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Rillgruf Torbane - Male - Bilge Rat - Wanderer - Neutral
Kaerune & Zeera Ghostkin - Male & Female - Hoary Foxes - Vermin Leaders - Neutral/Evil

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Kaerune followed like a silent breeze on the stoat's heels, picking his way with a feral grace through the pack of sleeping vermin. His eyes grazed the camp, taking in details with severe speed and seriousness.

There were more than at first estimated…

When he was announced and accepted, he stepped into the tent with a fluid grace, taking the proffered seat, his cloak bundled about him gently.

"I do not mean to trouble you, and I thank you for accommodating me." The fox began respectfully, his voice low and calm. "But it is a matter of great importance I wish to discuss." He noted, pulling a fold of his cloak closer to his body, seeming to blend in which the clothing as though one with it, fur and material that same ethereal gray color.

His spectral eyes glistened with intent, "This gold mine, though tempting, interests me not." He began again. "As far as I'm concerned, it's free to any who want it. But that rat has seen fit to offer me a share, so why should I decline? The matter I bring, is that I do not trust the rodent, not as far as that simpleton could think. I've taken notice of his dislike of you, despite you being the smarter and better armed of the both of you."

"I'm sure you wonder where I might be going with this." The fox noted, his voice fluid and calming, sing-song in nature. "But I feel that true allies are those whom you can trust, and trust the rat I do not. Better spent, his force would be, if he were to perish in battle...a battle fought to take yonder Abbey. His forces we could easily use as fodder, and how easily then would his share of the gold then fall into your paws."

The fox stood, pulling his cloak about himself once more. "Do not feel inclined to answer tonight. Think on it. As I said, the gold interests me naught, it's the Abbey I'm after."

And then he was gone, like a moon shadow, like a ghost. Slipped out of the tent and back towards his own camp.

Where the other half of the plan would soon be put into motion.

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There was much to be done.

Kaerune and Zeera offered a nod of recognition in Dester's direction, then moved to rejoin their forces and depart to their own campsite, as each of the horde leaders seemed intent to do, and for good reason.

The fox twins made their way in silence, their forces falling in quietly behind them, some disappointed there would be no bloodshed.

"Pardon my ignorance," Jura began quietly as he moved to walk beside Zeera, "but is there an ultimate goal behind any of this? Would we not be better off on our own?"

Duskfur agreed as he moved to walk beside Kaerune, "Aye, Masters. Seems too much trouble just for a spot o' gold an' a siege we could like as not handle ourselves."

Kaerune and Zeera shared a silent smile between themselves before responding.

"Why do for yourself what you can have others do for you?" Zeera asked.

"My thoughts exactly, sister." Kaerune noted with a mischievous twinkle in his spectral eyes.

All Jura and Duskfur could do was exchange a confused gaze and drift back to rejoin their troops.

After all, the foxes had led them right so far, they're plotting minds held plenty of tricks.

It was under the cover of night that a shadow moved under the moon and starlight. Like a intangible being it picked its way under trees and through shrubs, invisible except to the most perceptive of creatures. Even his own scouts didn't see him move, their eyes unable to sense the motion of his fluid movements under the cover of night.

On he stalked, closer and closer to that norther ridge. He crested it, sticking to the trees to remain unseen as he moved forward.

Then he seemed suddenly to appear, suddenly visible to the furthermost sentry guard as he seemed to step out of the shadows as though he were part of them. Materializing near the sentry, he introduced himself in a voice smooth in tone and gentle on the ear.

"I am Kaerune Ghostkin, I seek audience with your Lord Bartholomew. Announce me if you would be so kind."

The plan would soon be in motion.

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**July Update!

We're doing great over at SoR with over 20 active members and threads popping up all over!

We have a small force at Salamandastron, a fleet of corsairs en route for the mountain with all sorts of trouble brewing about Mossflower.

A potential Badger Lord moves in a general western direction, feeling a pull towards an ocean and mountain in his dreams while warriors in Mossflower seek those who can help them with trouble overseas! But with a war brewing on the western shore, they might not get far!

