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Nickname: Hyssop

Full Name: Hyssop

Species: Mouse

Age: 14-15

Aliment: Goods

Job: Part of "Marcus the magnificent and co.  Mossflower Travailing performers." (Actress, singer, dancer musician)

Description: Free falling light brown fur fading to a yellowish tan white underbelly (its not combed or primped but its not messy either, She just lets it do its own thing). Vibrant sapphire blue eyes. Relatively short and attractively slender.  Large ears and a small pink nose. Small delicate skilled paws. She wears a loos purple (To be specific french mauve) skirt that reaches down to a bit below her knees, a thick darker purple sash (eminence) and a loos white short sleeve top bagging attractively round the sash and the ends of the short sleeves.

Possessions: Two small gold colored hoop earrings on her upper right ear. One larger gold colored hoop earring on the lower part of her left ear. Three Ring bracelets on her right wrist that jungle when she moves. A beaded anklet on her left ankle that tinkles when she walks.  A tambourine. Two throwing daggers. A satchel. A small flute. A Lyre.  One ore two other costumes.

    - Climbing
    - Nimble
    - Good balance
    - Dancing
    - Acting
    - Singing
    - Playing the flute and Lyre,
    - Dagger throwing,
    - Using a sling
    - Slight of hand
    - Lock picking.

    - Not very physically strong
    - Pretty useless with heavy arms because of her size
    - Pore endurance

Personality: Good nurtured, calm in a crisis, always acts like shes got every thing under control, kind to others, selfless, hardworking, quick thinker, outgoing, cheerful, optimist, fast learner,


Hyssops parents where a pare of gypsy's who went about trading things for a living, they went at life with an abandon and had very little responsibility, nor did they want to.  Hyssop stuck around with them for the first few year of her life but when she met up with Marcus The Magnificent and Co. She decided to run away with them. Her parents didn't care much they knew that she would be in good and perhaps even better hands there, besides it was part of growing up they had both done things like that to get where they where now anyway.

The Mossflower Travailing Performers broke her of many bad habits that she had picked up from her parents, they taught her how to act, sing and play along with several other skills, Including knife throwing (She has not yet perfected this however). She was also taught compassion and respect, two things that her parents lacked. The Mossflower Travailing Performers became like her family.


Nickname: Boulie

Full Name: Bouledor Marcuse Din Fallimer the III

Species: Hare

Age: 35

Alignment: Good

Job: Leader of "Marcus the magnificent and co.  Mossflower Travailing performers."

Description: Brown eyes, sandy well combed fur, average height for a hare, he is defiantly not fat nor is he skinny either and you wouldn't right off call him muscular, the best description of his build would be fit.  He wears brightly colored cloths of Golds silvers greens and blues, and sometimes a cape. (Eyes, fur, height, typical expressions, scars, typical clothing etc…)

Possessions: A cane which he never uses, he keeps it hidden away. A journal that belonged to Relatus, His own diary, A meddle of honer which he keeps with the cane, (Weapons, jewelry...)

    - He knows how to use most any weapon with skill.
    - A firm leader
    - Actor
    - Slight of hand

    -  Can't swim, though he tries to keep this fact concealed.
    -  Although He is pretty good at all all kinds of armed combat he is lacking in unarmed combat.
    -  He has an old leg injury it is normally fine but it will sometimes act up if he is fatigued.

Personality: Leader, cheerful, optimist, actor, charismatic, skilled, good teacher,  level headed in a crisis, extrovert.

Background: He grew up in a tribe of hares and otters on the east coast. They would often have to fight corsairs that came to their shores for raids. They where all good fighters however and they had good defenses. The  Corsairs where always driven away without to much of a fight. When Boulie got old enough he joined the defenders. He was a good fighter and won a lot of praise from his superiors.

One day in a particularly bad raid he was injured in the left leg by a crossbow bolt when he pushed his captain, Greenwater, out of the way. He was considered a hero by the tribe but he did not feel that way. Many of his friends had died in that fight. The wound left him unable to do work, unable to fight. He felt useless and without purpose. After a time the wound healed but it still heart a lot and he was left with what seemed like a permanent limp.

Several months after the injury a group of travailing players came to the village They where lead by an old badger named Relatus The Teller of Tales. After spending several days at the village the two got to know each other. Relatus told him that if he came with them he would be able to help fix his leg.  Boulie gave it full consideration and after much though he decided to go with them. His best friend Damaris also went with him out of loyalty.

