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Dylan Locke - Lizard mercenary
Rascal - Foxy food thief
Rasilisk - Lizard Advisor for Southsward
Liam Grey - Pudgy Pine Marten pirate
Npcs….so many npcs....

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The yote raises an eyebrow to the vermin remark but says nothing. Instead he turns to the tv and says, "Well, it's about time." His eyes widen, realizing he said this out loud.

"I mean, I'm only surprised this didnt happen sooner. Crest doesn't exactly censor what he says and humans ain't known for…" His eyes glances towards the human girls. In the next instant he shoves his ice cream into his muzzle to keep himself from digging himself further into this hole and begins moving for the door.

The news continues to cover the story about the senator. Most of the video is current and live, showing concerned and panic faces with out showing video of what exactly happened.

"...being rushed to the hospital in critical condition."

"...shooter is at large. Considered armed and dangerous. He has a peach colored hide, blond fur on the top of his head along with a beard..."

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(has it really been a week since I posted Dx. Ill do what i can to get one up tonight)

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Yay! Im back! As back as I usually am anyway

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The rotund coyote pulled out the head phones, scratching at his ear with a claw while replying, "One small scoop of vanila please. With more almonds and less talk of politics if you please," he turned towards the other customers, arching an eyebrow at the furless weasel… Er, human, longer than he intended too.

He gives the other girl a thumbs up at her musical choice.

The jukebox clicks and wirls in imitation of a real one and begins to play the music.

"Come along if you're sad~"

A happy, lively beat fills the ice cream shop, even as the station on the TV changes. An emergancy news alert scrolls by on the screen, its volume muted by the music of the jukebox, even as the headline, "Senetor Crest shot while giving speech. Human gunman is at large."

"Cause I'm happpyyyyyyyyy~" the jukebox continues.

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Sorry xD i havnt had a chance to read the last post yet.

Im house sitting for people, helping others move, and had to pull a couple of 8 hour shifts this week end.

My weekend however starts today, after work. Ill get to it today (ducks for cover from life throwing him something each time he says that)

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Ill be able to reply to pillars post and The City by tomorrow

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Sorry about being idle. Had a family emergancy. Will post when i can

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Both lizard and vulpine were looking uncomfortably full as well. "Well, Im out." Vrasku threw his arms into the air, twisitng in his chair until his back rested against the table. Picking his teeth with one paw, resting the other on his swollen midriff he turned to Rascal amd smiled deviously, "I can aford to lose, how about YOU, Rascal?"

The fox gulped. He had no idea what he had done to offend the lizard so much, and he hoped to never find out.

Slowly, Rascal craned his head back to his plate. All that was left was a single cookie. He was so full he couldnt even lean forward to grab it. All that money, done the drain if he didnt eat one… Last... Cookie.

Rascal let out a loud whine, raising his paw to signify he was done, before falling backward onto the floor in defeat.

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Ooc : ill post later at lunch

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"… The forcast is sunny today but dont let that fool you. Storm season is here and we are tracking a front moving in from the East. We will continue to monitor this storm to see if it develops into a hurri-"


"...This is a travesty of justice and we will appeal the courts decision. Mr. Sharptooth was only singled out as a suspect because he was a wolf..."


"... senetor Crest is in the hot seat today after his latest attack add against sitting governer Rook. The add contains what many are calling inflamitory speach against the islands human population. Crest has been a loud crittic of what Rubens stance on human imigration to New Yak City from the war torn country of-"


"Another disturbing video is flooding social media. Posted by anti-beast extremests..."


"We built this city on rock and roOoOoOoll~"

The skinny pine marten finished flipping channels on the wall mounted TV in the ice cream parlor. By his uniform he was a fellow employee. "Well aint the news just one big ray of sun shine today, eh? At least they are done playing that horrible peice about the Yak City Canabal..."

When the door opens the marten hardly takes notice, letting the squirrel do all the work.

The door opens a second time, admitting a new face. The coyote is a well fed, rotund creature who seems to just glide into the room, oblivious to all around him with his snout focused on his own cell phone, even as he falls into the back of the line.

He wears a jacket and dress shirt tailored from cloth that looks expensive.

The jovial fellow shuffles slightly to what ever music his wireless ear buds are pounding away at him.