We've tons of positions still open for seat otter warriors and corsairs! Players are looking for siblings and warriors for their clans, so there are literally tons of openings for new characters in places where they will get interaction immediately. ^^

And we totally need some Guosim shrews! 😃

Come check us out! We're doing pretty darn good. ^^, And we could totally use some new blood. ;3

Keep in mind! SoR is a PG-14 game for literate/intermediate role-players.

Hope to see you there! ^^**

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Zeer and Kaerune matched eyes from across the small space they stood separated by. They turned away from one another, each settling their eyes on Bartholomew who had decided to accept the alliance and withdrew for the moment.

Though their conclusion was met, something troubled them both beneath their calm exterior. They did not like the idea of being separated, even if only for a few moments. They would need to remedy this situation…in whatever way became necessary.

Still...there were hands to play in this game yet. The waters were not too frigid yet, they had time. Gathering their cloaks they stood like mirrors of each other despite the distance, each motion mimicked by the other fox as they flicked an ear and gazed towards Bartholomew, schemes of their own forming slowly.

They would need to act fast if they wanted it to work...

"I suggest we break." Zeera stated calmly, "And regroup our forces. The meeting is not until tomorrow, so until then our time is our own."

"I'm sure your beasts need feeding just as ours do." Kaerune noted calmly, standing still beside his captains Duskeye and Jura.

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OOC: Thought I clarified that earlier. xD

No, they're all on the northern side, they aren't even near the river during this scene (it's not within eyeshot), closer to the quarry and the hill to the north where Bartholomew first became visible.

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In an instant Zeera was at Dester's side, her cloak didn't even ruffle, and with the all the grace of a Marlfox she seemed to simply appear there as though it was where she'd always been.

She spoke to him gently, her tone only loud enough for him to hear. "You prepared well, my brother and I do not trust this mouse. There is something not quite right in his eyes." It was an outright lie, but Zeera had her own purposes.

In front of the Ghostkin warriors, Kaerune had his own part to play.

"Greed is an unhealthy affliction." The fox noted aloud to Bartholomew. "You are outnumbered, outflanked - now would be a wise time for either compromise or retreat." The male fox said with what seemed an air of concern. His brows furrowed in a genuinely worried manner, as though the mouse's well-being concerned him greatly. "I do not wish to see you harmed this day, you could make a fine ally in what could be a very difficult battle."

Jura and Duskeye, who stood nearby, were prepared at any point to jump to action; as were the some ten odd scouts in the nearby trees opposite Dester's archers. But by their master's tone, they knew something else was in the works, Zeera's change of location equally as important.

They remained calmly where they stood, and awaited a signal to act further.

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The two "foxes" seemed to be slightly put off by being addressed as such by Ashtooth. Kaerune returned his paw to his side and pulled his cloak's edge back across himself, barring any semblance of his body beneath the robes. Zeera however offered the creature a severe stare, her cold eyes watching the beast and his small band.

Warlord indeed. Of what? A dozen creatures? The Ghostkin were not impressed.

But when Bartholomew spoke, both brother and sister listened.

"Then we have something in common." Kaerune's smooth voice offered. But both he and his sister fell silent as Dester offered his view of the situation. And everything he said made plenty of sense. The foxes were becoming slightly more impressed with the rat, and might find themselves preferring his logic and aid as opposed to these others.

But time would only tell.

The foxes' eyes fell upon Bartholomew, eager to hear his response to the rat's comments.

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Kaerune and Zeera watched with calm eyes as Bartholomew approached. Their soldiers remained calm and slowly the weasel who'd been waving the white flag retreated back into his position. The foxes listened quietly as the mouse spoke, then turned to acknowledge Dester's whose temper seemed to already be flared.

True, rich beasts often suffered greed worse than those who had none. The rat made a fine point.

But still… The gold mine was a treat, sure enough, and the foxes wanted a share, however...they also wanted Redwall.

"Friends, perhaps an agreement can be reached." Kaerune offered calmly, a paw coming from beneath his cloak to gesture to them all in an eerily fluid manner. He didn't even ruffle his own cloak the movement was so smooth.

