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I was to vague.  I must beg your pardon all.

What my meaning was little more than a basic outline.

I guess this is more for me than anything.  I shall do it myself.  Forget that I even brought it up.

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Renia heard the shreek. She started backing out of the frey.  As she took her first step back, her otter guard surounded her emidietly.


The limp winged sparrow landed on a otter not ten passes from Renia.  She rushed forward to the wonded beasts.

As the daized otter was carried way on a stretcher, Renia question the sparrow.  "What did you see friend."

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Right.  Since the site was down for a while.  Now is a good time to recap on all that's happened.  Maybe someone right it out in story form or a fan fic.(that's just a random thought.)

BUT, atleast recap here.

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((Quick question, what is the tribe leaders name? Oh, and we sould probably do a recap and now that the Village and castle scenes are up to pace, we should all start the second day. Post your responce in the Quest for Sampetra Discution.  Should be in the top twenty. ))

In Annia's Village

Halfheart gave a resentful sorry to match Sweetscent's attitude.

He hurried to help the sick cheiftan. "Here sir.  Let me help you to you bed."

Afterwards, he returned to one of the centry posts.  He couldn't sleep tonight anyway.

((That is the end of my chara's for tonight.))

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As the beast gathered around the brew, their feet covered in snow, Ensis said, "All contestants comforward and be recognized."

OOC: Here's so that we can get strait who all is competing.

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I'm not double active anymore.

Too bad.


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Now we just need to get the site back up to a decent amount of  activity.

So excited.

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On the beach…

The shore column couldn't hold much longer they were fighting as hard as they could but shear wait of numbers was about to overwhelm them.

Just when all seemed lost however a horn sounded and the war cries of the clans could be heard in a roar from the northern flank.

Onto the beach came the Renia backed by the otters of the Green Isle.  Then swept onto the beach like a titlwave, forcing the sea vermin to give way.

All the otters fought like madened beast but few could match the Queen.  Decked in the full regilia, we cut down any that were unfortunate enough to come into her path with a sword in one hand and her sling in the other.

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((I hate to say this Felldoh, but just hold your ground and wait for us to catch up.  It will soon.))

In Annie's Tribe…

Halfheart was knocked back a several steps by the blow, but he came back fast, swinging his spear handle into Sweetscents middle.

"Leave the squirrel be!" he cried, "She's done not to you.  I think she's a friend.  And just because your father left you in charge doesn't make you DICTATOR!!"  He said it with such furry that it sent a few of the more timid tribe beast into shock.

This wasn't normal for Halfheart.

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That's what you think.   😛