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OOC-Sorry Guys-Why do we have two different threads for on RP?

All that this does, is make the two storys move at a different pace.

Everything is/will get messed up.

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OOC. Someonegoing to post? Should I just god-mode a bit to get the story going?

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As he stood up, Barkstripe replied,"I'm going to assume that you don't know much about Mossflower's History.  Please take no offense in that, as I'm assuming you haven't been here for long. Well, a long time ago, Mossflower, but not Salamandastron, was ruled by Wildcats. In time, a warrior named Martin the Warrior came and freed them along with his friend Timballisto. Timballisto was known for his skills in making ballista's, a type of war machine. Because of his Ballista's, the Wildcat's fortress was destroyed. I never thought I'd see a war machine, because they are so complex to make. This means that we are up against a very smart vermin. We must hope that they don't have too many of these war machines, otherwise we have a bigger problem than I thought.

Oh, and by the way. Incase I haven't mentioned this, Ballista's sent boldours towords their target at an incredible speed." With that he opend the door to the roof, and directed Asim in.

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OOC-Sorry it took so long-
IC- Barkstripe nodded in agreement at the wildcats responce. He knew where he was coming from. Barkstripe was about to agree with him, when one of the younger hares ran up to him and whispered into his ear. Barkstripe nodded at her and dismissed her. To Asim he replied, "It appears the enemy has war machines. The general has asked us to meet with him on the top floor. If you would like I can go on my own, but you are welcomed to come with me.

OOC-I wouldn't recomend making a new thread-I'd say keep it in here.

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OOC-Sorry-I just got back from camping. Should have a post up today.

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Barkstripe looked up and gave a kind glance to the animal. He returned to his normal serious look and replied, "Thank you. If you would follow me we'll get there soon!"

Barkstripe then looked at Swiftblade and said, "Run quickly. Tell the hares to ready themselves. We have a new warrior on our side! Tell the cooks to make their war dinner!"

Barkstripe laughed at Asim's puzzeled face and said, "I assume you would like to know what a "war dinner" is. Well, Salamandastron's cook came up with a way to make a very tasty meal that didn't make you cramp up when you are fighting. We call it a "war dinner" because we try to eat it before any battles."

-Some time later-

Asim had barely finished his dinner when Barkstripe asked, "Well, I think we can assume that they will try to beseige us. Do you have any idea's as to what we should do about that? I have one or two, but you probably have a few up your sleeve as well." Barkstripe finished up the remains of his dinner and waited for an answer….

OOC-Sorry for the very minor god-mode. Hope you don't mind.

Also-What kind of animal is Asim. Kinda forgot....

P.S. I won't be able to post in this until monday.

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I'm very sorry.

I realized that I forgot to tell you guys that I was on vacation.

I'm gone until monday, and I'll be back for a week after that. Next week I'll get all the contests together, and post like heck!

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OOC:Ok-See what you mean. I didn't mean it like that, but that is what it looks like. Sorry, my bad. I'll leave it like that, though. Take it as the way you, Keira, sees it. Could make a cool twist in the story line…

IC: The hare ran up to Barkstripe and said, "Why did you have to do that?"

Barkstripe replied: "If she doesn't help us, than she is not a friend, but an enemy. I don't allow enemy's on my land."
Swiftblade thought for a second before replying, "It doesn't necessarily mean that. Maybe she didn't see a cause."
Barkstripe didn't reply to her but instead walked up to Asim and said, "I'm sorry for treating you poorly. I'm in the wrong, and I only saw one thing that you not helping us could mean. I understand that there are other possibilities. I hope you will accept my humble apology. If you wish to leave, than please feel free to. I will send hares to escort you until you are safe."