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This thread is officially dead until someone contacts me with an interest for rping here again.

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Yeah. I know I'm a goofball. xD

It looks like you're off to a good start! Zarya is looking forward to making new friends yay! xD

Hey, at least they have something in common. They both detest poor hygiene. Ha!

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As the title states, I'm getting rid of some characters due to a. lack of activity in the thread and b. lack of motivation to post for the character.  I only lost my motivation to post as these characters because it's been a long time since I've posted for them and I have since forgotten my plans for them.

I apologize if this inconveniences anyone but I cannot force myself to post where I feel no inspiration. That is not fair to my fellow rpers.

Characters that are making their way to Dark Forest:

Boyd and Eurig - I love these two and I just might remake them into otters or shrews or something. I've been playing too many "good" vermin. Granted, I am one who never did like the stereotypes that Mr. Jacques put in his stories but good vermin are popular here and I think we need more variety.

Theodoric- This character was made for a specific player who is no longer with us.  Kaden/Kyle is busy writing Macar and I'd rather see Macar get published than a new rp post. 😜

Nightfang/Kajika- I deleted this character a while back and I'm not going to play him anymore. Wolves do not really exist in Mossflower and though they are my favorite animal, I must remind myself that this is a Redwall RP and I should stick to something more traditional.

Anyone that happens to be in threads with these characters and really wants me to post, please PM me and we can perhaps discuss something that may help me to become motivated for these characters again.

Otherwise….just skip me/pretend I was never there or my character just left/faded into the background.

Thanks. 😜

I am keeping:

Zarya - She's a big character and though she has not done much I put more work into her than others and getting rid of her might mess up some story arcs as well as profiles. She's also my first female character and I like her. Love wildcats anyways. 😄

Zhyhin- I like Z names, don't I? Zhyhin is my comic character. He's the most fun to play and there's no way I'll ditch him. ^^

Mokkal the Malicious- Stereotype sea rat villain and Cluny wannabe. Yay!  xD

Nautica- Falcon warrioress. Because avian rp is awesome. xD My second female character.

Ashroan- I will make a profile for him soon. Promise!

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"Thou hast summoned me and I have come. How may I serve thee, my liege?"

King Vadim had been sitting far back his throne, his eyes fixed on a particular spot on the floor. He mused of everything and nothing as his mind wandered. When he heard the voice of Zarya he suddenly snapped out of his trace-like state. The king turned towards the young wildcat with a look best described as a serpent setting its eyes on new prey.

"General Zarya, I've heard much about you," the white weasel began in a smooth tone, "I have a task for you, one only fit for a beast of your rank…" Vadim let his words hang on the air for a moment as if to increase the suspense. He stood and approached Zarya, circling her from a few paces away.

"I want you to lead my invasion force to crush the Green Isle," Vadim explained after the minute of silence, "it will not be a difficult task for one such as you, a ring of assassins will already have killed the High Rhulain. In this mission you shall prove your worth as a general in my army." While his words were encouraging, there was threatening undertone that indicated failure would prove something completely different.

ooc- I have lost track of whose turn it is but since I do have time to post now, I am.


The wildcat kept her gaze and posture attentive and respectful. Her face was calm. Though anxious she was, her face was a mask of calm. What had the ermine heard about her? Beasts spoke many things of her. Some said she was ruthless and efficient while others claimed that she was too young and too green for the rank that she had so swiftly obtained. She was not the youngest of generals but she was the most efficient youngster.  She showed much promise and she could only assume that was why she had warranted the King's attention.

She nodded and held her tongue and stood straight-backed and tall whilst the weasel circled her. She sucked in a steady, calm breath and smiled politely.

When he mentioned an invasion of Green Isle the wildcat felt her heart take a plunge into her stomach, "Green Isle, eminence?"  The island of warrior otters? Had she heard correctly? It took every ounce of her discipline to mask her surprise. It only registered slightly in her eyes. The High Rhulain was dead? She did not doubt the might of her country but the otters of Green Isle were no easy adversary. She did not doubt Vadim's words. She was loyal. Foolishly so.

But an easy task? Even without the High Rhulain those otters would not be easily subdued. She understood the tone that he used. She had no choice in the matter. She would prove her worth or she would die on the field trying. She nodded, accepting this, "I am honored that you have chosen me and I promise you on my life that you will not be disappointed. " She placed her paw over her heart and bowed her head.

Edit: Edited for redundancy. I was tired when I wrote this. 😛

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ooc: Oh my. I had no idea that I was up for posting. I'll try to come up with something soon unless you would like to post something, Danker!

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I find this character to be rather intriguing, but then again I tend to gravitate towards the psychologically unsound. Another job well-done, Seth! I look forward to reading about this fellow.

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Tough call. Hm. I don't need to nominate anyone since the people I would have nominated already were nominated. Hahaha! xD

I think all the choices up there are great.

I also think Marshall and Shadow would do well too if they'd accept nominations.

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Be sure to keep in touch, Seth. I wish you well in your writing endeavors and I look forward to seeing your published and non-published work. I am not the best writer nor am I experienced with critique, but I'm always happy to read the writings of others and give them feedback as I can.

Take care!

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Ohhhhh! I see now! Sorry! -.-

Dur! Should have known from the lil mask around his eyes. ^^; head desk

Anyway, you are most welcome!


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I'm not much of an artist but I think this looks pretty darn good. 😜  I like the coloring especially. Very neat and purdy.  Shiny eyes on the er….brown dog (I don't play/watch Pokemon so I don't know what it is...haha!) are a rather nice touch.