Relatus taught him many things but none seemed to be related to his problem. Whenever he asked about it Relatus would just give him a wise old look and say "You must wait it will come". And come it did. Boulie came to realize that the problem was not in his leg but in his heart. He had been blaming himself for the things that had happened, he had not been strong enough not good enough and had not been able to save the rest. As soon as he let go his leg started to feel better and soon it hardly bothered him at all, only acting up once in a while.

When he had first come along he had intended to return home as soon as he was healed but he had grown so fond of his new friends and Relatus was growing old and needed more help then he used to. Boulie decided to stay with them and become part of their troop.

Several seasons later Relatus died and passed on the leadership of the Mossflower Travailing Players to Bouledor. He has been leader ever since.

Note: When he has a lot on his mind his right ear will start twitching.


Nickname: Damar

Full Name: Damaris Greenwater

Species: Sea Otter

Age: 38

Alignment: Good

Job: Storyteller of "Marcus the magnificent and co.  Mossflower Travailing Performers."

Description: Witty sparkling green eyes, broad shouldered and muscular however he is a bit shorter than the average otter. Dark brown fur. A pare of black sea boots a simple white tunic over which is a thick brown belt and a slightly patched up brightly colored sailors jacket of gold blue and purple which he keeps unbuttoned. He has a wide brimmed hat with a smart feather in it (Like Barbarossa's but newer looking).

Possessions: a cutlass, one or two costumes for the show including a wealthy noble with a ornate cane. (Weapons, jewelry…)

    - Story telling
    - Skilled fighter in many different areas.
    - Strong will (Once he makes up his mind there's no changing it)

    - food especially hotroot soup 😉
    - Needs reading glasses though he doesn't like to let people know this.
    - Doesn't know his own strength
    - Not as fast as he used to be

Personality: Loyal, Good natured, laid back, good story teller, loves littleuns, strong willed,

Background: He was born in the same village as Bouledor and the two where very close friends from an early age. When he was old enough he joined the defenders. His father was already a Captain in the army and so had his father before him. Both his parents expected him to do the same.  He was a good fighter and he loved it but didn't want the responsibility or have the leadership skills to be a captain.

Both he and Bouledor fought together in many battles and Boulie became a renowned fighter and traction. Damaris was only seen by most people however as his best friend and follower. Damar didn't real mind this, he actually hoped that Boulie would take over the role he was expected to fill as captain so he wouldn't have to.

Then one day in a particularly bad fight Bouledor saved Damaris'es fathers life. When Boulie said he was going to go with the travailing players Damar felt obligated to go with him. He did so and has been a part of the troop ever since.

He became rather close with Relatus and was fascinated by his story's. When Relatus died he passed on the title of teller of tales to Damaris saying that the troop need a story teller. Damar had learned a lot from the old badger and gladly took on the role.

Now he and Boulie are back where they started Boulie leading the way and Damar loyally following and throwing in his two cents when he feels necessary. You can often find the two in the after noon talking together about the old days.


Nickname:  Pre

Full Name: Prealia Seicar

Species: Squirrel

Age: 26

Alignment: Good

Job: a fighter and a warrior for "Marcus the magnificent and co.  Mossflower Travailing Performers"

Description: A tall, slender, smart looking squirrelmaid with red fur and pointy ears. She has a pare of reserved redish-brown eyes which change to a look of wild delight when fighting. One or two scars on her back which she keeps hidden and a small one that runs horizontally under her left eye. She wears a white tunic with a black belt and  a slim fitting smart blue jacket with two pointed coat tails. She keeps it buttoned up the front and in good condition plus on her feet are a pare of tight fitting black boots.

Possessions: a rapier, a silver colored canteen,

    - Excellent fencer along with several other kinds of sword fighting.
    - Good acrobat.

    - Feels that she has to keep up a pretense of maturity to the extreme of not having fun and only observing.
    - She is not very good at using or fighting against none sword weapons. (Axes, clubs, spears, bow and arrows, etc…)
    - Not a very good swimmer.

Personality: A bit of a pessimist, a realist, sensible, believes in living life as it comes to you, introvert, skilled, smart, pretty in a professional way, neat organized.

Background: She joined the troop when she was 17, a year after Bouledor. She was the eldest of a large family having 5 younger siblings. She decided to leave home when she turned 15 and headed out to find her place in the world.

