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OOC: If I'm wrong on this, my post will look awfully stupid, but the battle is outside the inn at this point, right???  Plus this post is short, since I simply need to get them involved.

The ruckus grew louder and more intense as both Whitewater and his silly companion (whose name was Riverclaw) had stifled their movements behind the trees as it was obvious there was a battle going on.  They looked at each other again.

"Do we chance helping them?" asked Whitewater practically, "they sound as if they have larger weapons than us, and they're clearly fighters."

Riverclaw looked back and snickered.  "Watch this, I'll get them to stop thinking about that stupid argument and all their tough talk."

He jumped out in the middle of the path and hollered down the road, "Hey, your mother was a hamster and your father smelled like elderberries!  Haha!"  He ran back beside his otter pal.  "That ought to catch them off guard as they try to think that one through."

Whitewater did nothing, except smack Riverclaw upside the head, and scold him.

"You puddenhead," he growled, "like we need them coming after us after they try to figure out who's done all that yelling."  He pulled out his short knife, knowing he might need it soon.  "Better get your knife out, you're going to need it."

"Your icy tone ought to freeze them," smirked the playful otter, but got his knife out anyway after the stare from his companion.

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A pair of otters strolled along the Mossflower path, leading to the famed Redwall Abbey.  It was dark, but there was enough ambient light to make out where to walk without too much trouble.  Both otters were about the same size, one ambling along briskly, the other with more a spring in his step despite the late hour, as if it didn't bother him much.

"Think we'll get to the Abbey before too long?" asked one to the other.  "I can't say I've ever seen the place and I am overjoyed at the thought of seeing it for the first time."  He smiled at his companion, though it was hard to tell if his companion caught the grin.

"Keep at this pace, maybe" said the other, much more pointedly.  "I would like to simply rest my feet, at the Abbey or anywhere.  There's always places around.  Its been a long while since I've been this way so I don't remember where they all are."

"Heh, well some navigator you turned out to be," smirked the first one playfully.

His companion only sighed at the comment.

Before long, they could make out the sound of rustling and shouting somewhere in the distance further ahead on the path.  The otters stopped to get a better idea of what was going on and then looked at each other.

"What do you suppose all that noise is about?" asked the practical one to his friend.

"Sounds like they forgot to invite us to their hullabaloo, maybe our invitation got lost," giggled the other.  His companion cuffed him back across the head playfully like he always did when a real silly comment was made by the other.  He stopped giggling, and continued to listen to the shouting and anger in the voices of the beasts up ahead.  "Should we invite ourselves and see what the arguing is about?"

"Not rashly" argued the first otter, "no point in doing something plainly stupid when you don't know who's doing the yelling or why they are.  They sound angry enough, and you know how these woodland beasts get when they don't get their way.  Out come the sabers, swords, and what have you and all we carry are small knives."

"Got to admit, they're pretty knives though," smiled the second, grinning again, pulling out the knife and pointing dead ahead, "Forward, ho, Whitewater?"

"Quietly though," cautioned Whitewater, "we go together and see what is up."

The two otters moved closer to the ruckus by the inn, wondering who was doing all the shouting.  Both hid behind a large oak, not far from the path, awaiting the beasts to either to show themselves, or give a hint as to the issue.  Neither were warriors by trade, and didn't particularly align themselves with anyone.

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Thank you I will see what I can find. 🙂

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Full name: Riverclaw

Species: otter

Description: blue eyes, light brown fur, wears a pine green colored cloak

Possessions: a small knife with a sapphire in the blade; his closest friend and ally, Whitewater rapids gave it to him as a token of friendship, having earned it through completing good deeds in Mossflower; together they carry identical blades


Like Whitewater, Riverclaw is a strong swimmer, but is far more socially apt than his friend around other goodbeasts.  He can easily cheer others up when they are feeling down.


Riverclaw, can be seen as too much of a goof, especially when he is alongside Whitewater and it becomes apparent how silly he sometimes acts around others.


Riverclaw, while 20 seasons old, has never totally "grown up" but can be trusted to give honest responses, and work alongside you as long as he is well fed.

