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Tulian Solum - Male - Rat - 23 - Castaway Mapmaker and Navigator.

Seig Averi - Male - Northern Ferret - 29 - Trained traveling Halberdier.

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Tul was just happy to patter along behind the young otter and listen to him as he enjoyed the garden. It was…almost bringing a tear to his eye really. Seeing all this joy and energy devoted to something so simple that had nothing to do with the pursuit of wealth or trying to kill people. It wasn't enough for him to want to repent to the life he was previously apart of. But it sure made him happy that he had washed up here. To learn that some beasts were happy to just have a simple life like this and take such pleasure in just watching something grow. And then eat it. That surely helped with the enjoyment as Tul just nodded at Derrys words and carefully held the vegetables when prompted to.

He kept following until Derry was happy with the amount gathered and then ooohed happily at the motion of fishing as he shook out his handpaws some. "F'sh'n? Ah' C'n fer' sh'r ha'p wi't tha' - whar' we' f'sh'n?"

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(Its fine 🙂 )

It was hard for ones heart not to melt at the young otter as Tul happily took the offered hand and let himself be led along back towards the otters little home. They seemed to have a really good set up here and Tul really hoped that it would remain free of bandits and other baddies as these two seemed perfectly harmless. And helped himself, a former Pirate - even if he rarely did any raiding - without much hesitation. Too nice to be under attack.

While he was pondering this he was still being led along and blinked out of his ruminations when the little Ott jumped up as Tul got a look at their garden. It was very impressive and being shipbound most of his life more fruit and vegetable plants than he had ever seen in one spot. The rat smiling wide at it all before erring and turning to the little ott.

"Gud je'b on ta pla'tin…Bu' 'tis Z...Zcchni? Nev'r He'rd o' da' b'fore. Su'e wo'ld be fi'e ta."

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(Apologies for the wait, and Lazey seems to have vanished out of all the threads - hope they are ok.)

Tul's face would be fully of worry after the Captain looked away and then repeated what he said, in a more understandable accent, and seemed to be deep in thought. Had he answered wrong? Had he blown his chance? There were other ships sure but all of them looked more aggressive than DeSota's had. But he took a moment to breath and relax as he stood there, glancing at smiling at the child before looking back at the father. He was smiling now, oh thank the Sea! Stopping himself from doing a little jump yet he just smiled back and nodded, positively brimming with joy. "Aye Cap'n! Mai Har't wil' be in ya' ma'ps n' na'vig'tin!" He couldn't contain it anymore and had a little jump as he 'yez!'ed a bit before calming down again and saluting Dante. "Wan' ma' ta' 'ead ba'k ta' ya' sh'p or got 'ther 'rders Cap'n?"

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Welcome man 😄

Good to see you around here to as well as the other forums and cant wait to see your totally not tower mound of murder of a character ^.^

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(Welcome back Rodo 🙂 )

Tul listened as Cap'n DeSota talked about what sure seemed like the final question. It was an…odd one but Tul moved up a paw to tap his nose as he carefully considered his response. He didn't want to blow it now when it seemed like the Captain liked him and his skills and seemed like a decent sort. After a bit of nose tapping he nodded as he spoke up to DeSota.

"Hnstl'y Cap'n naw't much. Af'ata I wa's ta'ssed ov'rb'ard al' ma th'ngs gone. Ha'd ta r'start new. Ah car'd 'bout liv'n ta ne'xt day n' ev'nt'ally s'ilin ta sea ag'in." He shrugged a little aplogetically as he didn't really think that was the answer the Captain was looking for, but he was still smiling and hopeful when that was said.

"Tha' w'rk Cap'n?"

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(Hopefully fine Rodo >:D )

Nodding at Adi as he seemed to be preparing for scouting he shielded his eyes as he looked up into the tree to see the squirrel already a good distance up in it. Those wacky squirrels. But then Sir Sanzo seemed to wait a short time alone. Which left Seig alone with the remainder of the group. Going back to standing watch the ferret soldier was soon distracted but the quiet wooshes of something being swung through the air at speed and the noises of training. Letting his eyes wander over toward then noise Seig finally let curiosity get the better of him as he wandered over to get a better look. He found the sable doing what seemed to be drills with his odd…more to say different polearm. Now that he a chance to see it in motion it it looked like a combination of a Bill Hook and a Bardiche. But from how the Sable was handling it Seig had very little doubt in its lethality and it seemed to be well balanced. The Ferret soon moving from the tree line to be standing a bit was off from the stream and Sanzo as he leant on his Halberd a bit and watched, his curaiss still on but helmet, gauntlets, and boots in his backpack now as he watched and waited. But didn't say anything as he didn't want to distracted Sir Sanzo...but he couldn't help but want to perhaps do some light sparring against this new weapon - but training beside him once Sanzo saw him and moved a bit to make space would be fine with Seig as well.

