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Good leaders must first become good servants. -Robert Greenleaf
Keep your fears to yourself, but share your inspiration with others.-Robert Louis Stevenson

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You have to brothers Seth? Cool. I have three.(no not joking) 😄

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-ooc- you spell ma'am differently than me! 😉

"Blast! Gerrun, run to my ship bring thirty squirrel archers. Mother, I don't want the crows to know I've returned until I am shoothing at their feathered hides. We need to rid ourselves of these creatures!" Brome commanded, quickly grabbing up his longbow.

"Be careful Brome!" His mother called after him. "I will keep them distracted until you are ready to attack."

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Vardon is a name from Eragon? ??? I watched the movie before this, and I didn't catch the name.

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WOW!!!! That's about as detailed as Tolkien was in his books!!!! Good job! Except I'm not to sure what we're talking about, besides chara.

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-ooc- then that's what I'll do, that way, I don't have to create another chara, give info on him/her, and then go start typing for several charas.

"Brome, thank the seasons you're home!" his mother cried, grabbing him around the neck.
"How is he?" Brome asked, motioning to his father.
"I'm afraid that he may die tonight. But that's not the problem." She said, her face growing grim.

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-ooc-Both are open. I was wondering if I should just write what they say, like I do for my novel… 😉

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Are ye talkin'  'bout the stories in the RPG threads? If so, I think that's a brilliant idea. Even for other things, it could be a good idea.

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Brome stepped inside the tent. He saw his mother sitting beside his father, who was coughing at the moment. Brome grimaced at the noise.
"Hello mother, father." Brome said, forcing himself to smile.

-ooc-I've been writing my story to much…...sry for being gone so long.

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"Its that bad, isn't it?" Brome asked, his face grim.
"Mother probably won't be to happy either."

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-ooc- Did I miss anything? Besides a good whack on the chest. 😉