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Village of the Annia Tribe. Morning.

"Hello. We've come to rescue you."

Startled, Treble looked up at his rescuers. He smiled when he saw who it was. "Well, isn't that a pleasure. It's awfully boring in here, you know. Nothing at all to do. Hi there, Fell. Good to see you're alright."

"We should probably go now. Before anyone notices."

Treble stood up and stretched. "Yes, let's. I don't want to run into the new Skipper." He made his way quickly over to the doorway and peered cautiously out. "Um, so where are we headed?"

~ ~ ~

Castle Dungeons. Morning.

Russ called after Zrizz and Nut, but they were already gone. Fuming, he punched the door in a futile gesture of rage.

"Lizard's probably as crazy as Nut, anyways. Vermin helping a prisoner to escape. Huh." Muttering, he sank down onto his haunches and began to moodily etch shapes on the dirty floor.

((Apologies for not posting with anybeast else, but I have a splitting headache.))

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((Hum, it's still morning, right?))

Village of the Annia Tribe. Morning.

Treble followed docilely behind Barktail. When they arrived at the gathering hall, he was surprised to see just about every single person in the village there.

When the announcement was made, Treble was shocked. The Skipper had died? And now Sweetscent was in charge? That didn't bode well for the squirrel. It was clear the new otter leader didn't like him.

After the announcement, Treble was dragged unceremoniously back to his hut. He tried to catch the attention of Fell and Marno, but he didn't see them anywhere.

Once he was alone, the squirrel sighed and sat down on the log that served as a chair. "Well, isn't this just swell."

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bows Why, thank you! Glad you like it. ^_^

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Terramort Dungeons. Morning.

Russ froze from his efforts at untying his paws when he heard voices across the hall. Clambering as stealthily to his footpaws as his bound paws would allow, the squirrel peered through the bars in the door. Right across the hallway, the monitor lizard was conversing with whoever was in the other cell. The lizard was going to help the prisoner escape!

Russ slid down against the door, sitting on the floor as he thought. Things just weren't making sense. That was definitely the lizard who had captured Nut the day before, and now he was trying to help the squirrel escape? There had to be an ulterior motive. Still, if there was an escape being planned, Russ wanted to be a part of it.

Standing back up, he again looked out into the hallway. There appeared to only be the one lizard around. Unsure of what to say, he settled for a "hey you!"

~ ~ ~

Harbor. Morning.

As Kara was pushed along, she looked about her surroundings, eyes wide. There were buildings and tents all over the place. Every manner of vermin went about their business, some going to and from ships, others bidding on slaves up on a market block. It was a veritable shanty town. Past all the structures, fields spread out, grimy slaves working under the keen eyes of overseers.

Several of the vermin walking around cast disparaging leers at Kara, but a snarl from Bloodfang kept them away. A group of trident-wielding rats marched past, looking as though they meant business. Kara shivered, wondering what would happen when they arrived at the castle.

~ ~ ~

Village of the Annia Tribe. Morning.

Treble awoke to the sounds of the village outside beginning to stir. He had spent a very uncomfortable night in a hut with nothing to sleep on but the lumpy dirt floor. The hut was so flimsy the squirrel would have had no trouble escaping, but he didn't want to alienate this village. They might prove to be useful allies.

Yawning and stretching, he stepped over to the door and peeked out through a crack in the wall. He tensed when he caught sight of two familiar figures entering the village. Fell and Marno were still alive! The squirrel wondered what kind of reception they would receive.

~ ~ ~

Eastern Coast of Sampetra. Morning.

With a grunt of disgust, Crumshire stood up from the slumped over rat. He had spent the night questioning the vermin, only to discover this rat knew nothing about what had happened to Bobbin and his crew. Now, to make things worse, Kara had been captured! Crumshire wondered how the other two scouts were faring.

"Sah, what's our next move? Keep searching for the blaggards who attacked Bobbin?"

Crumshire turned his gaze from the ocean, eyes sad. "No. We need to cut our losses. Lord Urthpaw's counting on us to meet him at the castle." His gaze hardened. "But Bobbin will not go unavenged."

~ ~ ~

Urthpaw's Camp. Morning.

