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Classic! Well written in a very flowing and consistent script and meter. It almost has a beat to it… It's enjoyable to read and I love the imagery and stuff. So, definitely ditto to what Jared said.  😉 Bravo Bard.

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Name: Mercutio Antigonus
Nicknames: I honestly can’t say… Get creative?
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Species: Le Mink

Appearance: Mercutio could be described as… well… dashing, quite dashing indeed. And, of course, devilishly handsome.

Personality: Mercutio is of the valiant type. He’s not an overly exaggerated gentleman, but, he has got solid moral standards. Simply put, he likes to abide by the rules and cares about the well being of others. His philosophy is to act decent, even if others are being poopers. Except, that’s not exactly how he would word it, I suppose… In any case,

Relatives: Sister- Valentina Antigonus

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I suppose I'll hop in. I can have Log-a-Log join? I only used him in one thread… poor guy.

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Asya was caught up in the crowd of Redwaller beasts almost immediately. As she tried to detach herself just a little from the commotion, she saw a face she knew well. Her cousin was steadily making her way toward her.

Asya ran up to meet her, a smile crossing her face. She caught Ania in a hug, returning her brief embrace. "It's so good to see you Ania!" She exclaimed.

"I never would have guessed I would see you here, Asya! What are you doing in Mossflower?"

Asya paused for a moment to think. "Well… honestly... I kind of ran off." She flashed her cousin a sheepish smile. "My father... he grew very tiresome. Not to mention condemning and demeaning." She gave a little sigh. "Oh well, here I am. And don't worry a thing about me, I haven't been wandering too long."

Asya really enjoyed her cousin's company. And indeed, she much preferred it to that of her siblings. To Asya, Ania was as a close sibling and a good friend.

After a pause, Asya spoke up again. "Here I am babbling about me again. Ania, do tell, how have you been? And what brings you here?"

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"Hello miss Whitedeath… Anastasiya, going to have to practice that name. That's a new one, nice one too. Yes, most of the time it's the odd hare that's a white beast... Hmmm miss 'em all I do, Nova's gone to see them for a change since they don't get many visitors."

"Ah, yes, thank you." She smiled. "I like my name… well... most of it." She contemplated the rest of what he had said. "Most interesting... The name Nova doesn't particularly ring a bell, but I should like to go see the rest of these other white-furred beasts. Maybe someday."

As he took her weapon in his claws, Asya felt a considerable weight lift off of her. Yet, she felt rather exposed without her sword by her side.

"Certainly… uncommon blade you got here, then again I'd say a dirk is uncommon these days. I'm sure the others'll be glad to show you around, I'll just secure this in the gatehouse. I remember at Salamadastron they used to have contests to see who could carve up a pumpkin the fastest and make the most unquie carving, heh."

"Aye, she's a good blade. When I use it… It feels like it becomes a part of me. Luckily, I haven't had much need for a weapon lately."

Asya smiled as he started talking about pumpkins. "Salamandastron? You come from there? That's a great distance away... I've never visited the fire mountain."

She spoke as she walked, making her way through the gate. She faced toward the main hall, but turned around to raise her slender white paw in a farewell to the fox. "Thank you Belarus, and goodbye! I'm sure we'll meet again soon."

She opened the big doors to the great hall of Redwall Abbey. Peering in at all of the lively beasts, Asya suddenly felt very small. The weasel maid entered the room and stared about, taking in her surroundings.

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1. I had no clue there was a wedding.

2. Who's getting married?

3. Can I join?

4. Do you need a bridesmaid?

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The gates opened slowly, and to Asya's surprise, an old, white-furred fox poked his head out to examine her.

“Ahh, not often I see another snow furred beast in these parts. I will need to store that blade of yours before I can let you in though. Ohh err, I’m Belarus miss???”

Asya smiled warmly at the fox. "Greetings, Mr. Belarus. My name is… Anastasiya Sveta... " Here she paused, taking a quick moment to decide whether she should say this or not, "Whitedeath."

Asya figured she had better be honest. If the beasts of the abbey recognized her last name and turned her out, she would just have to accept that. Either that or she could persuade them that she was not evil. There was no use in running from her name.

"It is true, I do not see very many pure white-furred beasts around here often." She put her hand on the blade of her hilt. "Though I am loathe to part with my protection, and the weapon that has pulled me from the brink of death in so many different situations, I will surrender it to you for this particular occasion."

She stepped closer to the fox, and removing the hand-and-a-half sword from her belt, handed the lethal and sheathless weapon over to him. Asya smiled, "Shall I enter now, Sir?"

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Angel nodded toward the spider-bot and smiled briefly. "A nice little piece of technology." She said, "Let us hope she serves her purpose."

Angel was silently pleased at the assortment of abilities that her comrades had. They were all very different personalities, but hopefully that would not hinder their mission any.

