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Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions to add on?

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I've given it some thought, and here are some of the things I've come up with:

Salamandastron has become a large coastal city and capital of the Mossflower region. The top portion of the mountain has become a dock for the many airships that move in and out of the city. The Long Patrol are kept busy patrolling the city and the countryside. The city is governed by the badgerlord and a council of representatives.

Redwall abbey has changed very little. The most that happened was a small farming village forming near the abbey.

As for the story, I have two ideas. First, the location of several artifacts have been discovered and the badgerlord has put up a reward for each one found. Second idea, a strange plague has struck salamandastron and several ships have been sent out to try and find a cure.

The technology is approximately mid 1800s era. Just with a lot of steampunk/clockwork tech. I am also debating having some kind of magic, but I'm not sure.

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Sorry that I've been gone for a long while, I just have a lot of trouble actually doing things, particularly when it comes to writing.

In any case, I'm back and I have an idea that I want to try out if anyone's interested.

A Redwall Steampunk RP. I'm not entirely sure what I want the story to be, or what the various important areas would be like. So, I would like to hear your ideas.

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(Just want to make sure this isn't dead)

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Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here!

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Skalla smiled wickedly as the, seemingly rabid, dingos charged him. He leaped into the air as the wolverine below him met the dingos head on. Quite literally as they lunged forward, latching their jaw onto a dingo's neck. Skalla landed on top of a bandit and thrust his sword into their neck. He was forced back as several bandits charged him. They fought without any strategy or thought, as if they were wild beasts. He didn’t care, a fight was a fight. Skalla stepped forward and sliced at the throat of one of them, but that left him open for two others to jump on top of him. He was barely able to keep them from tearing him apart. He managed to catch glimpses of the wolverine being swarmed, ignoring wounds old and new as they crushed and tore apart their assailants.

Suddenly, an arrow pierced the skull of one of the bandits on Skalla and he managed to throw off the other one. He glanced back to see that several of his companions had set up on top of the buildings with bows and throwing spears. A thorny lizard darted past and planted a fist into the face of a bandit, their spines ripping open the skin. They stepped forward and punched the bandit's chest, pushing them backwards. The thorny devil looked at Skalla, “You really are insane, aren’t you?” they muttered. Skalla shrugged and turned back to the fight as several lizards with various weapons joined the fray. There was still a lot of work to do.

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A group of beasts had watched the carnage of the village from the opposite end that the invaders had entered. They were far enough away that no one had spotted them, but close enough to see the slaughter. One of the beasts, a tall bright-scaled goanna, turned to their companion, a short thorny devil. "Now do you see why we should stop them?" the goanna whispered.

The thorny devil turned, "This is unlike anything I have ever seen before," they replied, "we must do something about it."

The goanna gave a rough approximation of a smile, their scars twisting it strangely. "That is why we are here," they whispered again, it was the only way they could talk. They looked back at the hulking beast behind them, a wolverine with dozens of scars all across their body. "Shall we?" the goanna gestured to the village.

The wolverine let out a low growl which quickly rose to a massive roar as they charged towards the village, the goanna close behind them. "You are insane, Skalla," the thorny devil muttered to himself. Turning to the rest of the group, he roared, "WITH ME!" and charged after his idiotic friend. He did not like their odds, they only had about fifty warriors. He hoped it was enough, it had to be.

Meanwhile, the wolverine and Skalla rushed into the village. With a blood chilling roar, the wolverine leaped and crushed one of the bandit soldiers. Skalla jumped nimbly onto their shoulder, pulling out a thin black blade. "Surrender," he ordered the other soldiers in a hoarse whisper.

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Shravell had ended up making a thick, single-edged blade. Heavier than a normal sword, it was a mixture of survival tool and war weapon. Simple, yet effective nonetheless. He occasionally looked towards Barzon, and was unsurprised to see him making a heavy, beautiful weapon. He didn't pay much mind to it until Barzon threw the hammer INTO the wall. The loud crash caused Shravell to almost faceplant into the anvil. The lizard slowly looked up and glared death at Barzon. He turned back to his sword, which he had just finished the hilt of. He wasn't sure who to give it to. He would probably keep it for himself, as he didn't actually have a proper weapon.

Shravell turned to Barzon, 'I think you should see how the defenses are going,' he wrote, 'it would not do well for the leader of Uluru to be cooped up in the forge when the siege begins.' Shravell had no intention of leaving, though. He was a blacksmith at heart, not a fighter. He doubted he would last even a second against anyone.

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Hey there! My character's an otter who's… not exactly the best of people, although they'll help if they want to.