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Brother Jake Whitepaw - Wolverine - Good

Tristin St. Caens - Weasel - Neutral Good

Erglu Erdu - Ferret - Evil

Braid Kemphelm - Otter - Good

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Danker!  It's been a long time!  I don't want to make my own thread so I'll piggyback on yours.  Hullo, old friends and new (to me) comers!  I have many fond memories of this place, and it brings me happiness to see that it is still active!  🙂

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Wow!  These are FAAANTASTIC!  Absolutely beautiful work.

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Often it is the inept who cause all sorts of trouble for everybeast.  lol

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Love the character!  He's refreshingly different; I'm looking forward to possibly encountering him on the boards as I get my bearings at RL again- always good to see another wolverine around the place.  (-:

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First choice, wolverine.  I wouldn't mind being a timber wolf either.

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I think I'm slated to take part in the next part of the story arc, which would leave me with only one active RP here…  I'm interested!  Quest RPs are the best...

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Erglu snorted in frustration.

"Oi, on to Redwall'n glory then, mates."

As the small crew plodded off down the path, he looked up at his reptilian friend.

"Erglu.. they are still watchin' uss.. I don't like 'em one bit. If they do anythin' hassty, I'm gonna eat asss many asss I can.."

"Aye, I knows it."

He motioned for the weasel with the bow to move over to the left side of the path.  "Keep an eye out where that sound came from, eh?"

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Erglu was annoyed.  The little rat perched up in the tree had no end of stubbornness and cheek, and was not easy to bully like some vermin he had encountered.  Additionally, the ferret hated it when other beasts called him a weasel.

He doubted that Jygg had a large group of henchbeasts at his disposal, much less a horde, but the apparent presence of at least one other creature in the vicinity made him less eager to pursue aggressive action towards the crossbow-toting rat.  He wasn't stupid, and for all he knew there could be arrows pointed at him and each of his mates.

As stupid as deferring and leaving the rat alone would make him look, the ferret wasn't willing to risk his life over the prospect of adding more creatures to his vagrant band.

"Ar, go bugger yerself, rat.  Yer stubborner than 'ellgates."

He nudged Kino.  "'E's not worth the trouble, mate, we've got better things to be doin'."

Lowering his sword, he fixed his gaze on Jygg.

"Yew can lower yer crossbow, we'll leave yer alone.  Point that thing one more time though, an' my big pal'll eat ya.  It'd take more than a few arrows to level him, I promise yew that."

Leagues away, Jake had just forded a wide an shallow section of the River Moss, and had happened upon a well worn path through the forest.  Evening was drawing near, and the big friar hoped that he could find an inn where he could buy some ale and shelter for the night, and perhaps hear some news from a farmer or woodland settler.
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Erglu smirked.  "I'm messin' wit a lil rat, to be sure, but I dunno about  the wrong one…"

The ferret nodded in the direction of Jygg's fire.  "One beast's armor?"

He continued to goad the half-rat.  "Oy, shoot me, and then yer horde can kill my friends and plunder our dead bodies..."

He stopped talking as Kino interrupted him, slightly annoyed that his big monitor friend was acting civilly towards the crossbow-toting rat.

"Aye, I met 'im before.. 'E was good at what 'e did, thatss fore ssure. My captain, at the time, traded loot an' goodss with 'im. I wass in my young sseassonss at that time; late teenss to be exact."

Erglu quickly glanced off into the woods as what sounded like a branch broke with a sharp report.  Snapping his gaze back to Jygg, he narrowed his eyes sarcastically.

"…Hark, your horde approaches, ratty."

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"Not any closer, mate.

Erglu tutted back, patronizingly.  "I'm only trying to have a conversation wit' yew, all friendly like, eh?"

He put on an affronted look as the half-rat refused his offer.

"Oi, mate, but there'd be riches n' booty in it for yer.  Yew could be sleepin' in a big bed, retirin' like yew wanted, eh?"

He walked over to where the helmet had rolled into the path, and snagged it up with the hooked end of his billhook-like blade, looking at it with a critical eye.

"Oh, an' I wouldn't point yer midget catapult at me, ratty.  Yew stick me, and yer the big lizard's next supper, Eh, Kino?"

He looked back at Jygg, a dangerous grin on his face.  "I'd say yer best bet fer life n' limb would be to join us."