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Somewhere in the area of 1997 when I first started writing a fanfic, I was trying to come up with my obligatory author insertion character (and hence the main character). I looked up the Latin for "crazy" and found "insanum". Flipped around backwards: Munasni. However, that's a little hard to pronounce, so I changed it to Munsani, and have loved it ever since.

That's cool. My username…well. I make up fake name all the time and I like the sound of "rain" but it looks cooler if you spell it "Raen" so that's what I did 🙂 I have other chara's Aefre. I just made her up, but her name means "forever" in Angle-Saxon.

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Munsani, exactly what I think every time I read one of the Redwall books. I wouldn't really mind having some bad guy win in the end, even though I hate bad endings, just to mix it up a little. Like, show the good guys in captivity for awhile…let them become smart and figure something out! This kinda sounds like Mossflower but the way it would be written, it wouldn't be anything like it. I didn't explain it when, but if I took the time to lay out my idea, it would pretty different from your average Redwall book. I'm really sick of the abbey dwellers, when you have an enemy trying to conquer your home it isn't the time to be friends with them. I mean, where's the common sense?

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OCC: Gotcha…just tell me when we start. umm btw, what about all the other people who have their chara's in here?

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Kaello! You're back!! (if you ever left) This is really off topic but Flytermo and I kinda need your chara's to post if we're going to keep "into the camps of Ozar" alive.

OK, fav book…..ohh tough. I read every book lk..twice but I haven't read any in a while so I'll just go with the ones I have embedded in my memory lol.

High Rhulain
Long Patrol
Rakkety Tam

Note: I didn't number them cause I like all of these ones the same...Long Patrol...I completely forgot about one of my all-time favorites!

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I like the title…I haven't read Doomwyte yet...should probably look into that 🙂

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Favorite Redwall book…hmm I'd have to say High Rhulain so far. I love the otters (Leatho Shellhound = all-time favorite 🙂 Rakkety Tam...switch from "normal" vermin to wolverines was good, but if anyone knows anything about wolverines they know that a squirrel could never beat one... we'll let that pass for now. I liked it a lot actually. Legend of Luke - I love the character of Luke...I could care less for the first part of the book, once Luke's story began it was good, ending eh..not horrible. Martin the Warrior - I liked a lot of the characters in this one...very good. Taggarung - Good. Bellmaker - The character of Joseph is very good, I liked it a lot. Redwall - don't get me started on this one. Doomwyte - On my list of books to read. Eulalia - same as Doomwyte...I'm waiting for the library to add it to their collection. Annnd I forgot most of the other books so I can't comment on them...yet.

EDIT: Yeah...sorry about the spoilers peeps...I forgot.  :*)

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OCC: Lets get started!…I should probably modify my 1 solitary post...the people I addressed it to haven't replied in a while. Then again...if I change it, it won't make sense. 😕

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OK, yeah, I've been having some trouble coming up with a name…I usually don't but for some reason I just couldn't concentrate 😕

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The girls were delighted! Hovering around her like bees around spilled honey, they escorted her to the main table where they usually sat. That's when a small argument started. Farina was using her height to seem older so Miss Lily should sit by her. Liona was taller, of course, but squabbling about who was going to sit next to who wasn't in her nature, she sat back in her normal spot and laughed as the others argued. Aster was playing the pretty card, I mean, Miss Lily was to pretty to sit next to plain people! The pretty must stay by the pretty! Raen was pointing out that she was the one who saw her first and talked to her first so she should sit next her. Tali had wandered off to steal some poor beast's cup of strawberry cordial but she came back just when the argument was heating up. Quietly sipping her cordial, she nodded to Liona, who pulled Farina away from Aster and sat them down on either side of her. Tali immediately plopped down into a vacant chair and patted the seat next to her, motioning for Lily to sit in it. She smiled charmingly.

"Sit next to a fellow otter Miss Lily! The others are all being far to rowdy….except for Liona, she's watching them all for you. Our Mum taught us to be sensible as you can see."

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As Regal slipped out, Raen got up and walked to the door. Popping her head out, you could hear her speaking to one of the guards.

"Simeon, would you be so kind as to fetch a tub of hot water for a bath?"

This was followed by a quick

"Yes Ma'am"

And the sound of footsteps gradually diminishing. Raen came back into the room and sat down again.

"I meant to ask Regal for some bathwater but I completely forgot. So, where were we?