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Jericho Arrowwood/Female/Black otter
Lucia Clarise/Female/Small Dark Brown Hedgehog/Abbeybeast
Coriander (Corrie) Maywillow/Squirrel/Lucia's mentor/Abbeybeast/

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(ooc): Thanks, TJ! Also, are there any other roleplays I can join? I am a bit new to this sooo… I don't know where to start. Also, I am a bit busy and will end this later.

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(ooc): so…. TJ... Gilan/Icefurr is gone and I'm not sure where to end this thing. Do I have your consent to end this in my next post with a feast or something? Other suggestions???

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Jericho was very confused. Even after asking Gilan. So many things had happened over the past few hours. I wonder where Lucia is…, Jericho thought. She wanted to find Coriander. Coriander was her closest friend when it came down to it. Jericho's parents had died in a fire many years before. Her brother, Trace had been found alive about a year ago but he wasn't the same as he always was. He was much tougher harder to get to - like he had seen unexplainable things.

Jericho decided that she should find Coriander. She was most likely watching Lucia. She found Coriander in the Abbey. She looked like she was searching for something. Then she realized. Lucia was lost AGAIN!

"Corrie!" Jericho called out to her.

"Jericho! She's gone. She is so small and quick! Have you seen her?" Coriander was actually panting! She must have been running around and looking for the little she-hedgehog.

"Are you alright? You look a little flustered!"

"Yeah. I'm fine, but if Lucia's parents find out that she's gone I will be in deep water. Are you busy? I could use some help"

Jericho agreed to help Coriander and they eventually found Lucia. She was in a ditch just outside the gates of the abbey.

"Lucia!" Jericho and Coriander yelled together. "Can you get out?"

"No!" squeaked a little voice from the hedgehog.

Having no other choice, the squirrel and the otter slid down the mud that ran into the ditch. They attempted to pull Lucia out but the realization that she was stuck hit them after they pulled one last time and fell into whatever Lucia was stuck in.

The sticky substance turned out to be tar and the creatures were looking quite silly in the sticky mess. They were stuck, though and they needed to get back to the abbey or Lucia's parents really would find out!

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(ooc): I will post on this soon! I am sorry I haven't been very active… 🙂

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K thanks! BTW how many posts do you have to get to be a warrior member??? I forget.

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Could you either just try or could you only do Coriander?

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Coriander is a tall reddish-brown squirrel and Lucia is a small grayish hedgehog. Does that fit the bill?

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Hey, Anghan! Could you try to do Coriander? I would like it if she was positioned with Lucia. You would know what I am talking about because you are familiar with my charas. Any setting is fine. 🙂

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Hi, Fernleaf! I'm guessing you are new here? I am Coriander and I am sorta new as well, but I have been her for a few months, now. Well, welcome, anyway!  😉