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Welcome back. And yes,  i do remember you! 🙂

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very long time. Missed ya tons!

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Danker! Welcome back old friend!  tackle hugs

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Just link me your profiles and I will get it done

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You can take a RP only position if you don't want to Mod anything, but still interesting in a position, Cool.

I will add you as greeter, Sierra

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I don't see why not, as long as they fit the bill as champion. LOL. If you want, just link me the profile and I will set it up.

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Willow still is. Thats why the position is not on the list. I asked in the chatroom if you wanted to keep the position. Totally up to you. And you can also add another positon of you would like as well.

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Having issues with the emailer. Stops responding mid-way through the send. So here is it, if you did not receive it.

Having issues with the email. Stops responding mid-way through sending it.

So here it is …

Hello, Everyone.

[ ]

Welcome to spring time! We here at Redwall’s Legacy know it’s a busy time of year with school finals and all that ‘fun’ stuff, and we wish you all the best! But we hope you do not forget about us.

Due to inactive old members, all positions are now available. All you have to do to obtain a position is agree to keep up activity, manage responsibilities (if the position has any), and make a character suitable to the position so you may play that character in RolePlays. Let an Admin know and they will post you to your new position. Also updated the responsibilities of each position. Follow the link to the Positions page. [ ]

~ Greeter - Greets new users, offers to help in case of questions. Kind of a cool position actually, you get to be everyone's friend. Must log in at least 2-3 times a week.
~ Gatehouse Keeper - Moderates Gatehouse and archives
~ Friar - Posts new recipes once/week

~ Abbot - Mod over Redwall Abbey, esp. the Abbey Proper.
~ King of Floret - Mod for Southsward
~ Guardian of Noonvale (Abbot/chieftain type chara…) - Mod for Northlands
~Badger Lord - Mod for Salamandastron
~ Emperor of Sampetra - Mod for far off lands

~ Horde leader - Heckle, irritate, intimidate. Attempt world domination. Major assaults should be done in story arc threads only.
~ Abby Champion - Guardian of Redwall Abby, can occasionally have dreams about Martin when necessary, this should be done for the the benefit of a story arc and cannot impose authority over any other beast

~ Captain of the Rogue Crew - RP only
~ 1st mate of the Rogue Crew - RP only
~ Skipper - RP only

~ Cellar Keeper - RP only
~ Sparra Leader - RP only
~ Log-a-log - RP only
~ Foremole - RP only

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Although neither TJ or I are the original owner and are only Admin to keep things going, we can see what we can do to update it, though it won't be until things settle down in the new year and will be slow moving once we do get started.

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Why not, Star?

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It's time to post the second 10th Anniversary Contest. Again, there is a cash prize of $30 CAD, made payable through paypal or e-transfer.

Contest #2 – Art contest
This as well is pretty simple. The best art piece celebrating our 10 years online will win (with the attempt to put it on our home page providing the admins computer skills).
Rule A – Keep it PG
Rule B – For new and old members alike
Rule C – Can be digital, hand drawn, or even a macaroni piece. Any and all art forms accepted.
Rule D – the runtime for this contest will be for 2 months, starting March 1 and ending April 30

  • Note - there is only a month left of the recruitment contest
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Roleplay is how you learn. Everyone started off in the same boat, so it wouldn't be fair to exclude younger/less-experienced people. Roleplaying together builds both experienced and inexperienced at the same time.

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Contest is now open!

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Wow … 2017!

Redwall’s Legacy has been up and running for 10 years now, can you believe it!?

To celebrate this occasion we will be hosting two overlapping contests. Both with a cash prize of $30 CAD made payable through e-transfer or paypal.

Contest #1 – Recruitment
Pretty simple, keep a log of new members that you have recruited to the forum (or old members who you get to come back) and the one with the highest number of recruits win!
Rule A – New recruits must have a post count of at least 2 to be a viable entry on your log. Older members like-wise must have at least 2 recent posts to be viable on your log.
Rule B – New recruits (and older members) are able to take part in the contest as well.
Rule C – the runtime for this contest will be for 2 months, starting Feb 1 and ending March 31

Stay tuned for contest #2 🙂

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welcome to Redwall's Legacy. Hope your stay here is long and enjoyable. lol

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Hello and welcome to Redwall's Legacy.
I hope your stay is long and pleasant.

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( ooc - I was waiting on Bel, but if you want to post in the mean time, go ahead! Dorian would be back at the tavern, so he would need to hear that Eve is around for Gerns to post again. )

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(( ooc – omg, love it. Haha ))

Eve shook her head at Riscar. He was certainly an odd beast. He seemed smart enough, though with his love of drink and laziness, it didn’t seem like the two qualities go hand in hand, but with him all three fit with his personality.
At first she was suspicious of Riscar, if he had any connection to Savas. Though as smart as Riscar seemed to be, she doubted her brother would hire a drunk. Drunks would be a liability for him, even if said beast was smart and slick enough to be a very good thief.

Eve nodded and smiled silently at Riscar’s offer to pay for breakfast. She was quite amazed at his talent, as the coin purse disappeared just as she caught sight of it.
She sighed, looking to Nova as Riscar opened the door, and started to follow him down the hall and stairs to the tavern below. She was mentally preparing herself for the crowd of beasts there were sure to surround her once they knew her name. She was thinking of ways how best to handle them and how to best handle leading these beasts against the warlord Savas, if they were brave – or stupid – enough to confront him. She was not leader material, though if Savas could lead a horde of beasts through fear and strength, she might just be able to lead beasts against him, though different means of course. She wondered if beasts would still fight with her against Savas if they ever learned that they were in fact family.

Her thoughts were interrupted as Riscar recited a tavern tune. She tilted her head listening to the story that was intertwined within the song; A prince in love with his enemies queen, but didn’t love him back. That was sure to be an interesting story, though he didn’t finish the tune but suggested he’d get the band to sing it. Eve simply nodded, following him to the tavern.

The tavern was quiet as beasts slowly woke after the excitement from the night before. The smell of stale ale and the welcoming smell of breakfast mixed together between the walls of the tavern. There were beasts still sleeping in the far corners, some already enjoying breakfast, conversing in hushed tones about the attack and prophecy. Their dull faces indicating that they were still groggy from both being hung over and sleep. There was one hare however that seemed to be more alert than the others, as if he had just got there, unaware of the goings on the previous night, which could have been the case, if he had traveled from the opposite direction, especially since he seemed to be the listener in a group of beasts that were lazily talking about what had happened and what was going on.

Eve followed Riscar to a table for them to sit and eat. She already had picked up on her name being said, and each time it had, her ears would twitch in the direction of which she had heard her name being said as if someone was calling out to get her attention.