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"What's the word for when it feels inside your heart that everything in the world is all right?"

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Probably would've been a good thing to include… Dunno how I missed that. 😛

Here it is, I'll edit the main post.

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Hey everyone! I'm an admin over at Dibbuns Against Bedtime, DAB for short. We're a roleplay and discussion forum based around the world of Redwall. Our club was formed in 1999 and actually inspired the Dibbuns Against Bedtime club that appears in the books. We've changed forum hosts a few times, but we're still standing and definitely still active.

While the basic premise is roleplaying as dibbuns, we go beyond that very often. Questing as adults is also something we do, though our more general RPs are dibbun focused. As such, we're a family friendly forum. Other than roleplaying, we also have a lot of other discussion and forum based activities. We have a book club, where we go through the Redwall series and discuss a new book each month, we're currently on The Bellmaker. There's also the Nameday Celebration, and a section of the forum dedicated to character development and profile activities. And even if you don't have enough time to use the forum regularly, we have a Shoutbox at the bottom of the page you can use to casually chat with other members.

Overall, we're a really tight-knit Redwall-focused community. If you wanna get to know some cool people, check us out!


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I've been keeping tabs on this project since it's inception really, and I'm really glad to see it has made it to Steam. A lot of other Redwall video game projects have failed in the early stages. While I would adore an open world Redwall game, I realize that's a bit much to ask. I hope this turns out great!