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Wandering around in the middle of, checks his map the North Pole! pets polar bear with Penguin on his back.

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APRIL FOOLS, Hahaha, good one.

P.S. It's a harmless link. Good song, actually.

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I'm always on TS, usually Warband TS since I game a lot. But I'll hop on there and check it out!

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your friendly neighborhood chatterbox.


Welcome to RL.

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Mm, those look yummy. I have a good recipe as well!

Start with some Tomatoes, in a bowl. Then add:

Then you should be all set!

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I think I'm by far the oldest on the site… I'm 21 and my birthday isn't til march. Hahaha

So many birthdays in Aug.. Counting back nine months I'm not surprised. Lol but happy birthday to everyone's upcoming birthdays! 🙂

Hahahahahahahaha, that's a good one T.J. xD

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The morning sun shone brightly down on that same meadow, reflecting off of the dew drops hanging from the grass and flowers, Graph was lying amongst the grass with his paws behind his head, soaking in the sunlight.

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Welcome back Elador! Hope you enjoy you're STAY… wink wink (hint hint)

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Frey was just ready to start "playing" when there was a reluctant shout from Wakka, Frey could see the worried look on his face. He smirked at Wakka,
"You scared? Hah! I could beat any of your squirrel scum!"
In the end he was disqualified, he was slightly disappointed but did as they said. He stepped aside and watched a brave mole almost win, then get pulled in in the end.
He looked disgusted at the squirrels for cheating, and after watching enough he retreated to a hut to sharpen his blade and start on a strategy, to free the prisoners.

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Frey stood next to Nyim the whole time, observing. He watched as they "played the game" he figured it out after the first time, both the prisoners went down, then the otter. The next thing to happen was another challenge, the villagers were all looking at each other.

He stood there thinking for a few minutes, fighting with himself, he hated to see the poor villagers be bossed around by the Gawtrybe. Finally he stepped up and said in a deep voice.
"I'll fight them next. I was raised as a blacksmith, so I have the strength to beat these squirrel bullies." He started over to the squirrels.