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"When choosing between two evils, I always choose the one I haven't tried before."

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ooc- Lol, nobody did anything wrong. I'm just giving that "Turn left in one mile" sort of instruction.

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Devro back away from the wrestling otter and fish, hopping anxiously as he watched. He was completely floored by how large the fish was.
    "Hit it over the head with something! You'll get tired before he does!"
    As he spoke, the fish and the otter rolled closer. Devro kicked at the grayling, but got Bomboar in the side instead, then slipped in the fresh mud and landed on his back with a splat!

ooc- Devro needs to experience some everyday trouble that his friends aren't able to shield him from. Right now, his life looks pretty awesome. There needs to be something that all the characters struggle with to such a point that they can't fix it with a handshake and kind words. Ideally, the conflict would come from youngbeasts who have good intentions, but bad methods. I.E. getting his to steal a pie to be 'more like us' or Elders holding him to unreasonable standards because he is constantly under a magnifying glass.

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Devro shrugged at Arries' comment. "If the Abbeybeasts each gave Abbot Caleb a gift, he wouldn't have room for them all. I think you're fine, Arries."
    Then something resonated in Bomboar's words. "Yeah, I guess… we could all work together to make him something nice. A gift from all of us."

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The race was short, but caused a small ruckus in the halls as the four young ones dashed about, dodging older gentlebeasts. In the end, in was good fun and no harm was done.
    Arries won quite handily. As the four creatures arrived panting at the kitchens, the Friar was already standing in the doorway, looking somewhat indignant.
    Friar Birtwistle's long ear's twitched and his mustache bristled below his pink nose. He wore a thick air of suspicious zeal and he held a thick ladle in one paw. "You young bucks lookin' fer a spot trouble? Eh? Not a one of you, or any otha' beast for that matter, will be enterin' mah kichten until further notice!"
    Devro raised his paw a little, almost like he was asking for permission to talk. "Why not, Friar?"
    The Friar puffed out his chest in further indignance. "Why? A dozen of mah Mossflower-famous blackberry pies are coolin' in the winda'sills. I count six candied chestnuts missing just this afternoon, and you want ta know why I won't letcha inta mah kitchen? You try feeding an Abbey full o' hungry beasts while dibbuns are snatching food from your kitchen, then try-"
    This rant went on for a little while before somebeast in the kitchen called to him for some help.
    The Friar's tone changed instantly to one of sweet affection. "Yes dear, I'll be there in a moment."
    He turned to the young ones again with narrowed eyes. "Keep the paws off mah pies." Then he shut the door in their faces.
    Devro made a face. "He's just mad because he forgot it's the Abbot's birthday tonight."

ooc- Forgive my hare speech: It's been a long, long, long….. long time.

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“Whatcha up to? Did you see my tricks with the Abbey? I’ve been getting better, you ought to watch when you get the time!”
Then again, Al thought. It’s not like he ever has the time. Stoat or not, he’s one of us. Why doesn’t he ever act that way? - Alan

"Yeah," Devro replied awkwardly. "Yeah, I saw."

"So how are your projects? Build anything spectacular lately?" - Arries

"Spectacular?" Devor thought about his clunky too-fast clock. "Nothing spectacular. Maybe someday."

"Race you all!" - Arries

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Devro's response to being called 'little Devro' was cut short by a flying chestnut.
    "Did you snitch this?" he asked Arries. Being a vermin, his Redwall upbringing had been unusually strict. Although pinching candied chestnuts or pies from under the friar's nose was pretty typical of young Redwallers, he'd never struck up the nerve to do it himself. Even looking at the chestnut made him feel a little guilty.

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I used to be LDS (Mormon), but I don't identify with any one religion anymore. If God exists, he will judge us by our actions and intentions, not by the church we attended.

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I play DOTA 2. That's pretty much it. lol

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ooc - Not a problem at all: My hope for this thread is that people will be fluid with Devro, almost making him a joint character. You could even make up things about Devro and his past, and I'd still be pleased as punch.

    Devro straightened the fur on his head in mild annoyance. "Yeah, yeah, I'll think about it."
    He was nearly the same height as Bomboar, but he was also whip as a willow. Part of him was embarrassed by how amicable Bomboar was to… well, everything. And that Bomboar could toss him around...
    But that was Devro's problem. He knew he had to lighten up emotionally and put on a few pounds. And the truth was that Devro was glad to have Bomboar around.

ooc - Tinarandel wants to post too, so let's save the next reply for him.

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Is there a thread I should join? Anybody looking for a random vermin attack or an amiable side-kick?