bristolians were; until I found out about Foremole, of course!

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That and trains. Do you play TS2014?

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Hey Zach we have something in common! (Guess what it is)

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Name: Brother Fendor Jangin
Age: 30
Species: Mouse
Gender: Male
Description: A short mouse with light brownish fur and a white breastpelt. He has a nervous twitch in his left eye from childhood experiences with a cruel father and vermin, after rats killing his family when he was a youngbeast. He wears a typical green abbeydwellers habit.
Personality: A warm, kind gentle mouse yet he often succumbs to small bouts of rage and talks to himself often. His mood swings are very dramatic and can go from very sad to happy then angry. An amazing singer and often helps cook. He is a seasoned bellringer, and has been doing the job for 10 seasons. Often reads to Dibbuns up in his bell tower about tales of old.

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Thank you! Do you have a user?

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Hi, I'm Tim Churchmouse, also known as Tim Churchmouse on and Nakar on RWL. I am mostly Scottish, and enjoy living at the abbey.