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im very new to this site , so please feel free to correct me if i have done something incorrectly !! ( / v \ ) ;

nickname : messiah
full name : finrar cuko
species : marlfox
description : a tall , looming figure of glassy eyes and a quick head on his shoulders . his fur is of a dull golden - brown , glossy and soft as well as thick round his throat and tail , with eyes almost entirely slitted shut due to sensitive sight . he tends to wear shades of dark forest green and gold , along with pale creams and many trinkets from earrings to tail bands . [image accessible here]

possessions : a curved bolas which he claims to have once belonged to the legendary slagar the cruel , although he claims this to be his distant relative , the truth of which may never be known and is certainly doubted to a degree .
strengths :

  • sense of urgency
  • calm nature
  • sly ways and nimble fingers
  • snippy and sharp comments in a timely fashion
  • bright
  • cunning and witty


  • incapable of proper swordplay
  • easily confused
  • gullible
  • sensitive about his ancestry
  • mostly nocturnal , lethargic during the day

personality : mainly keeping to himself , messiah tends to keep away from others as much as possible for fear of becoming attached , and promptly losing his companions due to his line of dangerous work in the criminal field . this makes him quite the snappy character , save for to his very closest companions , those whom at sea , are his first and second mates , etc .

background : living a relatively simple start to life , messiah was brought up the son of a sea captain . when he was young , he did quite admire his father - although as he entered his teenage years he grew disgusted with his generous and lethargic ways . finding himself grossly pleased when his father died of a carrion bird attack during his early adult seasons , he took over and ruled with an iron fist - though kept himself welcoming enough to keep a proper crew aboard his ship . not much for the sea , however , he quickly took his band to solid ground to become a successful band of rovers , and has been raiding the coastline regularly since , with not much out of the ordinary .

age : 24 human years

alignment : vermin

occupation : thief , raider , pickpocket , warrior