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~ Kiara Nytar - Female - Mouse - Ex-traveler (settled in mossflower)
~ KayLee Saylor - Female - Squirrel - Traveling acrobatic/dancer
~ Katherine (katie) Connors - Female - Squirrel - Healer
~ Eve Azazel - Female - Polecat - Run-away

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Welcome back. And yes,  i do remember you! 🙂

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very long time. Missed ya tons!

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Danker! Welcome back old friend!  tackle hugs

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Just link me your profiles and I will get it done

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You can take a RP only position if you don't want to Mod anything, but still interesting in a position, Cool.

I will add you as greeter, Sierra

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I don't see why not, as long as they fit the bill as champion. LOL. If you want, just link me the profile and I will set it up.

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Willow still is. Thats why the position is not on the list. I asked in the chatroom if you wanted to keep the position. Totally up to you. And you can also add another positon of you would like as well.

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Having issues with the emailer. Stops responding mid-way through the send. So here is it, if you did not receive it.

Having issues with the email. Stops responding mid-way through sending it.

So here it is …

Hello, Everyone.

[ http://www.redwallslegacy.com ]

Welcome to spring time! We here at Redwall’s Legacy know it’s a busy time of year with school finals and all that ‘fun’ stuff, and we wish you all the best! But we hope you do not forget about us.

Due to inactive old members, all positions are now available. All you have to do to obtain a position is agree to keep up activity, manage responsibilities (if the position has any), and make a character suitable to the position so you may play that character in RolePlays. Let an Admin know and they will post you to your new position. Also updated the responsibilities of each position. Follow the link to the Positions page. [http://www.redwallslegacy.com/forum/index.php?topic=3.0 ]

~ Greeter - Greets new users, offers to help in case of questions. Kind of a cool position actually, you get to be everyone's friend. Must log in at least 2-3 times a week.
~ Gatehouse Keeper - Moderates Gatehouse and archives
~ Friar - Posts new recipes once/week

~ Abbot - Mod over Redwall Abbey, esp. the Abbey Proper.
~ King of Floret - Mod for Southsward
~ Guardian of Noonvale (Abbot/chieftain type chara…) - Mod for Northlands
~Badger Lord - Mod for Salamandastron
~ Emperor of Sampetra - Mod for far off lands

~ Horde leader - Heckle, irritate, intimidate. Attempt world domination. Major assaults should be done in story arc threads only.
~ Abby Champion - Guardian of Redwall Abby, can occasionally have dreams about Martin when necessary, this should be done for the the benefit of a story arc and cannot impose authority over any other beast

~ Captain of the Rogue Crew - RP only
~ 1st mate of the Rogue Crew - RP only
~ Skipper - RP only

~ Cellar Keeper - RP only
~ Sparra Leader - RP only
~ Log-a-log - RP only
~ Foremole - RP only

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Although neither TJ or I are the original owner and are only Admin to keep things going, we can see what we can do to update it, though it won't be until things settle down in the new year and will be slow moving once we do get started.

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Why not, Star?