To Shen's egotistical remark Angel allowed herself a smirk of a half-smile. "I see… With all due respect I was just bestowing upon you the universal title that all of the male gender should be able to accept as their own."

"by the way who is leading this mission? I think it should be Me or Shen what do you guys think?"

Angel turned around to face the otter who had just spoken. Zieliński replied after the others had finished conversing, "I was content in the knowledge that we were equals. Arguing over positions of power will lead to distrust and backstabbing…" Angel nodded her head curtly. "I see our mission as a failure if we do not succeed in becoming mutually understood by our teammates in our undertakings." She turned again, facing her back toward the departing party once more.

"keep those two softies safe while we're gone!"

The weasel maid smiled at the big hare as he winked at her. "I'll do that. Though they may not be as soft as you would think."


As Shen walked over to his separate sleeping area, Angel let out an exhausted sigh, despite that fact that she felt as if she has accomplished nothing that day. Having neglected to set apart an area for herself to sleep in, Angel walked over to a stack of her belongings, separate from where the rest of their supplies were being kept. She grabbed an old sleeping bag (one that had obviously seen much use) from the pile. Pulling it over to a corner of the room, she spread it out and lowered herself on to it.

Angel closed her eyes, thinking over the day's events. She found it hard to sleep that night. Still awake, Angel continued to re-situate herself in her make-shift bed.

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Anastasiya Sveta Whitedeath, better known by her pet name, Asya, made her way along the dusty well-trodden path to the famed Abbey of Redwall. The red stones loomed, and even from a distance, the midday sun cast the shadow of the great Abbey over her.

(Impromptu character intro… because I don't have her profile finished and I can't access it, due to the fact that it is blocked because it involves "weapons.")

The (21 year old) youngest Whitedeath sibling (quite a bit less prominent than the infamous trio) was wearing a short white dress along with worn brown boots that went up to slightly above her knees. A belt matching the boots hung loosely about her waist. A black handled hand and a half sword (bastard sword) was stuck, sheathless in her belt. She carried nothing else other than a pouch at her back and a makeshift walking staff in her hand. She had a little white headband on her head, that she had tucked down under one ear. Her bright violet eye and her crystalline blood-red eye shone strikingly in contrast with her clean snow white fur.

This Whitedeath did not look for trouble. Today she would travel to the old Abbey for the Great Fall Feast.

Coming upon the Abbey's large front gate, she rapped on it with her staff. Discarding the staff by tossing it off to the side into some brush, she waited to see if she would be let in. She knew that the fact that she was a weasel, commonly "a badbeast," might cause goodbeasts to be initially wary of her. This, and the terrible fact that she was a Whitedeath, had gotten her into trouble numerous times. But after her share of rejection, she begin, in some cases, to adopt Anastasiya Sveta as her name. Simply dropping the word Whitedeath from it. Her older sister Verusha had not set a good image for Whitedeath females. If Asya was to simply say she was a Whitedeath, she would almost certainly be mistaken for Verusha, if not for her eye.

She stood now, awaiting a reply from inside Redwall.

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Angel Zieliński sat, leaning casually and calmly up against one of the corner walls of the dark ancient underground cavern of Brockhall. Her M16 Viper, cradled on her lap, she let her dark eyes search around the room. Being an outsider, Angel had heard tales of Brockhall, but it's significance didn't not strike her greatly. She found the room to be a wonderful place for a hideout during a secret mission though.

The snow furred weasel maid had recently heard of their mission from the one otter, Zeke. She was starting to like this idea of a small group regaining Redwall Abbey. Her companions she found to be skilled beast, and she believed they would have her back if she needed them around. She was warming up to them, and glad to have some other people near by.

Zieliński begin to grow restless… What was all of this talking about? They couldn't stay stuck down in this dusty hole forever. Honestly, she thought it would be better just to strike hard and strike fast and strike where the Vermin were weak. Still, she ought to wait... Wait! What was this about spying? Zee would spy if she had to, but that wasn't what she was here to do.

Three or so of the beasts had already decided to go out briefly with Finn, the hedgehog. Angel wasn't positive that so many needed to go, but, it was better than having more beasts sitting around idly at base. As for herself, Angel was going to stay. She wanted to get outside, but she had better discuss plans for the actual assult before anything else. She still had yet to learn her role in their quest to take back the Abbey. But when her time should come... She would not sit back and watch.

As the three others were getting ready to leave, Angel stood up and walked over to the mouse. "Sir." Said Angel, her voice laden with a tinge of an exotic accent. "What would you like me to be doing. Do preparations need to be made?..." She paused. "If I may. I believe we all have our supplies and weapons out, sorted, and ready. I think that we simply need to find where, when, and how to attack, but that could certainly be a long and frustrating process."