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I left Amburr hanging around some rocks outside the port in case anyone wants to meet her there.

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((OOC> Ok, do we need some Red Bull?))

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My Hunt for Corsairs thread is still open… Though it seems to have stalled.

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Welcome! I look forward to playing with you 🙂

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Ache considered the possibilities. There was no one forcing her to go along with this odd group, she could go on her own like the wildcat did if she wished. But she was curious about these beasts, especially the vermin who claimed to not be vermin, and she was interested in where they were headed.

"I want to keep an eye on these bad, er ver-… these not goodbeasts." Ache said, still not sure what the polite term was for a band of vermin. She was not going to worry about it. She used a stick to work a bit of food out from between her teeth. "I've never seen Salamandastron- might be fun to climb it. Probably has a nice view too."

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((We can play everyone watching Ache sitting in a tree holding her tail. 😄 I'm in favor of a time jump))

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It'll take months, at least. 😄 But would be cool to have.

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Hi. I've only been here for a month or two so I didn't play with you before (Unless we met in some other Redwall RPG in the ancient days of Yahoo clubs) but thought I'd comment on Redwall vernacular.

I'm working on compiling a glossary/dictionary of mole and otter speech, probably will branch out on one for harespeech too. Was thinking it'd be cool to make a Redwall translator like the Dialectizer.

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Ache gasped and gripped her tail. It made no sense that the part of her tail that was missing hurt so much, it's not there anymore, why? Breath hissed between Ache's teeth as she waited for it to pass. Her footclaws dug into the branch so she would not fall out of the tree.

((Short too :-/))

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“Aye.” Ripple might have him on her crew but she was leery of shaking paws with a ferret. Instead she gave the ground a smack with her long tail.

“Righto. We need a ship so let’s go find this Cap’n DeSota ‘fore ‘e can ship out.” Ripple said and began heading in the direction the wildcat had indicated towards the chapel. “C’mon mateys.” She called to her ‘crew’.