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Reader, writer, poet, artist. Fruit loop who has struggled with anxiety and depression. Dyslexic author. Living contradiction and unexpected person. The most aggressive ray of sunshine you'll ever meet. Fluffy murder kitten.

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Jared, TJ, Kiara… I've been here for... five years? Rorgus isn't active anymore... IDK who all else is active.

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Tis a lengthy and complicated story but they're kinda of adopted sibs and I guess technically related through distant second cousins marrying other distant relations. LOL. But we all grew up together. They taught me to sword fight. Started regretting it though.

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Idk if you remember me: I'm Rorgus's little sis, also Sparhawk and his brothers are my sibs, mostly.

I turn 21 in about a month, I'm an Indie author with five books and a deadline that I'm not freaking out over, absolutely not. I'm not in any RPs here, currently, but I came back a few months ago and have been pretty consist about being on every day so maybe one of these days.

I own my own printer and his name is Randolph. He needs more ink. Black. Because printing manuscripts is hard.

I have book events this week as well as a short manuscript due, so, I'm basically freaking out.  😉

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Nickname: Belladonna

Full Name: Belladonna Brookside

Species: Gray Squirrel

Description: gray fur, black eyes, wears a gray habit tunic and gray leggings, wears a crystal necklace.

Possessions: healer's stock of herbs, a few books and texts, healing stones and crystals from her mentor.

Excellent healer
Is good at calming small Dibbuns

easily angered

Introvert. Would rather be tending her bees than talking to you. Also, on the subject of bees, she has rather a stinging tongue.

Belladonna Brookside is a woodland dweller with a strong dislike of other beasts. There's no particular reason for it; she just doesn't like them, but she does like to fix things. A healer in a solitary woodland house burrow seems an ideal occupation for her.

Age: 22

Alignment: very neutral most of the time

Job: Healer/sarcastic twerp

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You have no idea how tempting it is to pop in…

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Litha watched him go with a faint smile flirting around her mouth, then turned and fell into Falmouth's arms. "Home at last, dearest…" She sighed, snuggling into her shoulder.

He chuckled and rubbed her back. "Come inside, Litha-my-love."

Litha nodded and followed him inside, turning to shut the door. She watched Jared out of sight before closing it with a contented sigh. Falmouth had two glasses of wine and a bowl of fruit on a tray, and he stood waiting for her.

"Night falls outside." Litha spoke softly.

"Yes. Even the Earth must have her rest before turning a new page."

~~~ So amazing to write with you, Jared! I don't think I have anything else to say for this story. Blessings, my friend.~~~

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To Scotish

Tera smiled toothily. "I've been assigned to a mission and require a crew of five. I've found four, and as chance may have it thought of you on my way to find the elusive fifth. Do you have any desire for a bit of work?"

If Venkas accepts, she'll tell him that the rest of the crew in meeting outside her tent at daybreak. If not, she'll sigh and proceed on her way.

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To Scotish

Tera found a pair of young rat slavers, brothers, at one of the camp fires. They seemed fairly well skilled and eager to do something besides sit about, and she told them to met at her tent the next morning at daybreak. Some minutes later she ran into, quite literally, the fox Delgot Farblow. She invited him along on the mission. Having met him already, no matter how briefly, made her feel slightly better about the whole thing. Continuing on she met another female slaver, a slim and lithe weasel named Vitiros. They talked for several minutes until the cold drove Vitiros back to her tent, having agreed to meet outside Tera's tent the next morning.

Tera hurried towards her own tent, intending to snatch a bite to eat before going out to find the last slaver she needed. It dawned on her that Venkas occupied the tent next to hers, and that might be as good a place as any to start. She paused by the tent, hallooing in a low voice, not wishing to disturb the occupants overly much.

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Oh my word… XD