"I'm not sure if she could carry much more than the force present.  She was made to be light and fast, an ambassador's ship.  Not a troop transport.  I do have on call half a score and three good otter that I'm sure would join in our cause…"

Urthpaw nodded at Fergus' words. "We would not need much more than your ship. We still need to discover the lay of the land, and I've sent out scouts to that purpose, but a ship may come in handy for mounting a surprise attack from the sea. We could come up on Ublaz's castle from both sides. A pincer, if you will."

The otter ambassador grinned. "Always a sound strategy, my lord. If you're wishing to discover conditions near the castle, might I suggest I contact my ship and have them scout around the island?"

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Wow! That is a mouthful! How are we going to deal with Ensis not coming back until June though? School stuff and the like is going to detain him until then.

I believe Seth said we can auto his (Ensis) characters. There aren't very many of them - only seven not counting the ship. And the ship is kind of doing its own thing, sailing about the island, so it shouldn't be a problem.

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Alright, so I figured since I haven't really used Orion here in so long, it shouldn't be too much of a problem to change him a bit, of sorts. I was inspired by Raav…plus, it would be a little weird if Orion was the same age while Raav was older. So anyways...

(Click here for original profile)

Name: Orion Fulcry
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Species: Squirrel

Orion has mellowed out somewhat in his later years. He is no longer completely distrustful of vermin - no more so than he is of any other beast, anyway. He has developed into a fairly melancholy fellow. He prefers to keep to himself and becomes depressed when he sees happy, wholesome families. His ire can still be raised, and then he is his old, fiery self.
Spending a quiet afternoon in the shade of a tree. Carving.
Any kind of alcohol. Being around happy families.
Orion looks much the same as he did 18 seasons ago. His fur is still its deep red, although streaks of grey have begun to show themselves. The scars on his chest aren't as noticeable as they once were, and one might almost miss them beneath his chest fur. He still carries his bow and quiver, daggers and pouch. He still wears green pants and two rings still hang on a chain around his neck.
He is very patient and can wait for as long as it takes. Having lived the life of a warrior, his combat skills are not to be trifled with. His paws are still as steady as ever, and if anything, he is a better shot with his bow.
Unfortunately, while his combat skills are topnotch, his body isn't as young as it used to be. He can't fight for as long as he used to, he can't run as fast as he used to, and he can no longer stay up until hours past dark and expect to wake up before daybreak. In short, he has begun to slow down.
In his younger days, Orion came across the village of Rugbark. He settled there for a time, made friends, and ended up as leader. However, one by one, the residents of the village drifted away. Finally, when it was just him and a pawful of others, they decided it would be best to go their separate ways.

Orion continued searching for his sisters, but he never did find them. There came a point, after following a particularly-useless lead, when he finally gave up hope. He had spent most of his life searching, but all he had ever found were disappointments. Disillusioned, his life lost all purpose, and he took to wandering aimlessly. His passionate hate against ferrets, once so strong, faded. He realized there was as much reason to hate ferrets as a whole because of what a single group did as there was to distrust all arrows because one flew crooked.

The knowledge of his wasted life weighs heavily on him, along with the feeling that if he had only tried a little harder - not sure when, but at some point - maybe things would have turned out differently. When he ran across a pair of otters consumed by a similar quest as his, Orion did his best to try and convince them out of it. They didn't listen and continued on their way, leaving behind a squirrel shaking his head at the irony of the situation.

Having devoted his entire life to a single purpose, he had never looked past it to what he would do after he found his sisters…or stopped. So, Orion wanders still.

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Terribly sorry about the wait, everyone. I've caught up in the story, but I think I'm going to put together a basic outline before I post. Unfortunately, I can't do it now, but I think tomorrow will work. Just bear with me a little longer, and then I'll get a post up. ^_^

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For me, after the hacking, there was never an announcement or anything saying stuff was alright. I know there were a few posts telling people to stay off. It wasn't until an e-mail from CQ about a week ago (and then the anniversary feast mass e-mail) that I knew things had started up again. But yeah. Here I am.


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((One thing, Fell: it's fine that we're making a jump to the next day, but I don't really think those at the village would still be gathered in the middle trying to decide of Treble is friend or foe unless they stayed there all night.))

Night, Ublaz's Castle

Russ had nearly made his way to right behind the monitor lizard when a shout sounded from behind him.

"Halt, intruder!"

Whirling around, the squirrel saw a group of torch-bearing trident rats bearing down on him. Cursing his ill-fortune, the squirrel turned and dashed the opposite direction. Catching the eyes of Zrizz, he dodged by the lizard, slashing out with his sword to prevent the guard from making a grab for him.

