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((OOC: Sorry, my wedding is in a week, hopefully after that things will calm down.))

Illia took the paw that Ezikeil offered her, standing up and leaving the ferret pinned down by the rat from her crew. "Illia Frostborn, at your service, captain!" the ermine said with a grin. She could readily tell he was the captain of his group by his bearing and command, even if he was young. "I think the ol' rat would have been fine without me, but I don't like to see an unfair fight!" Illia added.

The ermine noted Dominique with interest, despite the otter trying to look inconspicuous. Illia found her fascinating on several accounts. For one, she was a "good beast," an odd site among pirates. Secondly, another female, which while hardly rare was a bit uncommon. Illia herself was one of only a few females on her ship. Lastly, this otter was dressed like a captain, which completely went against the previous two points in any sense of normality. Dominique removed her captain's clothing, but Illia kept heightened interest in this unusual beast.

"Aye, I keep th' crew in line. The lill' bugger is a fine sailor, but 'e gets no respect actin' the way 'e does," Falsten grumbled. Arvin had finally gotten up and was headed for the door of the pub, despite a bit of a stagger, he seemed very purposeful. "Ay, where yah going?" Falsten asked, standing up in alarm.

"Mah ship! M' ship!" Arvin exclaimed, turning around to face his first mate, "y' hear them fightin'? What if they taken m' ship?" The little fox's eyes were as wide as dinner plates, the alcohol had apparently put him on the edge. Falsten, more concerned with Illia than the ship, but in agreement that the scene should be investigated, turned to Armos.

"I should go wit' the kid and see what's goin' on," Falsten explained, "twas a pleasure to meet you, if we don' meet again." He dropped a pair of coins on the table to tip the maid who served them and rushed after Arvin out the door.

The captain and the first mate were greeted by the sight of a crowd gathered in front of the Dark Deceit, much to their alarm. They were forming a circle around where the fight had been, blocking Arvin and Falsten's line of site from the center. The beasts were all still rather noisy, spirits still riled by the tussle.

Arvin, angry and roused to action, stomped towards the crowd in his over-sized boots, his jewelry rattling. Drawing his big cutlass, he waved it in the air threateningly as he began yelling at the crowd of sailors that were assembled. "G't away from m' ship, yeh leaky-'eaded varmits!" he screamed, his voice rising in pinch with his anger, "if y' touch 'er, I'll gut yeh!" The beasts at the back of the crowd turned in alarm, finding an angry and drunk runt of a fox brandishing a weapon to big for his paws. Some of them looked ready to fight, but were quickly quelled by Falsten's glare, his axe in paw. The crowd parted, not without grumbling, allowing the odd pair to pass through into the center where the important players stood.

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((OOC: Am writing post, please have mercy.))

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Alastor settled into the bath, closing his eyes and leaning back, very still.

“Maybe I’m getting a bit carried away, aren’t I? Sorry for what I said. It’s just that…I want to protect Lysistra because she’s my friend, and I keep my friends close. I’ve lost too much in my life to want to lose anything else. Mostly family. It started with my family, and it’s been going kind of downhill ever since then.”

"Your sentiment and motives are honest," Alastor said thoughtfully, "forgive my cynicism, I already have lost everyone."

"Anyway, funny how the next time we would see each other would be in a bathroom. Did I surprise you? This is not the kind of place you want to meet a potential enemy, especially if you have to share the place. So what do you think? Is the bath accomodating?"

Alastor gave a small chuckle. "I admit I was surprised, though I had anticipated you would be at the Abbey," he said, "would you mind explaining to me what the festivities today are for? I don't frequent Redwall anymore."

“Lysistra, is everything all right? Are you all right?”

Lysistra looked up at Larina's face for a moment, but then lowered her head sadly. "Things really aren't alright anymore," the pine marten sighed, "I don't know how he found me, that was so long ago, I had almost forgotten him…" She stopped and thought for a moment before raising her face again. "But, I'm not going to let him break me so easily," the marten said with a grin, her strength returning, "if Alastor thinks Lysistra Darkmoon is going down easy, he's in for a surprise!" She looked up at the tapestry of Martin the Warrior that Jared had showed them earlier, and thought of the squirrel. "Your Jared is a brave fellow, but he really need not get himself in this," Lysistra said to Larina with a smile, "he shouldn't risk his life so young when he has the chance to grow old with a lovely lass like you!" Lysistra punctuated the last statement with a wink. Larina was such a nice girl, the pine marten genuinely hoped Jared stayed safe for her. She didn't deserve to lose him.

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((I think my turn))

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((OOC: I will try to post today! I am not sure that everyone is in agreement about what is happening here. :P))

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Are we humans or animals?

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((OOC: No reason why you can't. 🙂 He is an npc!))

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((OOC: I am really sorry, I see that my last post was a bit confusing, I will try to adjust my writing to make it a bit more clear who is doing what. 😞 The female member of Arvin's crew who knocked down the big ferret and is sitting on top of him is Illia, she is a ermine/stoat. The rat is an male NPC crew member who just threatened the ferret with a boat hook, he is standing nearby Illia. Sorry for being confusing. 😞 ))