Zeera spoke in turn, "My brother and I, we are not interested completely in the gold. It makes a fine trade and token, but..."

"It is not what we truly seek." Kaerune finished for her, their voices almost identical save a small change in pitch from brother to sister and back again. "Gentlebeast Bartholomew, have you heard of a place called Redwall?" The male fox's eyes twinkled in a quietly vicious manner as he mentioned the place, his sister beside him calm and focused.

His soldiers, as focused upon the meeting as they were, awaiting a sneak attack, did not notice the movement of a foreign vermin band entering the area. But the wolverine's comment caught their attention, ordering them to get back in line. The Ghostkin, too, assumed them a part of Batholomew's envoy.

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The old rat watched with a grizzled stare as the squirrel bounded up into the trees and rustled around a bit. He blinked studiously, fangs and sharp incisors slightly visible from beneath his upper lip as he gazed upward. He heard her call out and nodded, more to himself then to her.

"Awright then, lead on, Mizz Riversong, I ken foller ye fine from down 'ere." He yelled up to her as he tightened his pack's straps and prepared for a brisk run.

As she took off through the trees he followed, listening to the subtle sounds overhead that denoted her presence. He'd be able to keep up the pace for a time, but not forever. In his younger days, sure, but now? He was getting into his seasons and he wasn't capable of all he'd used to be.

He just hoped what he had was enough to at least partially catch the mad rat slightly up.

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(( OOC: Silentdawn, right off the bat I'mma hafta' correct you. x3, The Ghostkin, who were first on the scene previously, were camped furthest from Redwall, where the River Moss runs only east and west from the quarry. That being the case, they had previously camped on its southern bank, but crossed over to camp on its northern shore to be closer to the quarry, but still far enough to remain unseen under the cover of the woodlands nearest the river.

Some of Dester's horde, from what I remember, were located inside the quarry itself, collecting some gold, while the rest of his horde either camped nearby or kept their eyes peeled for trouble. His force is west of the Ghostkin's, also on the northern side of the river.

We sort of assumed Bart was approaching from the north, and are nearest a hill, cresting it, to look down on an open field, the quarry located to the west of the hill and maybe slightly visible from its crest (hence him being able to see beasts in the quarry).

But in most areas, there are Ghostkin scouts posted, not too close but never too far. ;3

I think…that covers it. Vik and Danker can confirm or correct this outline, but I think I got everything right. x3

Once I get PS reinstalled I can work up a map real quick placing markers where our peeps are and what they number. ^^

However, Ashtooth coming from the south is still plausible, he'd just either be west of Danker's bunch, east of the Ghostkin, or in-between the two. In either case, they'd need to ford the river and might be spotted by Ghostkin scouts. x3

But, Ashtooth's location puzzles me slightly. As I've stated before, the Ghostkin are not posted out in the open, not the main throng of their force. Visible currently might be their envoy of 30 strong, along with Bart's force, but Danker I do believe took a good number to be hidden. Naturally his beasts in the quarry are visible, and maybe a camp as well, but for the most part the Ghostkin and the remainder of Bart's army would not be visible.

I stress more on the Ghostkin because they are heavily warned to remain unseen. But Bart's army is also located on the other side of the hill, not visible to those looking up at what number he's brought to meet with the Ghostkin and Dester.

Currently the only thing Ash would see is the Ghostkin moving to meet with Bart, and a small group of creature's in the quarry who could belong to either of them, so the whole idea of him "being in the middle of three hordes" doesn't quite make sense. x3

And how did he manage to wander so close to the meeting point without the Ghostkin or Dester's scouts finding them? I imagine somebeast would've noticed them the night before, especially since Dester would've been on edge about the foxes nearby, their alliance hadn't been set in stone yet.

Or even Kazack, who wanders haphazardly and might've thought the small group of creatures were game to be killed.

Just want some of the details worked out so I know where everyone is and why suddenly my or Dester's scouts had been struck blind in the night. lol x3 ))