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Thicket blinked, then blinked again.

He opened his mouth, partially raising a paw, but closed it as it returned to his side in defeat.

Stepping to the cliff's edge, he peered after the quickly retreating figures in the foliage and shrugged in resignation.

Not today, Thicket. Not today.

Lifting Dylan onto his shoulder, the hare stepped from the ledge, landing hard on both paws. Setting the lizard down next to him, Thicket clapped him on the shoulder.

"Well then, Ah do believe we should be on our way, then. 'Lest you fancy stickin' aboot fer when the wee beasties come back. 'Sides…"

Plucking the fancy hat from Dylan's head, he cheerfully plonked it on his own. Far too small and set askew by the hare's long ears, it shifted slightly as the hare moved, its jaunty feather waving teasingly at him. Sticking Dylan's rapier blade point down in the ground, the hare motioned to his ropes before giving a cheery salute and trotting off after the others, calling back to him.

"Ah fancy ye may want this back!"

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((OOC Was waiting on Coyote, but I think it's best to just continue ATM))

As the somewhat unorthodox band continued down the passageway and deeper into the mountain, the passageway began to slope downwards, the walls becoming damper and more slick with moss and mildew.

Faint echoing drips, far-off water droplets pattering against stone, echoed through the ever-narrowing cave.

Stooping slightly under a rocky overhang, Thistle's mood immediately improved at the unmistakable glint of what could only be sunshine ahead down the passage.

"Oho, lads an' lassies- Ah can spy a speck o' light ahead!"

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Thicket blinked once, and then again. He opened his mouth to speak, but realized there really wasn't much to say at the moment, opting instead to let the two enjoy their reunion. He grinned at the happy sight. Such a fine thing, two beasts caring for one another.

Were reunions such a simple thing in the southlands? They were finding beasts already! His journey shouldn't be so difficult a thing as all that after all!

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Wrinkling his brows a moment, Thicket paused to think of a defense, before shrugging expressively.

"Ach, well she's got me dead tae rights there." He chuckled. "Ah dinnae got a destination, tae be sure- Jist wanderin' aboot tae see what an' who Ah can find. Ah've no issues- The more the merrier!"

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(OOC Sorry I was incommunicado, I was on a trip and had a few fewer bars of cell reception than I originally thought!)

Thicket couldn't help it; He burst out laughing, clapping a paw to his side. "An' more company tae boot! Guid afternoon, missie- Did ye pop in fer a go at us, too?"

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Thicket mulled the issue over in his head, scratching his chin as he walked. This one was a bit of a pickle! He had nothing against the lizard on principle; Concepts like 'vermin' were lost on him. He certainly bore him no ill-will from the brief fight, either- He was already paying the consequences for that, and to Thicket, the matter was settled.

"Ah dinnae think we shouldn't at least hear 'im out- At worst, we've got us a grand auld tale tae pass th' march, an' at best we dinnae get et." He shrugged simply.

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"Aye, then! As bonny a plan as we've got, then!" Laughing to himself, Thicket strode down the tunnel and was soon lost into darkness.

"Come on, then- We willnae get anyplace standin' aboot here."

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"Aye, 'tis fer the best, Ah say. Jus' dinnae ask me tae tie the beggar, Ah'm rubbish at the wee fiddly bits."

Scratching his chin a moment, Thicket's face lit up as an alcoholic firefly of an idea tried in vain to light up his great cavernous head.

"An' here, lad- Fair's fair. D'ye ken aboot a perch by th'name o' Sallymanderstan? Or a stretch o'land called Southwars?"

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Picking himself up off the floor, Thicket dusted himself off and began diligently searching for where his hammer had gotten to. In the big mountain hare's head, the conflict was already well over and done with. Sometimes the world bares its teeth, and the solution was always simply to bash it over the head until it learned some manners.

"Well, Ah didnae pull 'is wee scaly bonce frae atop his shoulders, so Ah do believe mah position on the matter's clear. Naebeast got injured, an' the dopey folk seem tae have learnt a thing or two."

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(OOC Right yes K'm here who said I wasn't))

(Ic) Blood pounding in his ears, Thicket dimly heard the rabbit maid's voice, and shifted his weight, preparing to shove himself back away from the rubble pile.

This had the unfortunate side effect of putting himself directly in Dylan's path. The reptile's weight sent him tumbling backwards with a final crash of stone as the pile settled on the cave floor as the last few sharp reports of stone on stone slowly ceased.

Tumbling backwards ear over tail, he landed in a heap, half wrapped around his assailant. Roaring with hoarse laughter, Thicket sucked in great gulps of air as he tugged Dylan out from under him, tossing him a short way.

"Weel now, a luvverly way tae start the day, eh?"