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"Yes, thank you," Lark replied gratefully. There was no other place she could go to, anyway, being new to these woods. And her paws were begining to burn from running so much.

"So, these woods are called Mossflower? Alright then. I really appreciate your offer, it's more than I could ask for." Lark smiled. The young ferretmaid was grateful for Fergus and Eileen's offer to give her food and shelter, and even a bed to rest in.

"Which way to your home, then?" Asked Lark, a slight hint of eagerness in her voice. She wrapped her light gray cloak around her and draped her hood over her head to keep the rain out, though it did not bother her very much. It was so she would not accidentally track mud and water in the Kelleys' home and to not catch a cold.

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Lark nodded. "Thank you for your offer, though I hope I'm not much of a disturbance." Lark remembered how tired and hungry she was. The only thing she had managed to take while escaping was a small biscuit, and that had not lasted long.

Lark carried a small satchel in which she had stored the biscuit in, and a few small valuables. She had been tense, ready to dart off or even get her bow in case Eileen or even Fergus would not trust her and try to slay her. Now that Lark saw they trusted her more, however, she decided to let her guard down a little.

"It's getting kinda late," Lark pointed out, looking up at starlit sky, "And it was late enough before. And it's starting to drizzle a bit, too." Lark had put up a forepaw to feel the light rain while she talked.

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Lark was a bit taken aback by the male squirrel's words. Was he flirting with her? If he was, he either didn't know Lark was a ferret or he didn't care. Either way, he seemed friendly. His younger sister seemed cautious around her, though. She probably knew she was a ferret, and Lark didn't blame her.

Lark cleared her throat a bit. "A pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Fergus, and Eileen. My name is Lark. Lark Windrunner." They already knew she was a ferret, so she slowly pulled off her hood from her head and let it fall back behind her head on her cloak. Her silver eyes shined in the moonlight like twin stars. She adjusted her bow in its sling behind her back and bowed a little in greeting. "Is your shoulder alright? Or is it dislocated?"

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Lark was already letting her guard down when she had heard shouting, and the next thing she knew there was a squirrel, flat on his back, in front of her. The sudden appearance of the squirrel caught Lark completely off-guard. A noise similar to that of a startled hawk escaped from her throat as the backed away swiftly, tripped on a tree root, and fell flat on her back as well. The fall had thrown off the hood on her head, but Lark was too stunned to notice. So much for a quick, stealthy escape.

The squirrel's voice brought Lark back to her senses. She immediately jumped up to her feet and, realizing her hood had fallen off, slipped it back over her head and face. It took a few seconds for her to make out what the squirrel had just said.

"Uh… No, no you didn't fall on me, uhm, it-it's fine," Lark stammered, still a bit stunned. Hopefully they hadn't seen her face. What would these squirrels say if they knew she was a ferret, an enemy vermin to them?

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Lark darted into Mossflower. The young ferret looked back at the direction where she had come from, panting heavily. Lark was a strange-looking ferret. Her eyes and a bit of her face had black fur around them that was mask-like. Her forepaws and footpaws also had black fur on them, making it seem like Lark were wearing black gloves. But perhaps the strangest feature about her was her eyes. They were silver and glimmering. She wore a hooded cloak and carried a bow and arrows on her back.
    She was running from a town, where nearly everyone wanted her dead. Lark was sure she was far away enough, and she slowed to a slow jog, then to a quiet walk. She draped the hood over her head and face, still alert for any danger.

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Thanks for the welcome! (Though I'm female) I'm pretty excited to roleplay here, and I have had roleplaying experience with warrior cat rp sites, and some wolf rps. 🙂

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Hi! I love roleplay, and I've been looking for a good Redwall rp site and I found this! I'm pretty advanced in roleplay, I guess.