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This is a thread to talk plot and recruit players specifically for the Redwall part of the board as the beasts in the abbey are mostly homebodies and it might be difficult to have your characters get out there.

Fill this thread in with your characters, aspect of your characters you would like to explore in threads or plot ideas, the more the merrier! Hopefully we can all help fulfill eachothers thread ideas!

I'm going to start. Fill out aspects of your characters personalities you'd like help exploring in threads and plot ideas and hopefully we can help eachother out!

Thistledown Dunn: New arrival to the abbey, a somewhat ornery hedgehog who has freshly deserted his bandit troup.

Plot Ideas and Character Aspects:
Platonic lady hedgehog friend
hates kids but kids love him
uses potty mouth in front of a dibbun and the dibbun blackmails him
secretive about his routines
hates violence, predictably forced into a violent situation so creative wow
~something about the bandit troup oh noooo~

Post stuff about your character(s) and maybe we can help build eachothers characters and help finish threads and storylines.

Edit: Just as a side note, Im not typically one for writing humongous paragraphs. So you know.

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Northlands might be kind of difficult for me since my only character is an abbeybeast but I'm down with some kind of mystery.

What kind of characters do we have to work with?)

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We can always arrange to start a new thread and come back to this one when rodu is available again if you guys like)))))

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Now that he was in the proper position he tried to heft the cart by himself and found that he was falling short. "Ah…yeah. A lil help would be nice actually."

(Sorry, college student here, course has been killing me. Seems school has killed this thread but I have an idea to make it interesting. Hear me out.

Thistledown brings Noah to the abbey.
Noah puts on a show. Is being all pervy so Thistledown doesn't like him.
Vermin comes to the abbey for the magic show. Does some general verminey things. Theft and what have you.
Thistledown reports it but nobody listens cuz he's complained about Noah already and he's just being a grumpy guss.
Vermin makes off with the loot.

Sound good?)

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(Nobody's mad, everything is good.)

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"Oh er, right, absolutely."

Thistledown bumbled around the cart, sizing it up, trying to figure out how to go about bringing a large broken wagon to the abbey, when he came up with a brilliant idea! They could carry it like a wheel barrow, lifting up the busted side and dragging the working wheels.

But it seemed like his plan would fall short as his stubby arms, flailing behind him, too short to reach, when after much grumbling and grunting he realized…

"Right. Stupid pack." His bag was in the way. After much awkward shuffling with his spines (wearing any kind of straps or packs was always awkward for a hedgehog) he wore it on his front half and reached behind him again. Success.

Just as he lifted the cart a voice spoke to them from behind. He couldnt really make it who it was from his end of the cart.  "Ah...hello?"

Unbeknownst to the lot of them, another foxy figure was drawing nearer and nearer

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Thistledown watched the rabbits magic trick curiously. He thought that perhaps he was part of a traveling circus, but he seemed to be more part of a one man show. Regardless his wagon was very broken and needed to be fixed.

Thing was Thistledown wasn't about to fix it for him either. Circling the cart he assessed the damage and wondered how the heck it happened. No matter.

"Well uh…it's nice to meet you Edgar." Did everyone in this Prussai have such a long name? "Name's Thistledown. I'm no carpenter so if you want your axle fix we best take it to the abbey, if that's alright with you."

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A rabbit and a broken cart. Seemed reasonable (more reasonable than his vermin theory). The rabbit must have come a long way in that little wagon, as he didn't recognize the language he was  undoubtedly cursing in.


A voice came from the bushes, followed by a short male hedgehog who's spines and fur seemed to be trying to make up for his size. He looked like a raggedy bush carrying a pack full of assorted plants on his back.

"Hey, do you need any help?" He asked.

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A snap caused Thistledown's heart to jump! Letting out a quick gasp he froze dead stiff (as if it made him impervious to danger) and listened closely to the commotion. A string of colourful language could be heard in the distance.

A snap and then swearing.  Something must have broken.

So it would seem. OR it was all a ploy set up by dastardly vermin, ready to take advantage of his concern. He had to be careful.

Carefully Thistledown waddled as best as he could under the burden of his backpack of herbs (which fit lopsided on his back due to his large spines) and carried out his stealthy mission to the best of his ability, clumsily and loudly.

A head of spikes and the tip of a wicker backpack could be seen peaking over the bush.

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Kay I posted, the thread is called Magic Paws in Redwall. I have Thistledown on the battlements looking down at the gate, I can edit it and put him literally directly at the gate if you want it's no skin off my nose.

Anyone is welcome to join by the way!

Edit: it would probably be more personable if I put him down directly at the gate actually I'll edit it.

Edit within an Edit: Fixed! He's at the gate now. Now we can run into eachother.