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1. Glad to see you're still alive and writing too, Seth. : )
2. Reading that horrendous…whatever it was just made my day haha!

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Brian Jacques was more than a writer to me. He was a man who influenced me in more ways than he'll ever know. Without him, I would've never wanted to write. Without his books, I would've never got into reading the way I did. Without his tales, I would've never wanted to rp. Without his influence… I would've never started my series Macar.

Everyone has a hero. Mine was Jacques. I wanted so bad to meet him. I was hoping that if by some miracle my first book got published, I'd get to meet him. I planned on dedicating it to him, and still do.

Originally, I was going to do the first book, self-publish it, and try to find actual publishers all while working on an entirely different series...but now, I can't. I'm not going to. I refuse. Instead, I'm going to complete at least the main trilogy, self-publish all of them, even if I never get them published, and then I'm going to dedicate all of them in his name. Why? Because he deserves it. His efforts brought joy to me, and tons of Redwall fans everywhere. He's impacted my life. He gave me the drive for imagination I needed to be who I am.

I will never forget him. I will continue to write, dedicating every book to him if I have to. Brian and his tales will never be forgotten, and I'm going to do whatever it takes to make sure of it. It's not often we are influenced so strongly by someone you don't personally know, and that's why his books had even more magic to them.

Brian Jacques, I will never, ever forget you. By the end of the year, I will have every book bought, and I will make sure it is a collection passed down through the family.

Thank-you for the joy and adventure you brought me as a child. Rest in Peace.

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I voted a bit ago ^^; but for got to say so

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"Well if anyone thinks they're keeping me here, they're sorely mistaken," Greck smirked. Obediently he followed, his eye following her footsteps.

How peculiar it was that Greck found himself in such a place. The ferret couldn't believe his situation. Mossflower wasn't the safest place to be, especially for him. Yet, at the same time this house was probably the safest spot. Irony.

Tiresome, Greck adjusted his shield once more on his back. "So 'ow long have you lived here?"


Netti nodded eagerly to Kay. He didn't need her to tell him twice that he better be heading out. Curious, his ears perked high. Then again, how did this stranger know about the laws of Mossflower? Perhaps its reputation reached farther than he knew.

Swallowing hard, the young hare sprinted over to Kay. "Y'know it may be best for you to leave ma'am," he whispered as if someone was listening in.

Eyes flicking back and forth, he heaved a sigh when his paranoia settled. "Mossflower tain't the safest place at all..." Netti confessed. "Plus, it really is hard to leave once the guards get a tab on ya. They've been cracking down."

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Sweeeeeeet, my art ain't great but I'll give it a shot xD

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Allot's ears flattened. Laughter? They were laughing at him? What was this? The fox shook his head. "No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no, " he paused gasping for air.

Then he continued, "No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no," another pause," no no no no no no no no no no no….NO! Unacceptable. What's this, 'takin' the little fox into the abbe' supposed ta mean eh? A'ight, I never said we could take this striped stretched ou' mouse with us!" Allot growled in frustration.

"Plus, 'e friggin' laughed at me!" Allot pointed out as if it was the end of the world. "I should cut o' his tongue!"

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ooc: Haha you said Kaden

Greck scanned the quaint little building. The ferret sighed. A house was a myth to the ferret. Having been a wanderer for some time now, Burro and he had no choice but to continue onward, moving from place to place. Of course, he wasn't a wanderer for no reason. Every wanderer, whether they knew it or not, had a purpose.

His? Not telling. Only time would tell. Silently, he watched her move about the house, still cloaked and hooded. After a moment or so of hesitation, he finally removed his hood. What was revealed? The one eye, and his other? No, that was hidden, or well what was left of it, behind the heavily wrapped cloth that rested diagonally across his face.

There was a nasty scar on his muzzle that looked like a beast clawed into it. His gaze was hardened, full of experience. Unfortunately, one would assume bad experiences: war, battle, death, loss, etc.

A small grin formed on his features nonetheless. "Thank-you, by the way. I'm not staying long however."