She got into a bit of a scrape with a small band of vermin they enslaved her for a short time before Boulie came along with the Mossflower Travailing Performers and rescued her. She joined them and Boulie taught he about sword fighting. Her father had been a good sword fighter and had taught her a thing or two now Boulie helped her perfect her skills.

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When Thoggit and Nex reached the infirmary They where met by the infirmary sister the four hare dibbuns and a teary eyed Kia. A lot of the fun in the game was gone and they began to see a good deal of the reality of the situation. Thoggit no longer felt it was appropriate to ask the question now and they would probably just get int trouble.

"'e looks bad," Nex whispered looking at the hare in the bed on tiptoe a look of genuine concern on his face.

"Aye, wonder what 'it him," Thoggit whispered back. Nex'es eyes grew wide and he drew back from his friend in horror.

"That's awful!" He said. It was then that the sister noticed the two and shooed them out.

"He's not a freak show, stop your gawking and get out of here, S'all ready to many bests in here to add you two to the lot, shoo!" The two left a good deal of the fun gone from their game.

((OOC: Unfortunately I find it is the other way around. RPing sneaks up and detracts me from RL. 😛 ))

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Oh look Zemmi's a captain now! That is really hard for me to picture. 😛 Guess I'll just have to get used to… oh right sorry, you don't want me to call you Zemmi... Can I call you Zem instated then  ;). So hard to type your whole name out every time. (AKA lazy me ::) )

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Thanks I probably will I have a good bit of art that I would like to get up at one point or another.  😉 I was inspired by the contest thyme so I will probably still do a piece based on it.

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Is this still going and if so am I still allowed to enter?…

Edit: oops didn't see the year marker...  😛 never mind.

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Thoggit and Nex hurried past the dinners the two pairs of small feet padding along the red stone floor unnoticed till they got to the door where they were met by a large silent cat. Thoggit stopped and starred for a moment, Looking him up and down (More up than down) before hurrying threw the door and down the steps into the grounds dragging Nex behind him. Nex was to busy trying to finish his muffin to notice the cat or anything else. The sun was seating in the abbey grounds and the shadows where long. The two made there way across the grounds and into the orchard  continuously looking back to see where the cat was. He came to the wall and the two sat down between two trees. Nex who was licking meaddowcream and crumbs from his paw looked up and said "So whats the plan?"

"First we need to know our suspects!" Thoggit said. Nex put on a very thoughtful face.

"Well there where them two Foxes Bill was pointing at," He said is paw licking slowing to a  thoughtful crawl.

"I don't think it's either of 'em," Thoggit said a matter of factually.

"What-" Nex began to say but Thoggit cut him off.

"Bill was in a bad shape by that point he could have been mistaken. Plus both foxes where at the feast for a good bit before Bill came in like he did," Nex'es eyes lit up with understanding and then an idea of his own hit him.

"It depends on when it happened. May haps the infirmary sister can tell us round when it happened based on how bad the wound was and how long it would take for the hare to pass out!"

"You are brilliant!" Thoggit said praising his friend and jumping to his feet "Come on we've got a mystery to solve," he said and ran off. Nex got up slowly and then started after him at a lope still quite full from the feast and not wanting to spoil it.

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((OOC: Here is the sheets for Thoggit and Nex))

Ever since the vermin traders had arrived at the abbey Thoggit had been in his element. There where really, truly, living, breathing, smelly vermin in the abbey and he wanted more than anything to be part of the action when trouble arose. And he was more than certain it would, though this was not based on much fact other than his ever bounding and often wrong intuition. He spent most of that day conspicuously spying on them and loitering around the tables of goods, piled high with exotic things many of which would be perfect for his games of make believe, Thoggit had even tried to convince his best friend Nex to get an earring but the smaller squirrel had positively refused.

Thoggit was a good nurtured creative ambitious young mouse who yearned for adventure and excitement. The mouse had a pare of strong mischievous blue eyes and his fur was a pale brown blond, it did what it willed no matter what Thoggit (Or anyone else for that matter) did to keep it in cheek. He wore an abbey green tunic over top of which was a brown bark vest and belt along with a pare of dark brown boots which where one size to big.