Now what was he supposed to do? His cover was blown, and he was in the middle of the enemy's territory. Footpaws pounding on the ground, Russ ran for the stairs that led to the walltops. Maybe, just maybe, he would be able to make it out of here.

He was just taking his first step onto the stairs when he ran smack-dab into a scaly chest. Falling onto the ground in surprise, Russ looked up dazedly to find himself staring into the cold eyes of a large monitor lizard. A moment later, a sword was leveled at his neck.

"Greetingss, little intruder."

The sound of running feet slowed as the trident rats came to a halt behind him. "We'll take him from here," one growled.

"Az you wish. I muzt return to my pozt anywayss." As the rats took a hold of Russ, relieving him of his weapons, the lizard sheathed his sword and strode up towards the ramparts.

"This way, tree jumper." A rat pushed Russ forward, who stumbled a few steps before regaining his balance. Paws tied behind him, he was led away towards the dungeons.

~ ~ ~

Night, Urthpaw's Camp

Urthpaw felt uncertainty begin to build up in him as Craic offered up his sword. In the short time he had ruled Salamandastron, he had yet to encounter a situation such as this one. Wishing Crumshire was here to give him advice, the badger bowed solemnly and accepted the sword into his massive paws. "I accept this sword, the sword of Boru Fergus, the great champion of the first High Rhulain, and the champion who now wields it." He handed the blade back to Craic as his uncertainty ebbed away.

And then the other otters were offering their services as well. Urthpaw blinked in surprise. He hadn't quite been expecting that.

"You all are not required to do this.  I do it for myself and you are not bound to my oath."

Urthpaw admired Craic's care for his companions. In fact, from what he could tell, the two of them were around the same age, but in the badger's eyes, the otter seemed much more capable a leader.

"I give myself to the lord of my lord."

The Badgerlord smiled at the otter, hardly more than a dibbun. "And I accept all the blades of those offered. Let it be known that those of Green Isle are naught but the noblest creatures." He found Craic's gaze. "Now let us retire to our camp for the remainder of the night. We shall discuss plans tomorrow."

~ ~ ~

Morning, Sharkbane

The Sharkbane lay at anchor at the harbor near Ublaz's castle. The oarslaves had fallen back into their slumbers, and the corsairs aboard had quickly left to disappear into the taverns.

Kara, now awake, was furiously trying to figure out a way to escape.

"Come on, squirrelly. Let's go." Captain Three Eyes jerked his head at the gangplank that led away from the ship. "Don't make Bloodfang 'ave to carry ye again."

"I'd rather die than walk to that castle," she spat, bound arms straining against the rope that held them.

Bloodfang stepped forward, wicked-looking dagger in paw. "Mebbe we jest 'ave t' shave off yer tail bit by bit t' get ye movin', squirrel."

The captain held up a restraining paw. "Tha' won't be necessary, Bloodfang." He leered at the defiant Kara. "But per'aps we can arrange fer some o' th' oarslaves t' take a swim wi' their shackles on, eh? You woodlanders like that kind o' thing, right?"

Kara felt the blood drain from her face. "You monster. You wouldn't do such a thing!"

Three Eyes arched an eyebrow. "Oh wouldn' I?" He glanced at the weasel. "Bloodfang, go bring up one o' them."

The weasel grinned devilishly and turned to go.

"Wait! Fine, I'll walk." Kara glared at the ferret and began walking down the gangplank towards the jetty.

"There now. That wasn' so 'ard!" The ferret grinned cheerfully and followed after the prisoner. "Come on, Bloodfang!"

Bloodfang turned reluctantly around, an expression of disappointment on her face.

~ ~ ~

Morning, Urthpaw's Camp

The sun was shining cheerfully down on Sampetra, wholly unaware of the events going on beneath it. And within their camp, Urthpaw found himself engaged in conversation with the otter who had pledged his loyalty to him.

"So you say you have a ship? That's certainly a good thing. We'll need a way to get off this island when we're finished."

~ ~ ~

Morning, Ublaz's Castle Prison

Russ blinked awake slowly. Sitting up blearily, it took him a moment to realize his paws were still tied together. As the previous night's events came back to him, he cried out in frustration. He should have never tried to free the slaves.

Now here he was in a prison cell in the depths of the castle, awaiting an unknown fate. Tail twitching in anger, the squirrel began to try and figure out a way of escape.