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Mildred Lorene Carroll; October 7, 1927 - January 25, 2012

"Protect what matters with everything you have. Or you'll have nothing. And deserve it." - Aveline Vallen

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NADA.  Wrote instead.

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If I have some extra time throughout the week I might try for this 🙂

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FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFff thankyooooou X3  I think I'm getting a little bit better 🙂

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If there is anything I need to take down, please let me know; it's no trouble at all.  I'm fairly certain everything falls in the rules, but since I have not been around in such a long time, I may be mistaken.

Yyyyyyyyeah….....I'm not THAT good of an artist, but I have doodled some stuff. It's dated from oldest to newest, but the thumbnails read from newest to oldest. Current month will be bolded.


Edit: I would love to do this with every year in one post, but that's not going to work. So I apologize for the multiple posts.  I'll make the years a different color to help a bit.

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Given the fact, that even more dibbuns piled into the infirmary with Snowdrop and her entourage what with all the din they were making and all, she was unaware of the exchange taking place between her little nieces and nephew and Maulings.

Instead, she was busy juggling a heavy laden tray, babes that crawled out of the woodwork, and her giggling.  Unfortunately…...she couldn't quite handle all of that at once, and once again she found herself on her tailscut once more that day.  Fortunately, she managed to save the tray, and Freedom was on the scene to relieve her from it before she was piled on by more youngsters.

And again, the wild babbling broke out, filling the sickbay with raucous giggles, squeals, squeaks, and chatter.  'Sisser sisser you ok?',  'WHOA lookit him, he's hooj!', 'TEEHEE he's playin wif' Charchar!  He getted him all sticky!', 'DOGPIIIILE ON SIS'R SNOW!', 'EEEEE SNOW STOPPA TICKLIN' MEEEEHEHEHEEEEEEEE!'

Eventually, Freedom was able to shoo the bulk of them off, leaving a rather exhausted Snowdrop lying prone on the floor, and her three nieces and one nephew.  Kale and Shana had giggled and skipped off with the rest.  Snowdrop giggled helplessly and remained on the floor, flat on her back, still not quite sure what had just happened.

" 'ntie Snow, 'owcome you didn' say Nunky Mawler was 'here, wot?"

"Oh I dunno dearie, probably because I was being trampled upon by all of your cousins."

Charlock giggled and snuggled down into Maulings' fur, successfully spreading even more the sticky mess around.  "Nunky, 'ntie Snow sez you woz a -"

With that Snowdrop bound to her feet in one single fluid motion, sweeping Charlock off of the giant hare and into her arms, tickling the end of his nose mercilessly.  "Oh you cheeky little monkey; what are you insinuating Charchar?  Can't you see you're poor Nunky Mawler - " and with that she stopped dead in her tracks and speech, Freedom, who had done the smart thing and kept out of the way, holding her breath momentarily.

She spun around on her footpaws, Charlock once again scrambling up onto her shoulders.  She stared at the Major long and hard, an indifferent expression on her face as she soaked this information up.  Really it was quite comical; her fur was sticking up in odd places from maker knows what, her dress was rumpled, she was smeared in stuff, she was dusty, and she had a sticky babe on her shoulders, who was currently making the fur on the top of her head stand up.

"What.", was all she could say.

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Snowdrop muttered darkly to herself all the way to the kitchens; something along the lines of 'puffed-up-windbags', 'old ladies', 'madness', and 'own flippin' dinner'.  She huffed loudly as she pushed the door over, and was promptly knocked flat on her scut by at least six little ones, the tiniest one seated on her middle.

Her tirade was soon forgotten as she burst out into uncontrollable laughter, the young'uns and cooks laughing along with her.  An excited babble of voices broke out soon after, and she was laughing among a chorus of, " 'ntie Show!" "SISSA SISSA!"  "Miss Whitlowe are you alright?!"  "Gor! C'n we do th' agin, sis?" and other various squeaks and squeals.

The oldest of the bunch, an otter pup named Kale, that had just turned ten, shooed the others off of her and helped the hare to her feet.  "Sorry abou' tha', Sis.  We've been waitin' fer ya f'r a long time now.  Mum said you'd be here any minute."

Snowdrop giggled and pat the youngster on the head fondly, tweaking the ear of a little mouse, Shana, standing next to him.  "No need to apologize sugar, I needed that."  She dusted herself down and bent to kiss each one on the forehead, ruffling hair here, and tickling there.  Four of the six were were leverets, which just so happened to be Snowdrops nieces and one nephew.  Kale and Shana were her adopted brother and sister.  Two, out of MANY.

