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Chamomile Camellia Camembert- Rabbit maid off to join the Long Patrol

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Cammy emerged blinking into the daylight just in time to hear Gilan hit the ground with a sound like a sack of rotten fruit tossed from a bell tower. She winced in empathy, her long ears flattening themselves against her head as she peeked over the edge. Almost instantly, her pity turned to indignation.

"OI!" She screeched, momentarily forgetting her manners as a wash of outrage and frustration washed over here. "You get back here with him, you mangy mannerless muck-soaked misbegotten moronic miscreants!" Hanging from the cliffside, she half-climbed, half slid downwards. Leaping off about halfway down, she landed in a roll, rising to her paws and dashing off after Icefurr and Gilan, weapon in paw.

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Deciding discretion the better part of valor, Cammy found herself wholeheartedly agreeing with the lizard.

"I'd say he has a point, friends- We'd best press on. Any objections?"

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((OOC Guess who's got two thumbs and got her phone (and only stable, non-monitored Internet connection) taken away for having it out in class for like a week >.<))

Smiling brightly, Cammy gestures further down the tunnel. "well, I suppose we're headed wherever this tunnel leads. After that, we've all our own destinations. I'm bound for Salamandastron, while these good creatures are on their way to Southsward. Thicket… Is Thicket, and as such will probably continue to wander like a babe chasing a butterfly." After a quick giggle, she returns her attention to the mousemaid.

"How about yourself, Lilian? Headed on a journey of your own?"

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(OOC yeah let's go exploring)

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Cammy followed, trotting slightly to catch up with the longer strides of the rest.

"You know, I do believe Thicket may have a point. At worst, our minds are simply one tale heavier, but at best Thicket gets something else to chastise."

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"Quite right." Cammy nodded. "I'm afraid it's not the wisest course to hang about in this drafty old place- I'm still not quite sure how stable the rest of the roof is."

She curtseyed showily,gesturing grandly down the passage with the torch.

"Shall we, then?"

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Finding herself with no words to adequately address Thicket's comment, Cammy simply chose not to.

"I believe that would be 'Salamandastron' and 'Southsward' he asked after, in what a common beast might understand. Honestly, I don't know what to do with you sometimes." Giggling, she shook her head. Really, she'd no idea what that lummox would get himself into on his own.

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"Can't argue with that." Cammy shrugged simply. "Afraid he's brought it on himself."

Rising, she moved towards the edge of the circle of light cast by her torch, gazing down into the unanswering blackness.

"In my personal opinion, we've at least seen he's the sort to catch our attention before attempting to slit us up." She giggled, turning back towards the group.

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Plucking the bandages from Gilan's paw, Cammy damped a wad with water from her canteen, gently cleaning the injury before securely binding a second compress atop it.

"There we are- That should keep for the moment, at least until we're quit of this place and can find something proper to help it settle. As for our scaly friend, I'm of no mind to strike a beast at these odds unless he thinks it clever to strike first. None of us were severely injured, and I'm sure he realizes we're all beasts of our word, meaning that attempting to waylay us again would result in Thicket doing to him what he just did to that bit of ceiling back there."

Grinning, she adjusted her bow slightly. "And I'd regret losing a chance for round two."

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"Well now, that was certainly quite a ride- At least we're all in one piece!"

Pulling the splintered beam sliver from where she'd tucked it, Cammy busied herself fashioning it into another torch.

"A shame the jolly old mountain put paid to our last lights, wot? I'd sooner say- Oh, drat this silly stick. Come on, now- Yes, that's it! Aha!"

A click of steel on stone sounded as the tunnel filled with a warm yellow light. Lifting her new torch triumphantly, she took a quick look about the dark room at her companions. "Well! A lovely spot of rumpus, eh, wot?"

Pausing a moment, Cammy went over the words in her head again before bringing a paw to her forehead. "Very well, I dare say I should stop with that voice for the moment, it's giving me a headache."

Spying Gilan, she hurried to his side, delicately inspecting his head where the rock had struck. "Although I'd say it's a trifle less than yours, my friend. How are you feeling? Does it pain you?"