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Tul was positively glowing that his new possible Cap'n was impressed with his ability to recall the maps and what he had learned from the other corasair ships his old vessel had bumped into for discussing and exchanging of loot. It was good to know that his memory was still as sharp as ever. "I 'ave s'il'd fa y'ers Cap'n - al' me l'fe." He said with a big smile before it suddenly dropped as h remember why he was here. "T'll ma o'd cr'w ta'ssed ma ov'rb'ard." But he was brought back to the present when DeSota asked him another question. "Ah' w's t'ld ta c'me 'ere by yer' cr'w Cap'n - ta t'alk ta ya. I s'pp'se I c'ulda' st'yed a' yer ss'ip b't am' 'ere n'w. Hpe thas' f'ne Cap'n."

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The sea rat even had a little giddy clap as he was asked about routes and safety, but then calmed down and hummed for a second as he remember his old maps and knowledge. "Is'n a gud qu'stan Cap'n." Looking up at one of the windows Tul turned a bit to be facing the sun as he nodded some. "If'n ya le've b'fer m'day wuld be saf'st ta go by' ta' E'st'rn cur'nt. Ta avo'd ta sho'ls n sha'lows. O'ce 'ut in ta sea ya w'uld wa't ta ka'p ta sun on yer rig't ta av'id ta cur'nt's pal'in ya of' c'urse. If'n ya wa'ted ta go f'st ba't dang'er'us ya w'uld wan' ta le've na'r sun d'wn, use ta o't go'ng tide an' cur'nts ta car'y ya' ov'r ta sha'lows, an' tha' r'de ta' cur'nt ta'wa'd ta N'oth - j'st ru'n ta r'sk o' las'ng ta til'r ar' geti'g ca'ri'd af' co'rs."

Nodding after all of that Tul turned to be facing the ferret again and smiled as he rested against the pew again. Hoping that would be what DeSota was looking for.

(Hope that works)

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(Well played with the Spanish P:)

The youngin stared at him for a bit before scampering off and talking with the elder Ferret. Tul just glances behind him and moved out of the main isle to be standing behind the first pew with his paws resting on the top of it as he waited for their little talk to be adress. He recognized the language they were speaking, heard it a good few times in distant sea ports, but couldn't pick out any words from his very limited knowledge. So he just waited patiently as the older one walked over to him. Tul sure hoped he was the DeSota he was looking over - the other ships in the harbor were looking for sailors but none of them seem like that safe of a place compared to what he had seen of DeSota's ship. But he was finally addressed and Tul started by shaking his head.

"Ney Cap'n, I wa' ju't tal'd ta' met'cha be' yer cre' if'n wa'ted ta' be' hire'd." He held out his paw from the pew and smiled. "I'mma T'lian S'lum, M'apm'akar n' N'vigat'r." He sure hoped that the ferret could get around his accent, if needed he would write it down, his handwriting was flawless unlike his speech.

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Finally able to see again after letting his eyes adjust Tul was pleasantly surprised at what he saw going on inside the Church. It was good to see that all were welcome and that forgiveness was something also available. Not for Tul though as he preferred to believe in the Sea in its tumultuous nature. But he was soon heading down the isles toward the Ferret he saw at the end. Unless the Captain had moved on that may have been him as he was told that Captain DeSota. And if he wasn't the elder Father could hopefully direct him to where he had last seen the Ferret. Tul had seen the younger Ferret wriggling his way around to look at the nice stained glass windows and the art on the wall as he started to move, but was too busy trying to not step on anything on his way to the front to see the youngin' pretty much walk right into him.

Leaning back to grab onto a pew so he didn't fall over Tul did his best to steady the small Ferret as well as he smiled down at him, noting the similar fur color to the older one up front. "Waoh, e'sy der li' Fur't." After making sure that he was alright Tul nodded. "Ma'be ya ca' hal'p ma. I be loo'kn fer Ca'pn Di'So'te. De ya kno' 'im?"