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"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people."

"I'm a time traveler, I point and laugh at archeologists."
-The Doctor

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Well hello to you too then Vasla. It's wonderful to have you here as well. ^^

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Hello Omega. Pleasure to meet you.

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I'd say about thirty actively on the site all told. Maybe a few more or less. Nice to meet you by the way.

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I've been alright. Keeping myself restrained to a single rp at the moment so I don't overwhelm myself with responsibility again.

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Welcome back Riscar. ^^ I hope you have an easy, relaxing reintroduction to the site. I just came back from a hiatus myself.

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I'm afraid that I may have been overreaching trying to run this RP. I might change my mind in the future but for now I'm going to suspend the RP unless someone wants to take over my characters.

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Jacob shyly started to slip behind the throne as Kaylee continued to look at him, though he continued to smile back at her. Sorrel made no note of his son's reaction, "Splendid my dear. I look forward to the performance. It may be a little while before I can find free time to write up your recommendation though. What say I bring it with me to your show and give it to you then? Hopefully that will work for you."

Meanwhile! Elsewhere!

Wessle calmly munched on a biscuit for almost a full minute before breaking into a fit of giggles, looking at Kaycee's reaction, "Oh goodness, I love doing that. Naturally I could be lying. What sort of assassin would openly talk about his work after all?" He leaned his back against the wall and picked up a small cup filled with tea, sipping on it as the pine marten stood and stretched. The knife was gone again.

He quickly swallowed his tea and set the cup down again, "Mmmmmm, I don't really know most of what I'll be doing today. I should probably go find the prince and start doing my job, my one and only job-" He eyed her for a moment before smirking, "-as his assistant. Other than that I just need to do some laundry, see what orders the king has for me, and report my findings to the gener-…" His mouth suddenly pressed into a thin, flat line and he stared off into space.

Rosaline growled softly under her breath and continued counting to ten over and over to try and calm herself down as she slammed the hatch to the tower roof shut behind her, marching back down the stairs. That was the fifth tower she'd checked for that infuriating mouse and she was just about ready to alert the guards and start a full search for him. A pair of servants scrambled to get out of her way as she stormed down the hall toward the audience chamber to see if he was there.

"Oh damn," Wessle whispered to himself, before hopping into motion, "My apologies Kaycee but I seem to have forgotten the time. I need to go but I do hope to see you around the castle again. Remember to consider my offer of employment if you ever find yourself in need of work. Anyone who can pin a fly with a throwing knife has potential I could use." He grinned and bowed briefly before slipping out of the kitchen and started sprinting, taking a wild guess as to where the princess would be checking for him.

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Jacob blushed brightly at Kaylee's wink, looking briefly at the floor before glancing at her and smiling hesitantly. Sorrel meanwhile rubbed his chin slowly, holding the Scribbler in his other paw as he stared at the nimble exotic dancer. After a moment he grinned and folded the paper again, setting it aside, "We would love to attend your show my dear. I'll let my daughter's know as well, if that's alright; Tilly would love to meet you, I'm sure." He handed the paper off to the guard again, "I'll also write up a note of recommendation for you if you'd like. It might help you find some venues in the inner ring if you plan to stay in the city for long."

Meanwhile! Elsewhere!

Wessle chuckled at Kacy's incorrigibly animated personality, "Stating your illegal intentions to the king's personal assassin? Surely you must be the greatest thief alive to be so confident," He teased.

He eyed her knife as she waved it at him, still smiling, "Ah, well I did consider the violin at first but I decided to go with the flute because it seemed more cheerful and relaxing. In my line of work I certainly need some relaxation time and again."

His smile shriveled a bit at her next question. He took a large bite of his biscuit and took a while to chew it, seeming to swallow reluctantly, "I don't like thinking about the details but the gist of the reason would be that my family made a promise a long time ago, which was passed to me, and will be passed to my son when I die, and so on." He brightened up a bit, nibbling on a honeyed chestnut, "More immediately though, as in, within this lifetime, I started working for the king after being arrested because of my… dietary preferences. As a way of paying off my bail I joined the army where my somewhat unique skills were noticed by the officers, and the king. The king set me on a few delicate tasks to test me, and bing-bang-bosh, now I'm guarding his son and basically doing the nobility's dirty work so they can maintain an untainted public image. I'm sure you'll keep that quiet though," He said, buttering another biscuit with a knife he hadn't been holding a moment ago.

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Jacob and Sorrel watched the performance with mixed reactions. The king was delighted and impressed by how flexible and talented the young lady proved to be, while Jacob kept his eyes locked on her and blushed for the majority of the dance. Seeing the pretty squirrel's tummy exposed like that had his cheeks rosy, then seeing her skirt flip up followed by a wink in his direction turned his cheeks into ripe apples. The rest of the dance did nothing to calm him down either. The prince watched with wide eyed attention, often glancing away whenever Kaylee showed off a particularly scandalous move, but his eyes always darted right back to her.

The king noticed his son's embarrassment with a chuckle, though he too mostly kept his attention on Kaylee. It was nice to see someone so spry and limber after being surrounded by stiff backed guards and stooped servants for so long. He certainly envied her ease of movement. The king wasn't as stiff and aching as some of his age but he had certainly lost his youthful flexibility. Watching Kaylee reminded him of his younger days, bringing a smile to his face.

The moment Kaylee froze and completed her dance Jacob started applauding, clapping his paws together with a flustered expression on his still bright red face. Sorrel smiled warmly and followed suit, clapping a bit less frantically, "Magnificent, miss Kaylee. That was a truly delightful performance. You must have been quite popular where you came from." The king folded his paws together, then after a moment nudged his son to get him to stop clapping, "I'm very happy you decided to come and perform today." He sat up in the throne and snapped his fingers, waving over one of the guards, "I would imagine you prefer to perform for larger audiences though, not just groups of two." The guard stepped over and handed a folded sheaf of papers to the king, "I do believe I read over breakfast that you had been invited to play at a quite distinguished venue. Let me see if I can recall where; perhaps I could attend." He unfolded the papers and opened them up; the logo of the Scribbler clearly visible on the front page.

Meanwhile! Elsewhere!

Wessle let Kacy slip from his arm and followed her to the table, grabbing up a fluffy biscuit covered in honey for himself to nibble on as the pine marten loaded up an entire platter. Some of the cooks gave her a sour look but made no mention of their thoughts upon seeing her palace garb, instead continuing with their work. Wessle took a few bites from his pastry and nodded sympathetically at Kacy's comments, "Mmmm, I know what you mean. At least that sort of behavior is somewhat expected from, non-woodlanders. If a mouse asks for a nice, juicy slab of meat however they put him in a straight jacket and throw him in a cell until his mind 'gets better'," He said with air quotes, grimacing slightly.

"Plenty of surprises in fact, very few that you should be knowing though," He replied with a smile and a waggle of his finger, "Let me see though, a few harmless tidbits." He leaned back against the wall for a bit, "Well, I cannot for the life of me remember how old I am. I have been around the world at least once if I remember. My favorite color is frosty blue. I can play the flute. And I have recently been looking for an assistant to help me with all the spying I do. Anything else you'd like to know?"

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Just an aside, do you mean obscene or obscure Kiara?