Age: 20 seasons (five years)

Alignment: Neutral

Job: ship repair

Background: Riverclaw was born to a large holt on the southern shores.  One of many brothers and sisters, Riverclaw discovered that the way to stand out and make himself known, was to sometimes do things that his siblings would not.  Therefore, he was known as the "clown" and goof of the holt, even though he remained honest and trustworthy all the same.  The holt leaders felt journeying with other otters on the rivers of Mossflower would tone him down, and as such he ended up going with the same crew that Whitewater was on.  Like Whitewater, he learned much of the ship repair trade on these journeys, and often chose to work alongside Whitewater when other otters felt he gave them a cold shoulder.  The bond between them solidified when repairing a shattered railing, Whitewater lost his balance on the slick board and slid off, not before slicing his chest open on the railing he and Riverclaw were working on.  Riverclaw having saved him from falling off the ship, and using his own cloak to keep Whitewater from bleeding to death are what made them inseparable. Whitewater later gave him an short weapon that looked similar to his, and stated that no otter should ever be without one, for you never know what will turn up.

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Full name: Whitewater Rapids

Species: otter

Description: blue eyes, dark brown/red fur, wears a dark crimson cloak

Possessions: a small knife with a sapphire in the blade; given as a gift by shrews for saving their craft from destruction on a raging river


Whitewater is a strong swimmer, despite his medium build and sleek appearance.  He can maneuver around fast moving rivers that would otherwise destroy a craft.


Whitewater is practical, and as such, appears to lack a strong emotional side to him.  He'll do the job because it needs to be done.  He is less concerned with emotional connections, therefore, he can turn other goodbeasts off when he doesn't seem as "nice" as they are.


Whitewater can be a good friend, provided you stay on his good side.  He can get impatient.

Age: 20 seasons (five years)

Alignment: Neutral

Job: ship repair; jack-of-all-trades

Background: Whitewater was born to parents in Mossflower Wood in a shallow holt.  A river otter, his parents often took him to various otter gatherings around the wood, where he got his name at a young age, having swim back and forth across rivers that most otter pups would not attempt until they were over three seasons old.  His ability to swim quickly allowed him to be of service to shrewcraft about the waterways of Mossflower.  His skills at ship repair came from assisting shrews and otters when their craft took on damage from strong currents and rocky ways.  He journeyed with a small holt of otters over two seasons and learned how to fix and work with everything inside a ship, but homesick for the woods, he returned to Mossflower to continue assisting others repair and fix whatever needed to be done.  His no-nonsense attitude made him well liked among those looking for quick repairs, because they knew he would do the job and do it well, but as such friends are hard to come by for Whitewater.  His closest friend, Riverclaw, often provides Whitewater with his only company, telling jokes to make him laugh, and managing the social formalities between him and other beasts of Mossflower.

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Thank you, its a bit mind numbing looking at all the RP sections.  Like I said, I haven't done this in years….which one would you recommend I jump in with a new otter character that wouldn't disrupt play too much if someone just appears out of nowhere?  The RPs I did glance at, wow, I haven't seen wordy RP stuff like that in a long time.....I like it! 😄  That's my style.

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When it comes to toons, I grew up with the older stuff from Hanna-Barbera and that's what I like watching.  So…Jetsons, Scooby Doo, Laff-a-Lympics, Dynomutt Dog Wonder, Flinstones.  Yeah I know they're repetitive and you can't do much about the obviously fake laugh track, but they're just fun when you need to kick back after a long day.  Other stuff in my collection is some of the 1980s/1990s Disney Afternoon stuff and Pinky and the Brain.

A lot of the shows brought up in this thread I haven't seen. I've seen a couple Pokemon movies but the rest...just not familiar with it.

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I guess if one has a scrap-iron stomach they can eat that.    😮  My days of fast food (any of them) are over, and I just get sick eating at any of them these days.

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Hahah…wrong thread...ooops!

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Was told about the place by Sierra and decided to pop on over.  I'm one of the older Redwall fans I've come across online (turning 33 in the summer) and used to role-play a long time ago.  I'll give it a go again, provided I can find the time.  I own most of the books, all 3 seasons of the tv series, the otter encyclopedia book that has that huge poster.

As the profile says, I like the otters in the series.  Keyla, Swiffo, and Grath are my three favorites.