Netti's eyes widened. Time seemed to move in slow motion for him. That was, of course until he found himself with a face full of freezing snow.

The young hare's basket took flight, sending the herbs all over the snow. In a panic, he began to immediately thrust snow and herbs back into it. "Oh no no no no no no no NO!" he whimpered helplessly, almost ignoring Kay.

Suddenly, he remembered her words.
"Y-yes, best to hurry else the guards'll have at me!"

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Greck rolled his eye. His angered gaze was hidden behind his hood. Shaking his head in disagreement. "No, I'm not here to blend in. All I want is some quick food and maybe a bit of rest, then I'm gone," the ferret said in dismay. He watched the old squirrel couple wander back off.

Heaving a sigh, he followed Cicero. Where they were going, it did not matter. As long as he received his food, he couldn't complain. "Alright, lead the way…"

It only made sense for KayLee to follow the footprints to the settlement. After all, it meant a place to relax, correct? Well, someone else had decided to follow the footprints back to the settlement.

Netti the Swift, or well, so he liked to call himself was the newest beast on the path. The gray furred hare sprinted, or rather trudged through the snow with haste. He was young, barely a young adult.

As for the basket of herbs in paw, he tried his best to prevent them from spilling as he ran. He could not allow himself to get caught late by the guards! The poor young guy had already been caught on two separate offenses! And where was Nessa, Cicero, Onn, or any of the other scavengers?

Distracted by fear and worried thoughts, he did not pay attention as he cut onto the path, smacking right into KayLee!

((rushed sorry ^^, and hope you don't mind Kiara, and yeah you first post was perfect ^^))

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Greck took in their words and smirked. Even if they could not sneak him in, it made no difference. His blade hungered for blood after what the Darkmoon guards did to Burro. Thus, the more he heard about what the guard were like, the more he hated them and understood their backward reasoning for attacking Burro and he.

Essentially, it took one look into Cicero's eyes for the ferret to know that the guards did indeed make the myths of Mossflower true. The ferret smirked. How could such a peacefully named place be so horrid?

Beasts of all sorts ran around the quaint little village. They all looked so…downtrodden. Greck's stomach clenched and he felt rather sick. Yet, no matter how bad he felt, there was nothing he could do. Yes, he was a warrior, but this was not his problem to deal with.

A pair of squirrels approached the trio. They were an older couple: Mary and Borus Greybrush. The kind squirrels made their way over to Cicero and Nessa, smiling softly.

Borus looked between the trio skeptically.
"You two need to watch yourselves, you're lucky the guards are late!" He lectured, stopping as Mary put a paw on his shoulder.

Mary shook her head. "Don't mind him, you know how the village worries about its lovely helpers. But serio-wait, who is this?"

Greck spat to the side. "Greck."

Mary nodded to his weapon and shield slung across his back. "You might not want to be seen with those dearie...guards'll have at you."

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Allot scratched his jaw, full of thought. His mind raced, sifting through all his past memories. There were tons of times he probably could have just asked for assistance, but instead chose to steal their goods. You would think he felt guilty, but as he thought of the treasures he came away with and the "epic" yet lucky escapes he only grew more fond of his own sneaky skills. An indecisive and sometimes cowardly fox, it wasn't uncommon for him to flee or use the shadows to his advantage.

Even if he did have some sort of awkward improvised combat skill, his cowardice sometimes got in the way. Alas, that was neither here nor there. The fox merely listened to Miranthia's words, gaining no lesson from them. When she rolled out the food, he was about to make his pick, when his ears perked high. The small thief growled lightly.

Snatching his bagged treasures, he hopped to his feet and defended them, knife drawn. His eyes flicked, locking onto Kenji as soon as he spotted the ferret. The little puffball of a fox was not a child, but he had the same lack of intimidation a child would.

"A'ight ferret, best step back a'fore I gut ye. Allot the Scourge takes no prisoners!" he howled, trying to act vicious. Yes, it was a failed attempt, but at least he tried right? "Oh, 'n I'll say yer lost a'ight cause you just stumbled upon ye doom!"