The oldest of her nieces, Aster, clung on to one leg while the youngest, Charlock, sat on her footpaw.  Aster giggled and stared up at her aunt as the older hare strolled through the kitchen, haphazardly fixing a tray.  "G'anma wouldn' say 'ow come you've been gone, wot.  Wot's taken s'long, 'ntie?"

"Well," Snowdrop said hesitantly as she grabbed random things and put them on a tray, her own stomach controlling the contents of her mind.  Sure, she asked him if he was allergic to anything, but she wasn't about to ask what all he liked.  She had to draw the line somewhere.  The cooks, after deeming the situation under control, went back to their duties.  "Auntie Snow has been very busy.  Ms. Freedom put me to work and just now let me go."  She winced slightly as Charlock climbed up her leg, toddled onto the table, and then climbed up her arm to perch on her shoulders, his sticky little paws gripping her fur fondly.  She didn't mind though; she didn't get to see her nieces and nephews all that often.  "But now Auntie has a break to get this heathen some food."

All six of them squealed at once, and once again she was hit by a chorus of inaudible babble.  'Wot's a heathen?', 'Is he a sickbeast?', 'C'n we play wiv him?', ''ntie wan' go wi'yooooou!'

At that her ears stood up straight and her eyes narrowed slightly, a grin spreading across her face.  "Of course you can come with me, my little tots.  He would love to play with you guys."

And with that, two of them whisked his tray up and dashed out of the kitchen, three of them dragging her along by the hands, while little Charlock held onto his Auntie's ears and giggled happily.  She didn't even have time to collect her thoughts.

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"If that is your wish, then I will forego the tonic.  But, it's there if need be."  She nodded her head curtly to him, turning to face her irate assistant.  She grinned smugly, seeing the youngsters being boil underneath the surface.  "Snowdrop."

Don't you say it.  Don't you dare.  Don't you say it you cheeky old mouse or I swear I'll-  "Ma'am?" Snowdrop asked, clearing her throat and urging her twitching ear to cease its rhythm.  If it were anyone else, she would have scoffed and stalked off.  But this was Freedom, and the mouse was pretty much her second mother.

"Run along now and get the Major some dinner, before the entirety of it gets demolished.  After that see to it that he's comfortable.  You are not to leave until he has dropped off, and then you will check on him every hour.  Understood?"

I'll get you back one day, old lady; if it's the last thing I do, ohohohoooo just you wait.  Snowdrop clenched her jaw and stood rigid, her eyes narrowing at Freedom for a moment.  "Only because it's you, and you asked so nicely."

Freedom fluttered her eyelashes at her sweetly and ruffled her head fur fondly.  "That's a good gel.  Now, run along; we don't want to keep the Major waiting."

Snowdrop nodded her head stiffly and stalked off towards the door, still clenching her teeth.  Before she exited the room completely, a sudden thought hit her and she turned towards Maulings slightly.  She glanced at him a moment before she redirected her eyes to the door frame.  "There wouldn't be anything you're allergic to, by chance?"

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[OOC - lol ikr?! XD]

The younger hare's ears stood rigid for a moment, the Major's haughty air further rubbing her the wrong way.  But, she decided to let it slide right off of her; more for Freedom's benefit than her own.  She definitely was not going to succumb to this authoritative, puffed-up, windbag of a hare.  No sir.

She snorted slightly at his inquiry, folding the unused bandages back up to store in the supply closet.  "That depends on how long you actually want to stay bedridden.  'twould be a shame if you popped a perfectly good stitching job on the first day."  She twitched slightly as Freedom flicked her ear as she passed by, shooting the mouse an angry glance before shutting up.

Freedom smiled kindly at the Major, fluffing a pillow before handing it to him.  "No, that's not out of the question entirely.  I would just prefer if you took the first couple of days easy, just to let things settle.  I would hate to have to restitch you anytime soon, Snowdrop was right about that."  She spread a blanket over his frame, puttering around like an old mother hen around her fussy chick.  "If you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask.  If you feel any discomfort at all, let me know and we will fix that.  I am going to leave Snowdrop in charge of you, for when I'm not around.  She's highly capable of making sure your every need is met, and she is very skilled.  That does not be I'll be gone; she's just going to be helping a lot more."

When she was satisfied with her fretting, she straightened up and felt his forehead for a moment, making sure he wasn't feverish in the slightest.  "Snowdrop will go fetch you some dinner, and after that I will give you something to help with the pain and to help you sleep.  Does that sound alright to you?"