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Hello TJ! It's nice to meet you.

The Muck can be a bit overwhelming at first if you're unused to the environment. You'll catch on faster than you think, I promise.  🙂

The writing ability of our players spans a wide range, as I'm sure is the case here as well. Depending on who you're in a room with, poses (what we call actions) might be a full paragraph or just a few words. Most folks find the players whose style resonates with them and stick together, but there are plenty of chameleons like me who can fit into both paradigms equally well.

We don't actually have an 'advertisement' section per se on our forums, and I think you might need to have an account on the actual site to post in the first place, so I've gone ahead and written up a post for you in our 'Chatterbox' section. I wouldn't want you to be mistaken for a spammer coming in and posting ads anyway, but as I play the Abbey Champion I think it'll be okay if I do.  😉
You can find it here:
(Assuming it'll let you in as a non-registered user)

I'll break down a few things here to make the 'barrier to entry' lower and alleviate any confusion that you and other potential players might have.

1. The site that I've linked to and the game itself are separate. The site itself is just a holder for information about the game, not the game itself. Making a site account and making a character in the game are separate things too. You have to either click the big button that says "Play Now Launch Web Client" or use your own client to connect. For those who are just starting, the webclient will work fine, but I can also provide tips and recommendations for choosing a client of your own (there's help on the site as well).

2. Because the site and the game are different, you can make an account on the site without making a character in the game and vice versa. It's actually a good thing, because then you can manage any info you post on the site about your gajillion characters from one account. The registration process for the site is a bit broken right now, so you might need to email the chief wizard, Otter, to get your verification email for that. No emails are needed to make a game character, though.

3. There is a tutorial in the game, but there are also a variety of extremely useful help guides on the site. The most useful ones for beginners are conveniently gathered here:

4. Finally, the most useful tool I can probably give, is the 'f' and the 'p' commands. If you type the letter 'f' and hit enter while logged into the game, you'll be shown a list of everyone currently online, their status, and their location. If you then type 'p Magramba = Hi, I'm from Redwall's Legacy!' you'll send a page (private message) to me (or whoever else's name you might want to put there), and I or they will be happy to help you figure things out. It seems daunting at first, but once you learn a few basic commands (they're almost all one letter or two) you'll be zipping around and getting into RP with no problems at all. The only people I would tell you not to page are Arevin, Sakris, Riverbot, and Darcy, because they're connected all the time and odds are good they're not really watching. Anyone else should be able to help!

I hope that doesn't sound too intimidating, because it's really not. I started playing on the Muck before I was 10 years old, and if I could figure it out, you can too. 🙂 If you have more questions and for some reason you can't ask them on the Muck itself, please feel free to post them here.

Keep the Light,

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Hey guys!

I'm new here, but I'm not new to Redwall RP. I've been playing over at Redwall MUCK ( ) for 10+ years. I thought I'd spread the word, since I noticed you guys don't have any posts about it here.

Redwall MUCK is a multi-user, text-based world firmly based on the Redwall series. At one time we were featured and had a link on the official Redwall page, even. If you visit our site, you can browse through our forums and there's a big button to get into the game itself. The game has been running for just over 20 years now, and it has a rich history built on the series itself and the various places and characters that have come and gone over the last two decades. It is not forum-based RP, but much more like a chat than that. It's not like a chatroom per se, though. You need to click that big button to really experience it for yourself as I can't explain it any better than that! It's live, active, real-time RP with other people online at the same time as you, rather than the forums-based approach here. Maybe that explains it a little better.

Anyway, if that sounds interesting to you, be sure to check us out after the jump at
If you do click the big button, which I highly recommend you do, you'll be asked to log in as a guest. Once you do, type 'f' and hit enter to see who's online. The vast, vast majority of those people will be active and able to help you with any questions you might have. I go by Magramba there as well, and I actively watch for guests, so I may hit you up before you have the chance to holler. 🙂 Hope to see you around soon!

Keep the Light,