Now he sat in the dining hall over his large piece of strawberry tart topped high with meadow cream, elbows forgetfully placed on the table, all thoughts of eating forgotten.  He nudged his best friend Nex in the chest, who was still trying to finish a slice of apple pie and blueberry muffin both liberally spread with meadow cream. No matter how much the scrawny stunted squirrel ate he never got any bigger. Most every one marveled at where he put it. Though Thoggit said he used it to store all his book learning. When Nex didn't answer Thoggit jabbed him again this time harder.

"Mumph! Hey! Quit it," Nex squeaked threw a mouth full of pie, cream clinging to his whiskers making him look rather comical.

"Quit stuffing your face and listen!" Thoggit said. He was more excited then usual and his tone had a hint of secrecy and plotting which made Nex stop mid chew and look up. He then sniffed and wiped a paw under his nose removing the cream from its place on his face. "Don't you see what this means?" Thoggit said referring to the arrest of the two Foxes. Nex began to chew thoughtfully and then swallowed. Thoggit however did not wait for him to reply "We've got ourselves a really living truly murder attempt on our hands!" He said a little to excited about the whole thing. Nex Brightened up realizing just what Thoggit was getting at. He put down his fork and jumped up but ended up tripping over the bench and landing in a heap on the floor. "Not so fast," Thoggit said chuckling and reaching down a helping paw to his friend before jumping up himself.

"I'll remember that," Nex said getting up. Thoggit then began to drag the smaller squirrel out of the great hall but not before Nex had grabbed his muffin. No way was he going to let that go to waist.

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Nickname: Thoggit/Thogg (or Thoggit the Brave as he wants to be called though no one 'cept Nex does)(Or Captain Thoggit R. X. Skittlerum, again not really ever called that even by Nex) (Nex will call him Captain though)

Full Name: Thoggit Just plain Thoggit nothing else, though he wishes there was more and is constantly making up titles and last and middle names that never stick.

Species: Mouse

Age: 14

Alignment: Good

Description: Strong mischievous blue eyes, pale brown fur that does what it pleases no matter how hard he tries (he doesn't really try much, it is mostly the other abbey bests who try to get him to try) Despite this however he always, well not always, Most of the time looks neat and presentable. He is not full grown yet but is still a good bit taller then Nex and stands at least a head taller then him. Thoggit wears an abbey green tunic, over top of which is a brown bark vest (A thick vest that sort of of resembles leather with lost of thick lacing), and a matching brown belt.  On his feet he wears a pare of dark boots.

Possessions: The one thing he really want's but is not allowed to have is a sword, He has made several make shift ones before however using Branches or various ladles or kitchen implements to use in his games of make believe.

    - A natural leader (Though he is still to young and inexperienced to use this practically he holds a strong command over all those younger then him, However he prefers the company of those closer to his own age)
    - A marvelously creative mind and is always playing make believe.

    - inexperienced, He longs to go on an adventure and fight baddies and save the day however he really dose not have the credentials for this and if he dose get the chance he may lead him and Nex (Who is always with him on his endeavors) Into danger that he can't handle. In essence he is overconfident of his capabilities.
    -  Despite what he says he really does not know how to use any kind of weapon properly.
    -  Slightly dyslexic so he never really liked to study much. He can read and wright but do not like to do it. Despite this he is a very bright boy.

Personality: An Exstovert, a natural leader, creative, ambitious, inexperienced, overconfident, cheerful, an opportunist, friendly, hardworking, loyal to his friends and allies. Loves to play make believe with his best friend Nex and is constantly pretending he is this character or that. Easy going, good with people.

Background: He was orphaned in a vermin attack on his village when he was just a babe, an old ratwife being discontented with the horde leader took Thoggit to safety. It is unknown weather she did it out of spit or pity. She left him at the abbey gates, 3 days later she was killed by horde leader for defying him and deserting. Thoggit was brought up at the abbey and became fast friends with a young squirrel named Fennex. The two where never apart and used to get into all kinds of dibbun mischief together. Now that they are a little older they no longer get into as much trouble (Though sometimes it can't be avoided). Now Thoggit shares a dormitory room with Nex.

*** ~~~ *** ~~~ ***

Nickname: Nex (Thoggit likes to call him Lord Fennex S. Darnful the III when they play their games)

Full Name: Fennex

Species: Squirrel

Age: 12

Alignment: good

Description: Overly short and skinny for a squirrel his age, with thick light brown-redish fur and reserved green eyes. He wears a simple brown tunic and a black chord belt and a pare of saddles for his feet.

