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Roseabel saw the fire in Jareds eye and knew his cause was just so she answered quickly
  "Ckrops, round up twenty of the best hares we have ,and track them down as soon as you can.  If they end up reaching Redwall, send back a runner so that we may assist with the entire strength of the mountain…... Sunblade will want to go as well.... Sunblade.....  Sunblade? Where did he go!"  Roseabel said, looking about

Ckrops looked at Jared confused
  "Well this is just jolly great, I finally sit down and back out to battle!"

Wizlug had heard the challenge yelled from Sunblade, and was smart enough to know that when a badger lord vows the death of you, it is almost imminent.  He was also smart enough to know that he would easily be able to ambush Sunblade while he was off on his own

Wizlug turned to a ferret named Halfeye, who was an expert climber and the only other vermin amongst Wizlug that was not a searat, so instantly he felt safe and consulted with him.

Halfeye thought for a moment then said
  "Ah, lets see, Me thinks we should climb trees in the area and drop big net on badger, Then we can shoot arrows and spears from far away, no talky talky, badger dies tonight!" He said, glaring with the disfigured right eye.

Wizlug gave the orders to the rest of the crew, and they sat waiting in ambush for the unlucky badger.

Sunblade continued on, pressing forward, one goal in mind, and two swords to get the job done...

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OOC: Indeed, unless someone wishes to take up his part

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Sunblade the Swift snuck out through the back of the mountain, leaving no sign of exit, nor a sound.  He had a score to settle, and just over fourty searats would fall like pins to a bowling ball when he had got there

The truths that Brush Fleetwood had spoke to Sunblade in his chamber had been more then enough to bear, pushing him into a berserk rage.  Regardless if Wizlug and his rats were the ones responsible for his past, they would be a great way for an angry badger lord to vent

He spotted the tracks left by Wizlug, and roared out in anger
  "I am IceClaws Widestripe, Descendant of Rawnblade Widestripe, and you may run for as long as you like vermin, I will track you until you're bodies are little more then fish food, Face Me! Cowards"

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Wizlug sat exhausted on the beaches of Mossflower.  He still had about twoscore vermin left, and he knew that with that number he'd easily be able to find some shelter and force some woodlanders to get them food and water.

He was more ashamed then wounded, having being defeated by such a smaller opponent.  He laughed when he pictured what he would do to the squirrel if he ever saw him again.

His laughing ended rather abruptly.

He glared out at what looked to be a small stone building just on the outskirts of the beach.  He smiled and said to his crew
  "Avast me mateys, we've found us some shelter, probably some food and water to eh?"

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OOC: Please PM me if you want to join, or just post that you would like to.  Anyone can play the Badger if they please, or ill enter Sunblade, or you can join my crew as a wildcat, or be a vermin/woodlander for a villain, and if you post please break it up like I have above, If its a long cluttered post my ADD won't allow me to read it hahaha

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OOC: I thought that Hisk was following Neira to the fortress, and Ralla was following behind them.  Let me know and I'll edit the response

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Ralla had been stalking the weasel, trying to gain as much information on his foe as he possibly could.  He did not lose often, and when he did, the winner would somehow run into a horrible accident, caused by Ralla himself.  He was a proud beast, and any beast that spat on his dignity or stole it from him would pay with his life.

He followed at a close but far enough distance that he would not attract attention.  He saw two weasels now, instead of one, and realized this was not going to be the time to strike.  He saw the gates open to a magnificent fortress, and sat wide-eyed staring at the beautiful structure.

He had been mesmerized by the place, and unfortunately he had stood gaping at the place for so long that the gates opened and closed before he could get in!
  "Curssssse you Hissssssk,We will meeetssssssss again!!" he said, before turning away from the structure.

As he turned away he ran smack dab into another beast, and was thrown to the ground!

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OOC: Yea, I'll respond to this later, im making a thread right now so i cant realy answer

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Ryeback was extremely nervous, he had family members at Redwall that would probably shame him at the sight of him being with vermin.  Yet, he thought, this leader was much more willing and accepting then his last one.  Although at first it had been a trick to save his own life, he had come to trust and adore the wildcat and her crew, envying the fact that he had not been part of this small horde when he was younger
  "Reddoor, Redwall, who knows what the jolly name is wotwot!  All I know is me granpappy and ma are at that place, and its full of mice and squirrels and woodlanders wot?  Thank you for the rest milady, we are very close to Redwall!"
he said, before exiting and following Neda.

Sunblade was weary, he had been marching twice as fast as the rest of his soldiers and his weight made his legs feel like jelly.  He collapsed on the ground, desperate for water and oxygen.  A young hare ran up and splashed water in his face to wake him up, then poured some into his mouth.

Sunblade was instantly feeling better, and praised the hare.
  "Whoa, we are pretty far up ahead, where are the rest of the hares???" he said, panicking as he looked behind into the darkness and saw nothing..

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Sunblade had been addressing Hon at first, but had meant the majority of the speech to fall upon the ears of the two score hare he had following him.  Still, he felt Hon may have taken it the wrong way so he stated
  "Hon, I was speaking to all of the hares, not just you.  You should know by now that the leader always insults his crew in order to get them to march harder!  And now that you mention in, how did you get that title?  Is it possible for badgers to get that title to, or is it only hares.  Hon Sunblade.  Sounds interesting huh? haha!" He said, before quickening his pace to be at the front of the pack