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So, for those who are puzzled about what recently happened to, the long and short of it is that the site was heavily compromised.

To ensure that the written word of the dedicated community isn't lost to the sands of time, I've taken the liberty of porting the site, and most of its contents, to a new platform.

You will find that the site is mobile friendly, much faster, more modern... but also, has lost most of its visual pizzaz that some found some interesting.

I've left most of the site responsibilities in the hands of a few here, (Tessa being a notable individual dedicated to keeping the rhythm and heartbeat of

I work full time. I am a student full time. I love and the direction it ultimately took my life, but my lack of interaction with the community in the past few years is due in part to the responsibilities of adulthood.

I can and expect to occasionally make more changes as they are requested by the admins left here, and hopefully, the refreshed, clean platform for RL will provide a better venue for writers and lovers of the world of Mossflower to share with each other.

Let us know what you think, what you find lacking or problematic and we'll make a concerted effort to improve it.

RL and the RL Team

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I take it that this is a decendant of Gonff, friend of Martin and not the original correct? There is a taboo against using characters from the books. Just so you know.

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OOC: If they've asked for someone to join, you may jump in without hesitation. You'll be guided and helped along the way if you need it. Have fun! (Topic Cleaned)

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Actually, about 90% of them can't get through. As time goes on, few and few will get though. We'll discuss it in our weekly meeting.

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I'm only deleteing new members that throw up a flag with their IP address here:
If they show up there, they get deleted.

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If you find it that amusing, watch what happens when you change the count to 100000000

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Patience young Padawan. There is much to do yet…

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Actually I just fixed the quick reply box. Topic closed.
Stay happy everyone!
RL Support

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I can't fix the quick reply box till tonight but I just tested the registration and both the captcha AND the security questions are working as expected. Registration will remain open.

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We shouldn't have any issues with bots. I'm perplexed by this and will look into it. Please re-enable the registration for the time being and watch what happens carefully. Also, I will fix the quick reply box as soon as I can get to it. Thanks for everyone's patience.