Possessions: Nex prefers a rapier (A thin stick) over all other weapons (Though in reality he wouldn't hurt a ant). He also has a large floppy hat with a ravines feather stuck in it and a cape for when he plays Lord Darnful.

    - Exceedingly loyal, he would fallow Thoggit to dark forest gates if he asked him.
    - A good climber
    - Observant and insightful, oftentimes he will notice things that Thoggit would over look. (This also makes him good at riddles)

    - If any real danger arises he becomes rather nervous, on edge and a bit of a goose and a worry woos. This makes him more clumsy and not think as strait.
    - He is not in any way physically strong dew to his size.
    - Does not know how to use any kind of real weapon properly.

Personality: Is a wonderful reader and craves story's but is unable to make them himself (Without a bit of help) so he gets them mostly from books and his best friend Thoggit. Although he wants to be brave and go on adventures just as much as Thoggit when there is any real danger he becomes rather nervous, on edge and a bit of a goose and a worry woos, Though perhaps that makes him the more down to earth of the two.  he is a very loyal friend and follower, he looks up to Thoggit not only for being two years older than him but for being able to be so out creative and outgoing, being more of an introvert himself.

Background: Nex was an orphan at the abbey his parents died of a sickness when he was just a babe and the guosim brought him in. He made good friends with Thoggit when the two of them put honey in the sleeping friars head fur. (It was Thoggit's idea though) Nex became a good student and a loyal reader. He loved to read just as much as he loved to play pretend with Thoggit. Now that is no longer a dibbun he sleeps in a dormitory room shared with Thoggit.

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Nickname: Loon

Full Name: Luna Plain

Species: Squirrel

Description: She has messy unkempt dark brown fur, almost black, strange wild big gold colored eyes and neat perfectly white pointy teeth. She is slightly shorter than the average squirrel. She has two small scars, one on her right forearm, another moving vertically along her left cheek and a chip in her left ear. She also has a large scar on the back of her head from her left ear to her neck and several others in various placed on her body. She has a decorative white swirling tattoo on her left shoulder going up the left side of her neck and lower side of her face.  She normally wears an old tattered threadbare tunic with a v-neck loosely laced up with a thin white cord, the whole thing secured at the waste with an off white rope cord.  Her expressions are erratic. (She is insane)

Possessions:  A Slim thin dagger, A necklace with a pendant that resembles a sharks tooth and several  raw quarts crystals and shell shards along the cord. An thong arm band around her upper right arm. that's it, she never really holds on to anything else for very long.

    - Strong and persistent fighter, without reason, She will continue to come at you with an almost unbounding energy and will. (No she is not invincible and can be over powered it is just that she will continue to fight with everything shes got so long as she is conscious)
    - She is fast, agile and can move silently if she so wishes making her exceedingly dangerous in dark enclosed spaces like the forest.

    - She is very simple minded having the rational processes of a child.
    - She can not read or write.
    - She is extremely forgetful and absent minded.
    - She will often blatantly ignore any kind of authority if she want to (This is not a constant behavior however)
    - She lacks reason and often puts/pushes herself in situations in which she could get badly injured or even killed. In other words she dose not know when to stop.

Personality: Luna is violently insane, with extreme mood swings and erratic sometimes uncalled for behavior. She is exceedingly forgetful and will change her mind on a whim. One minute she will be infatuated with an object the next she will be throwing it out the window in a rage for no apparent reason. She has the tendency to talk with inanimate objects and will often be offended by the things they say. She can be friendly and doesn't make it a habit of attacking people with out a reason (i.e. she dose not usually attack good bests) although they may not know what her insane reasoning is. Once she is convinced that you are a friend she is very devoted and will even sacrifice her safety for yours (Though she never really thinks about her safety anyway)

Background:  One day Luna Woke up in the small hut of a hermit vole covered in bandages and unable to remember anything even her name. She called her self Luna Plain, it sounding at least somewhat familiar. She was completely insane and left the voles home as soon as she was able. Living in the forest on her own.  She often would attack vermin for their food and weapons.

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Just so long as you are friendly I don't mind. In fact I have been know to talk to much in real life as well as online but not as much… Also I must warn you that if I am caffeinated I tended to make really long and rambling posts. Be for warned. I try to avoid it when I can.  😉