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"Oh, is that it? Ha, what kind of silly reason is that?" His eyes narrowed. He raised his mace and set it on his shoulder as he approached the wolverine.

"So, to protect a shady polecat you'd only just met, you would soil your paws in matters you know nothing about, risking life and limb in the face of bounty hunters, a war lord, and his vermin army? Quite frankly, I don't get your logic at all. Your sense of honor is admirable, I'll give you that much. However, such chivalry will get you killed!"

He stopped at arms length of Savas and Eve, and pointed the mace at the wolverine's neck. He watched his eyes coldly for a moment, then let up a slight smile.

"Heh, headstrong as always, eh, Osgod? To answer you properly, I couldn't care less what happened to Eve. My orders were to capture her, it's as simple as that. The details of what she has or has not done has no meaning to me, and whatever Savas decides to do with her is none of my business. I'm a mercenary, a mere wandering vagabond that lives to fight at the requests of others for survival. We are always moving, never settling or calling any place our home. Though we are free to do as we please, we let others do the thinking for us. That's just how we choose to live. Morals, honor, and emotional attachments have no place in a lifestyle like ours, so rarely do we question what we are requested to do. We thrive on simplistic mentalities. Money is money, and orders are orders."

"I can't just idly turn against my clients without sullying my reputation as an obedient mercenary. As such, killing a beast like Savas is no simple task. He is a warlord, who's prowess and cruelty is legendary. He is a beast with a powerful reputation who is almost always surrounded by his subordinates. Rarely can one kill such a beast and leave unscathed. And being stabbed in the back is always a risk that we must be willing to accept no matter what job we take."

"Now do you understand my position a little better now, Osgod? You are a strong warrior who's fighting capabilities closely match my own, and I also like to think of as a friend, despite your curious reasoning. It's a shame that you won't change your mind."

He slowly raised his mace and prepared to strike. "However, even after saying all that, know that no matter who orders us, it is our choice alone whether or not to follow them. I'd like to keep my head on my shoulders, and you know, you've got a point about this savage little polecat."

He smiled and turned his attention to Savas. In one quick movement, he made a great stride forward and swung out at him in a wide arc angled over Eve's head, hoping the warlord would jump back a safe distance away from Eve so she could run. "My apologies. My services end here, Lord Savas!"

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Put on the spot and pitted against an old friend. He hated situations like this, but it seemed like he had no other choice.

"She's no longer any of you concern…" Gray pointed his mace at the wolverine with his arm outstretched in a threatening gesture. Though, by the look in his eyes, his intent to kill was weak.

His voice was cold and serious. "Your options are simple: Leave now or die! Since it's obvious you barely know anything about her, tell me Osgod, how far are you willing to go to protect her? Would you really risk everything and put your life on the line for some beast you know nothing about? Or walk away, forget all this, and live? It's your choice."

As he said this, he made mental map of where all the enemies were positioned. Depending on the wolverine's answer, he was willing to fight back to give Eve and Osgod the chance to escape to somewhere safe.

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Wild Card Character

Full Name: Skiru Orion

Age: ?

Species: Fox

Alignment: ?

Appearance: Orange fur. Blue eyes.

Clothes: ?

Weapons: ?

Personality: ?

Background: ?

Description: Wild card character when I decide to RP again. Call it laziness. Entirely per RP-based. Made so that I don't have to make a new character every time or keep track of character history. The character's appearance and such will be implemented directly into the character's introductory RP post in whatever RP I use him in. Will not be used in story arc threads. I will edit this post to add links to character introduction posts, as it may make it easier for late joiners in said thread(s) to reference.

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I welcome you as well! Glad to have you here 🙂

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(( Yeah, the real challenge is finding an appropriate place to jump in xD ))

"At least it's warm now…" Crimson sighed with relief.

“Oh, just listen, they’re cheering for a performance already!” She joked to Crimson.

Crimson listened to the cheering outside. "Oh, w-will ya look at dat? Hehehe, hehe, eh…" she laughed nervously.

Oh, just wait till dey find out Crimson's been demoted ta a slave… she thought bitterly.

"Crimson'll be de laughin' stock o' de entire fort… I refuse ta go out der!" she growled childishly as she huddled deeper into the corner.

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Gray emerged from the brush after him, his eyes widening at the moonlit scene before him. The female polecat clearly matched the description he was given. Now what the innkeeper told him makes perfect sense.

"Savas, we meet again…" he rumbled. He turned to Osgod. "Is that polecat Eve? So you were protecting her? I was employed to capture her. It seems we find ourselves in a strange kind of dilemma..." He eyed the remaining vermin that had them cornered, then eyed Savas warily, lowering his mace and stepping back. He was uncertain of his next move. He could support Savas, accept his coin, and walk away... or he could support an old friend and attempt to save Eve. Was coin really worth betraying Osgod's trust?

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It's an obligatory traditional gathering RP, in the spirit of Redwall's traditions. 🙂 It is a good opportunity for character interaction.

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Gray heard Osgod's name echo in the hair, originating from a female beast. His mind thought slowly over who this might be as he swung his mace out against the crowd of vermin alongside the great wolverine.

"Your company's in danger."

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All right, we should figure out who wants to start this up. Please excuse  me when I say, not it! xD

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Both? xD I don't know, let's stick with inside Cavern Hole this time, at least as our starting point. I believe the last time we did something like this, it was winter and it started outside.

I could always use Kyrodo and Leonid, since they seem to be my default and Redwall regulars.